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Angry Hindus want deportation of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims from Jammu.

Deport Rohingya & Bangladeshi Muslims or face wrath of Hindu people : Panther Party Leader Harsh Dev.

Navneet Kher | HENB | Janmmu | March 26, 2017:: Openly describing illegal settlement of the Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims in Jammu as a grave threat to the cultural, historical and religious identity of Dogras, a large number of Panthers Party activists led by party chairman and former minister Harsh Dev Singh staged a protest demonstration at Exhibition Ground here seeking their immediate deportation. The situation of Jammu has been endangered in view of demographic change in the region while Aadhaar cards have been ceased from the illegal Rogingya Muslims in large scale.

The enraged protesters raised slogans of ‘Rohingyas Quit Jammu’ and ‘Bangladeshi Muslims Go Back’. They were also raising anti- Govt slogans. They were also carrying placards in their hands depicting demands. The protest of Panther party and its like minded organisation held at Jammu ten days back. BJP the partner of J&K Govt. is yet to take any decision in this matter, as gathered.

The fact that these immigrants have penetrated the State machinery has already raised many an eyebrows in the security establishment of the State as well. The Aadhaar cards were recovered from the temporary shelters of Rohingya Muslims camping in Jammu

The startling revelation has also raised question marks over the working of the State Government Departments, which had failed to detect the fake documents or deliberately connived with these border crossers at the behest of their political sympathizers who wanted to resettle them with the sole purpose of changing the demography of Jammu region.

Addressing the media on the occasion, Harsh Dev Singh said that Rohingyas who were persecuted and forced to leave Myanmar because of their involvement in the criminal and terror related activities had been mysteriously allowed to enter Jammu directly all the way long from their native country under a deep rooted conspiracy. He said that the State Government had admitted on the floor of the House ( Assembly) that there were several thousands of Burmese and Bangladeshi immigrants who had been unlawfully settled in clusters along the outskirts of Jammu city and Samba and were being funded by several NGOs and Madrassas.

Read also:: Aadhaar cards seized from Rohingya Muslims in Jammu (Daily Pioneer).

Describing the soaring population of Rohingyas as a potential threat to the demography of Jammu Pradesh, Singh maintained that these people living in the colonies encircling Jammu city had clandestinely managed to procure PRCs, identity cards, ration cards, water and electricity connections by conniving with the people sitting at the helm of the affairs. He said the criminal silence of the alliance and BJP in particular over the illegal settlement of foreign nationals vindicated the ominous intentions of the dispensation to reduce Dogras to minority.

Harsh Dev regretted that while the Burmese and Bangladeshis could manage to settle in the Jammu in recent years, unfortunately the West Pak refugees being the citizens of India were still struggling for the State subject rights since independence. He said that the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley followed by hegemony of separatists in Kashmir, glorification of militants, incentives and jobs to stone pelters amid the unlawful settlement of immigrants in the city of temples was undoubtedly manipulative and dangerous.

He called upon intellectual forums, social organizations, nationalist forces, youth and student organizations to get united to launch a mass agitation against the soaring menace which otherwise, would prove detrimental to the peace, tranquility and harmony of Duggar land.

Unless, the increasing threats of the population rise of illegal infiltrators comprising Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims in Jammu region, cannot be averted in strict measure, the situation of Jammu may turn as same as the Jihad prone Kashmir valley in a short time.

Inputs from Daily Excelsior & Daily Pioneer.

4 comments on “Angry Hindus want deportation of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims from Jammu.

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  2. iqbal
    March 27, 2017

    it is shame that BJP is sitting quiet on this… Only Big talk about illegal immigrants.. Why PDP not settling them in KASHMIR?? No one asking this question… It is quite obvious that these foreign funded NGO’s, along with govt. and corrupt officials are trying to change the demographic of our country and yet BJP and its allies are keeping quiet… Look even Gulf and other muslim countries are not taking them… so why us…

    Let us assume that for vote bank , they have been sheltered..but in long run they will start asserting and then Hindu vote will vanish from Jammu too.. Then you will have only Muslim CM’s, officials, etc,, in J&K… So tata and bye-bye J&K for BJP..

    These politicians are corrupt and don’t have shame at all. People of Jammu should unite and force government to move them to Kashmir or sent them back..


  3. Krishnendu Banerjee
    March 27, 2017

    How did the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar penetrate to J & K by crossing over so long distance?


  4. BK Bhargava
    March 27, 2017

    On Mar 26, 2017 11:28 PM, “Struggle for Hindu Existence” wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: “Deport Rohingya & Bangladeshi Muslims or face > wrath of Hindu people : Panther Party Leader Harsh Dev. Navneet Kher | HENB > | Janmmu | March 26, 2017:: Openly describing illegal settlement of the > Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims in Jammu as a grave thr” >


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