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Inshallah and Azadi Effect: Two Afghan Muslims raped a Hindu girl student of JNU.


The effect of Inshallah and Azadi. JNU Hindu Girl raped by 2 Afghan Muslims in Delhi, all in Barbadi fraternity.

Urvashi Dey | HENB | JNU- New Delhi | Jan 21, 2017:: The JNU has again put forth its high record of Inshallah, Azadi (Freedom) and Bharat ki Barbadi (destruction of India) culture in the shape of Jihadi rape (as ISIS Mujahideens enjoys the Yazidi girls) of a Hindu girl by two Afghan males within the JNU fraternity. It is not known that whether some Azadi students from Kashmir took enjoyment when the JNU girl was raped in an inebriated condition.

The 21-year-old Hindu girl student of Jawaharlal Nehru University was allegedly raped by two Afghan Muslims in south Delhi’s Green Park area, police said on Friday. The accused have been arrested , informed the police.

According to the police the incident took place in the posh area of Hauz Khas village, when the second year BA (Honours) student Niharika (name changed) had gone to a pub with her Muslim friends.  She came across Salim there. He knew that friends’ circle. Salim offered them new drinks and struck up a conversation.They had dinner after which he allegedly invited Niharika to his place for an after-party.

Police have identified Salim and Sulaiman who forced themselves upon the girl at Salim’s house the morning after.

“When she went to Salim’s house along with her friend, Salim’s three friends — Sulaiman, Siddhant and Pratyusha — were present at his house. While her friends returned JNU, the girl stayed back to Saleem’s house and they consumed alcohol,” the officer said.

In the night of Jan 11, the Hindu girl was raped by Salim Ahamed (27) and Sulaiman Ahamadi (31) in several counts taking the advantage of subconscious state of the victims due to over consumption of alcohol.

The Afghan rapists had an accesses in the JNU campus with the Kashmiri Azadi students of  JNU as they all belong to one Muslim fraternity. The victim was introduced to the Afghan fellows within the campus by their JNU counterparts as reported.

It is not clear whether some Azadi students had also enjoyed the victim at that time of rape. An Inshallah racket in JNU are planfully setting Hindu girl students for Love Jihad or Rape Jihad after involving them in alcohol consumption, beef eating and free sex row.

“When the victim woke up in the morning, she saw Sulaiman forcing himself on her. She realised that Salim and Sulaiman had sexually assaulted her when she was unconscious,” the officer added.

The victim went back to her hostel in JNU and communicated the incident to her three Muslim friends known to Salim and Sulaiman, but they ridiculed her whether she was a virgin. Then the victim narrated her rape to two her Hindu friends, who immediately took her to the police station. She was taken to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

As per latest report, the two accused, Salim – an event manager, and Sulaiman – a private financer, have been arrested and sent to judicial custody by a court, said the officer.

On the victim’s complaint, an FIR under section 376 (punishment for rape) read with 34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the IPC was lodged at the Safdarjung Enclave police station on January 12.

Salim was living in Delhi for the last ten years and Sulaiman for two years, the officer added.

From a source, it is known that JNU has turned as a dane of Inshallah, Azadi and Barbadi students who are highly involved with drug, sex and porno rackets to abuse or blackmail the innocent non-Muslim girls.


3 comments on “Inshallah and Azadi Effect: Two Afghan Muslims raped a Hindu girl student of JNU.

  1. Bhartiya
    January 24, 2017

    Delhi is f****d up place.
    People of Delhi live in a different world
    Fiberals of India
    Luteyans brown saheb and sahebaan of Delhi
    Delhi has never been a safe place.
    In any country where the culture is crushed you left with a place like Delhi.


  2. seema
    February 4, 2017

    as far as the rapists are concerned they should be hanged in public but stop dramatizing the issue itz an issue of rape n nothing like love jihad.Nirbhaya bhul gaye kya.Rape is a rape n itz a crime against women.


  3. Himanshu
    April 24, 2020

    Damn true, when i reach at nizamuddin station a f***ing muslim old man come near by meh and ask for some money. When i refuse he blame meh that i m bjp sanghi,wtf? Seriously, after that incident i hate them ‘cz they love or hate people just for politics.


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