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To inculcate good values in children is women’s prime duty : RSS female wing.

1. Rashtra Sevika Samiti girls exhibit their lathi-wielding skills. Express photo-left 2. Rashtra Sevika Samiti camp chief guest, Chandrakantha (second from left).  Express photo-right/photo courtesy: Radhika Iyengar.

Women’s duty to inculcate good values in children: Rashtra Sevika Samiti.

PTI | New Delhi | June 10, 2017:: A senior office-bearer of RSS’s female wing, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, today said women should not forget their primary responsibility: to hold family together and inculcate virtues in children.

Samiti’s North India head Chanderkanta said men and women are equal in a marriage, but it is the responsibility of a woman to keep the family together and to bring up the children as good citizens.

“Women can pursue their careers. Today, they are in every field and playing important roles. But, one thing they should remember that children spend their maximum time with their mothers and it is their duty to inculcate virtues and good values in them,” she said.

To strengthen and integrate the society women must be “made more cultured”, she suggested.

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She said no one listens to the weak and the women must become stronger for any society become free from fear.

Rashtra Sevika Samiti was founded by Lakshmi Bai Kelkar in Nagpur 80 years ago.

The organisation claims it believes in the ideology of gender equality and works for physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of women and for their greater contribution in the family, society and the country.

Over fifty school-going adolescent girls, armed with laathis, swords and knives, with a saffron ribbon tied around their wrists, brandished their weapon-wielding skills in the open courtyard of GLT Saraswati Bal Mandir school in New Delhi on Sunday. Dressed in crisp pink-bordered, white salwaar-kameez and white canvas shoes, they appeared confident and ready for combat.

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This was the culmination of a 15-day training camp, which began on May 27, organized by the Rashtra Sevika Samiti, the right-wing RSS women’s wing, which trained the girls to fight while also instilling moral values in them. During the performance, the girls exhibited yoga aasanas and later huddled to form pyramids, where they cried in unison, “Bharat maata ki jai!” (Long live India!)

In the valedictory session of the Sevika Samiti training camp, Samiti’s North India head Chanderkanta was clarifying the important role of women in Indian society to strengthen the Nation.

__inputs from DNA and Indian Express.

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