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Infiltration can change Bengal demography: WB Guv Tripathi.

Illegal Muslims in Bengal can outnumber the Hindus….

Infiltration can change Bengal demography: WB Governor Tripathi.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Kolkata | April 30, 2017::
WB Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi has sounded an alert over infiltration from Bangladesh. That means, if infiltration is not checked by the BSF and other related agencies under the control of BJP run Central Government and if the WB Govt run by TMC doesn’t stop its indulgence to shelter them in the state, the number of illegal Muslims from Bangladesh  will outnumber the Bengali Hindus in WB in near future.

The sharp views of Governor Tripathi flashed through an interview taken by TOI Debashis Konar and published in TOI’s Kolkata edition dt 30 April, 2017. Though the interview based report tiled, “Infiltration can change Bengal demography: Guv+”, has been published as headlines, the same is missing in TOI search and also in its City news of Kolkata section.

The full reports come as:

Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi has sounded an alert over infiltration from Bangladesh, an issue that BJP national president Amit Shah flagged during his three-day tour of the state earlier this week. The governor fears that unchecked infiltration may change the state’s demography .

“The situation in Bengal is such that people have to be cautious about infiltration from Bangladesh. Everyone knows about the demographic change in Assam. It is now being accepted as reality with its impact spreading to socio, cultural, economic and political spheres. People in Bengal need to take note,“ the governor said in an exclusive interview to TOI.

He also touched upon a range of contentious issues -from Centre-state ties to the role of the Centre in mitigating internal disturbances in states and from freedom of thought in academic institutions to student politics. According to the governor, while the roles of the state and central governments are defined under the Constitution, the Centre can issue advisory to the state on internal matters. “Law and order comes under the state’s domain. Yet, the Union government can take note of the same, and where such a situation results in internal disturbances, it can issue advisory to the state government. It can also suggest ways and means to deal with such a situation,“ the governor said.

Reminiscing his student days when he was jailed in 1953 for participating in the Kashmir movement led by S P Mookerjee, the governor said, “There cannot be an absolute bar on students over participating in politics. But care should be taken so that primacy is always to studies and not to politics or political philosophy .“


Actually, the tendency of abusing each other politically is not the solution of Infiltration, if the Central and State Govt don’t move jointly to end the menace of infiltration.

If the allegation from central end tells that the state is not cooperative to make a sense on infiltration, the responsible Border Security Force can’t erase its huge fault lines for its failure to curb down the infiltration as such.

Again, if the state clamours  the matter of checking Infiltration as a central responsibility, how the state can evade the support line extended from its soil to the illegal infiltrators  for their  culpable rackets of crime, cow smuggling, counterfeit notes,  Jihadi terrorism and so on.

What Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi said is important. But, political misuse of it can be a great blunder in respect of vulnerable demographic situation in Bengal. State of WB must not bear with the danger of infiltration for any vested interest tagged to Muslim appeasement or any Muslim vote bank politics.

__Input from TOI.

4 comments on “Infiltration can change Bengal demography: WB Guv Tripathi.

  1. suman
    April 30, 2017

    What is this so called hindu party BJP doing? Is it also like other secular parties to forget the issue once it came to power? BJP must not play dirty tricks like other anti India parties. It must do something stringent act that all the illegal immigrants from Bangla Desh go back running. Never to step in India. Or else bengali hindus will run from bengal to bay of bengal. Learn from Myanmar idiots.


  2. Shakya Singha
    May 1, 2017

    Now BJP also has taken the policy of minority appeasing.Now BJP is a so called Hindu party. It is doing nothing in favor of hinduism. BJP leaders have forgotten their commitments.


  3. Arun Kumar
    May 1, 2017

    West Bengal me Bangladeshion ko pahle wammorche or Inc dono ne vote bank me use kiya…….. Or ab to great didi ne use Muslim state bnane me koi kasar nhi chodi………..


  4. Arun Kumar
    May 1, 2017

    It’s reality. Thanks for this


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