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How the LTTE, Naxal and Jihadi elements took control over the Jallikattu people at Marina beach?


As Hindu orgs failed to intervene on Jallikattu row, the anti-national and communal forces took a control there.

#JallikattuFire. Merina protest turns violent, BJP’s Subramanian Swamy says agitation finally provoked by LTTE, Naxal and ISI elements.

B Upendran | HENB | Chennai | Jan 23, 2107:: The spontaneous students’ and common Tamil people’s agitation for Jallikattu at Marina beach, which practically drew an admirable attention of the world people, actually ended in a  very bad reputation due to the infiltration of frenzy anti-national, naxalite and jihadi elements into the peaceful protesters very unfortunately.

For the last six days, protest against a Supreme Court ban on hugely popular bull-taming sport-jallikattu at Chennai’s Marina Beach has largely been peaceful. However, the agitation turned violent today with the police using force to evict the protesters. The violences occurred even after a pro-Jallikattu ordinance was passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly with an positive approach shown the the central govt.

Police had to use teargas, water cannon after a mob resorted to stone pelting and torched several vehicles outside a police station in Chennai.

BJP Rajyasabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy believes that the sudden violence in Chennai was actually  triggered by Pakistan intelligence agency – Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the naxalite groups and the ‘left out’ LTTE people.

Swamy claimed that jallikattu protest has been hijacked by ‘anti-national’ and ‘jihadi’ elements.

“Genuine agitators have dispersed. The main organiser said he is leaving Marina. Today there are people with Prabhakaran’s, Osama bin Laden and Hafiz Sayeed’s posters. This is now an ISI financed agitation. O Panneeselvam has done just the right thing,” Swamy said.

The Rajya Sabha MP also slammed the Congress for “mischievously banning” Jallikattu.

“I have been fighting for Jallikattu from the beginning. The Congress mischievously got it banned. We are the ones who are sympathetic to it. But these guys are saying we want permanent solution. They are showing PM Modi’s picture with the garland of chappals. What more permanent solution can there be?” Swamy said.


At the Marina, the police action began early in the morning with roads to the beach being cordoned off and police personnel being deployed in large numbers.

Some protesters lined up at the seashore forming a human chain and a group entered the water refusing to heed police requests to disperse.

Some others staged a sit-in on the sands while others regrouped in nearby areas, shouting slogans and allegedly throwing stones on policemen.

Police burst teargas shells and reportedly lathicharged to chase away a section of protesters who had regrouped at Triplicane near Marina beach and allegedly started throwing stones at police personnel.

But, there is the allegation of violence as committed by the police itself as surfaced from some video tapes+.  It is reported that the protesters and police locked horns in the city on Monday as law and order took a turn for the worst with images going viral of police personnel torching autorickshaws parked on the streets. Reacting to the photographs, Chennai city police commissioner S George refuted the charges, stating that the video “appears to be morphed”. “It is ridiculous to blame the police. We have given the video footage to our cybercrime wing for analysis,” he said.

Police personnel tried to control crowds gathered near Vivekanandar Illam as resilience turned to violence with stones being hurled and vehicles being vandalised.


In an TV talkshow eminent spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev supported the issue of Jallikattu+ and thanked the Merina protesters for their peaceful and responsible for a cause to retain a traditional game of Tamil culture. Sri Sri Ravi Sankar of Art of Living also supported the people’s demand for Jallikattu+. Both of them hoped that the agitation would be ended in  avery peaceful manner. But, that wouldn’t happen at the end.

If the allegations of Dr Subramanian Sway are true, here arises some question that should be answered forthwith.

The penetration of anti-Hindu forces and anti-national elements like LTTE, Naxalite and ISI into the Merina protesters at the last time as alleged by Dr Swamy was of a very serious nature. Dr. Swamy conveyed his source authenticity as derived from many sources he had in his capacity for being members of different committees of Indian parliament.

But, what is the role of Central Govt. to finish its roots of LTTE, Naxalite and ISI from the soil of India, if they so dangerous for the sovereignty and integrity of our country?

Here is another point to be contemplated seriously.

Hindu organisations like RSS, VHP, Hindu Munnani, Virat Hindustan Sangam etc. must know that it can’t a vacuum in any space at any moment.

As the Hindu organisations failed to take interest and reach the millions of supporters of Jallikattu, the anti-Hindu elements reached there to spoil the ‘Hindu peoples agitation for a Hindu cultural cause’.

The Tamil people sat on the agitation with the placards of “Save Country Bull”, “Stop Slaughtering”, “Support Jallikattu – Preserve Bulls”, “Save Indian Native Cattle” etc were turned as a full show of “Prabhakaran, Osama Bin Laden and Hafeez Syed” posters.

Whose fault this is?

 As Hindu orgs failed to intervene on Jallikattu row properly+, the anti-national and communal forces took a control there.

We expected a Hindu turn of Merina Protest for Jallikattu by the intervention two capable men viz Dr Subramanian Swamy and S Gurumurthy.

Both of them and Hindu organisations frustrated the Hindu people who expected that the Merina Protest could be a great stage for “Anti-Slaughter” and “Save Cows” movements along with the “Jallikattu and Save Bull” row.

__Agencies/ Courtesy to the links and pics used above.

2 comments on “How the LTTE, Naxal and Jihadi elements took control over the Jallikattu people at Marina beach?

  1. Carly
    May 21, 2017

    Hey, you’re the goto exptre. Thanks for hanging out here.


  2. south Indian
    February 20, 2018

    JallikaTTu and Anti Cow Slaughter. What a strange combination. People who should read in right sense the diverse culture even in the now dreaded vaRNa system time, should understand the liberal nature of Indian society. Different people have different niyamas. Cow slaughter can be controlled through control of commerce without making it illegal. Ban large scale transportation. Locally let people who need to have it as food , let them have it.


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