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Victory of Jallikattu Makkal Movement towards a goal of Tamil Eelam in Bharatha Hindu Rashtram.


The Jallikattu Makkal Movement turns mass pageant of Tamil pride with a galvanizing aspiration of Tamil Eelam within a Bharath Hindu  Rashtram.

jallikattu-oath-for-hindu-rashtraB Upendran | HENB | Chennai | Jan 20, 2017:: The Hundreds of thousands of youngsters mainly students and young entrepreneurs pulled an all-nighter on the Marina beach in Chennai last night, protesting against the Supreme Court’s ban on Jallikattu; some waved black flags against PETA, others asked for the SC ban to be defied, even they culminated  sentiments and resentment  to such levels that there were calls to boycott Republic Day celebrations on January 26 and to observe it as a black day.

Though the Makkal Movement (People’s movement) of Meriana was started with a single demand of Save the Tamil Culture of Jallikattu (Bull Taming Sports), but that was gradually tagged with anti Hindi spar (not anti-Hindu), the water issues of Cauvery and obviously with an line of aspiration of Tamil Eelam. This concept of Tamil Eelam has no nature of subversion or secession, rather it is reiterated to restore the Tamil culture and heritage as a part of Bhratha tradition.

The demand to Save Jallikattu has got an enormous and spontaneous support of the Tamil people of all ages, all gender, all walks of life with an tremendous support from Southern Film and Music industries.

Top Tamil film actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Suriya, Dhanush and several others gathered at the South Indian Artistes’ Association (SIAA) headquarters in T Nagar for a silent protest in solidarity with the youth of Tamil Nadu who have been protesting for the conduct of jallikattu. Noted music maestro A R Rahman and International Chess personality Vishwanathan Anand also supported the cause to Save Jallikattu from judicial ban.

When DMK, the opposition in Tamil Nadu, called a rail blockade through out the state; the ruling AIADMK tried to resolve the matter through a direct dialogue between TN Chief Minister and Indian PM Narendra Modi with an urgency.

For people’s protest from the power house of Tamil Nadu not only from Merina but also from over 3,000 protest across the state+, the Supreme Court of India allowed one week more to the authorities  to settle the matter and Govt has brought a definite Ordinance to save this cultural sports Jallikattu alive under the provisions of law+.

Tamil Hindu people observed Jallikattu since its available history of  5000 years, it is being observed  as rituals and will be observed with the existence of Tamil Hindu entity.

In this context the Makkal Movement of Merina and through out the state came forward with the demand as “Save Indian Native Cattle” and “Stop Slaughter”. The Hindutva output of Jallikattu Movement is very clear, whoever kept a close watch on the movement.


Jallikattu Makkal movement has proved again the Hindu strength of South India much effective than Northern India.

Jallikattu Makkal movement has proved the strength of unique Hindu gathering irrespective of political affiliation or caste and creed to shake the entire system of the country against Hindu tradition and culture. But, big Hindu Orgs. like RSS and VHP have failed to gather such prospective Hindu mass to fulfil their ‘half-hearted’ goal of Hindu Rashtra.

And for such reasons, Jihadi fanatic and Sharia propagator like Asaduddin Owaisi (AIMIM President and MP) gets the chance to depict this ‘Tamil Hindu Makkal’ victory as anti-Hindu ‘lesson for Hindutva forces’+.

Purely Islamist (no respect for Hindu, Tamil, Dravid, Aryans whatsoever), Asaduddin tweeted, “Jallikattu protests, lesson for Hindutva forces,” Owaisi tweeted, adding that “Uniform Civil Code cannot be imposed.” And he added,“This nation cannot have one culture, we celebrate all.”

This moron Asaduddin has no idea that the major gathering in the Marina beach was consisted of more than 95% devout Hindus wearing tika-tilaka-vibhuti in forehead, women seen with mangalsutram-sindur-kumkum-bindi, they were talking about their rich ancient culture and chanting the name of Shaktiamma-Durgamma.  Hardly, there were 50-500 Muslims and 100-1000 Christians out of the total gathering of 5-6 lakh in Merina beach.

Excluding that planted Muslims (who barbarically cut bulls and cows in bakar-Eid and eat beef and has a little respect for Jallikattu) there in Merina, the whole of the mass including Hindus, Christians, DMK, AIADMK, BJP people outrightly reject the Sharia, Talak and Cow slaughter in India.

The Tamil people has its full faith on Indian Constitution and their Shaiva & Sangam Tamil ancestry, they have no faith in Sharia and Jihad nor in the way of ISIS. The Merina protest showed the whole Nation a path of peaceful agitation of people’s power and how to achieve a success of cultural right.

Asaduddin can keep it sure that these Makkal people will never follow his Islamic way to denounce the ‘Common Civil Code’ for establishing a Shariah in the land of Bharat.

The divulged demands as “Save Jallikattu”, “Save Manjuvirattu”, “I Support Jallikattu”. “We Support Jallikattu”, “Save Indian Native Cattle”, “Save Country Bulls”, “Stop Slaughtering”, “Support Jallikattu Preserve Bulls” have obviously exposed the Hindu motivation of the Makkal Movement. There is no way to Islamize it further.


It is hopeful that the Jallikattu Makkal Movement turns a mass pageant of Tamil pride with a galvanizing aspiration of Tamil Eelam within a Bharath Hindu  Rashtram.

Victory of Jallikattu Makkal Movement is proved the touchstone towards a goal of Tamil Eelam in Bharath Hindu Rashtram.


(with some link updates as on 21-01-2017)

2 comments on “Victory of Jallikattu Makkal Movement towards a goal of Tamil Eelam in Bharatha Hindu Rashtram.

  1. Sanjay Mukherjee
    January 21, 2017

    Sentiments of Hindu’s must be respected and adhered by not banning bulls sports. If PETA is so vocal for Jallikattu why they are not moving to Courts of Spain and USA where bullfighters kill bulls in regular fashion through out the year. Whether PETA though about anything to stop horse race?


    • Mijanur Rahman Hindusthani.
      January 24, 2017

      Good points Mr Sanjoy Mukherjee. Thank you.

      Just I am to ask one thing to this PETA whether the bull and cow slaughter in a halal process is less cruel than Jallikattu? Then why the PETA don’t approach the Supreme Court or AWBI to stop slaughter of Bulls and Cows in Bakar Eid!

      There should be a limit of such hypocrisy.


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