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Why Hindu Rashtra is absolutely urgent in Bharat.

Secular concept is the most detrimental force to challenge Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. 


Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | July 24, 2017:: Whenever the matter of Hind Rashtra comes up in any discussion, the Secular brigades start shouting against it.

They oppose the concept of Hindu Rashtra vehemently only to uphold the nasty word, ‘Secular’ i.e. ‘Adharmik’ (against Righteousness) and which is never ‘Sarva Dharma Samabhava’ (equality for all Dharma) as told sometimes.

As per Oxford dictionary, Secular means ‘Not connected with religious or spiritual matters’. Cambridge denotes it as, ‘the belief that religion should not be involved with the ordinary social and political activities of a country’. As per Collins & Harper, the Secular is defined as three main points, 1. of or relating to worldly as opposed to sacred things; temporal 2. not concerned with or related to religion 3.  not within the control of the Church etc.

So, “India, that is Bharat” (not only Bharat, that is also Hindusthan) which is known as a ‘Land of Dharma’ was indignified and desecrated by the then PM of India, Indira Gandhi in the black days of emergency  with a malafide intention to demean the Dharma and Morality of India.

And with the same nasty mentality, the Secular, Communist, Azadi, Lutyens and Not in My Name people want to vilify the Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra or a Dharma Rashtra in Bharat.

Other day I was noticing a secular remarks as “Statecraft and religion are two different things. When religion gets into statecraft, it becomes poisonous and if allowed to be continued we will become another Syria or Sudan very much“.

The above concept of State (Rashtra as taken synonymous) and Religion (Dharma as taken synonymous) as reflected in the above secular concept, is alien to real concept of Rashtra and Dharma in Bharat. The ‘Statecraft and religion ‘ per western thought must not applicable and suitable in the soil of Bharat.

Here two words in the Rajdharma Palana i.e. Rashtra Anushashana and Vyavastha (nearest to statecraft) are very much pertinent for understanding the present matter.

The two words are Rashtra Dharma and Dharma Rashtra. Though the same components are used here shifting each other, the meaning are different.

While Rashtra Dharma denotes the duties and and responsibilities of the Ruler as State mandate for the holistic development of the public (praja) including the well being of animals and environs; Dharma Rashtra is a Model situation of the State stuffed with highest and proportioned attributes and righteousness, in a singularized word Dharma.

Hence, the bargaining of state-ruler and system based upon vested interest, i.e. state-craft as per Western school are quite different from the level of Dharma application in the Ruling of State as per Bharatiya concept.

In West, State is a inanimate object. In Bharat, Rashtra is a embodiment of living components with supra consciousness. Here in Bharat Dharma is the main force for the management of Rashtra, not to rule the state. So, Dharma (commonly told as religion, though error) is not poisons in the periphery of Rashtra parichalana. Here Rashtra parichalana is state management and to rule state through  dharma not by King or PM, President etc.

But, what is this Dharma in a nutshell which is not a Religion at all?

Yes, this is to be understood first, unless this matter of Rashtra and Dharma combination will not be clear at all.

In fine Dharma is the properties of matter and attributes of the conscious and para-conscious which are never man made. Our Hindu Shatras codified all these in Vedas and other scriptures as niti, anushashana and darshana. You can’t change the properties (dharma ) of water or fire. At the same time the attributes or righteousness of Human being is absolutely Humanity. That can’t be Islam or Christianity. Hindus have that dharma in the form of humanity, we call it as Sanatana (eternal, not man made) or Hindu (i.e. righteousness… hinani gunani dushayiti iti Hindu… who ever reject the evil is Hindu). In other words this Dharma is full of spirituality and no animosity, hatred or perpetration.

Our Dharma is regulated on the 1. virtue of Karma (resultants of work) 2. Four 4 ashrama (Brahmacharya, Garhastya, Vanaprastha and Sannyas), 3. Four 4 Varna….not birth based and division of lobour giving importance to merit … i.e. Brahmana (teachers and policy makers ), Khastriya (Kings and warriors), Vaishya (Agriculture, Industries, Business class) and Sudras (Labour and all other social service sectors) and 4. Purusrath… i.e. way of life starting from Dharma to reach Moksha through two steps of Artha and Kama.

Then how in Indian concept, Dhrama can ever be harmful in our biological and spiritual life? It is a bliss in the process of Rashtra Vyabastha. In Bharatiya concept Dharma is an inseparable part of Rashtra. It is not poisonous, but it has the power to destroy the poison from the individual and system components of the state. Here, Dharma is the basic component for the management of Rashtra.

So, any secular concept as “ When religion gets into statecraft, it becomes poisonous and if allowed to be continued we will become another Syria or Sudan very much, is an offshoot of Islamic analysis of the situation. It is absurd in the Bharatiya context. We must not be worried much with the concept of Hindu Dharma Rashtra.

The panacea of Hindu Dharma can relive the Humanity and it is assumed that most of the nation will take the light, air and wave of Bharata. ‘Dharmena Hina Pashubhi Samana’ (without Dharma men are alike beasts). So, Islamist, Evangelist, Communist, Secular who have no dharma,  they can spoil any state or rather Humanity with the application of false Religions. But Human civilization and State are secured under Hindu Dharma.

In reality, establishment of Cultural, Constitutional and Spiritual (Dharmik) Hindu Rashtra in Bharat is the solution of all problems.

Here, we must think about a basic constraint for making a Dharma Rashtra in Bharat.

The Secularism is that great opponent and detrimental force to being a Hindu Rashtra or Dharma Rashtra in Bharat as mentioned earlier.

Many of us even don’t care the travesty on constitution just made by Congress in Emergency time in include two words, “SECULAR” and “SOCIALIST” through 42nd amendment of it. Not only that what was the state of affair under Congress when the law established Supreme Court was challenged and mocked by the Parliament under Congress clutch in the matter of Shabanoo Case.

Now, we have to go for another amendment in Preamble of the constitution of India in order to replace the very detrimental words, Secular and Socialist. In Place of Secular, we have to put the word, HINDU, the all-embracing, omni-benevolent and the most prominent and ever known identity of us; and HUMANITY will replace the world Socialist. Unfortunately Russia, China and Communist clan have already vilified and degenerated the word Socialist enough and more.

We have to make our Constitution as much holy that nobody can pollute it further anyway, nor it not be made as a potshot of the Majority-Minority conflict.

Making a Sanatana Vedic Hindu Dharma Rashtra is the only way to make Bharat glorious, prosperous and victorious against all evils. And that is too in a Cultural, Constitutional and Spiritual way.

Here, we must uphold the concept of Hindu, Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra from the ideals of Four Revolutionaries of Modern India. 1. Swami Vivekananda who said: I am proud to call myself as a Hindu. 2. Lokmanya Tilak who said: Swaraj is my Birth Right (his Swarajya was influenced by Hindu padpadshahi). 3. Dr Hedgewar who said, Hindu Rashtra is my Birth Right. and 4. Veer Savarkar who said: Politicalize the Hindus, Militarize the Hindudome and Make the Hindu Nation ever Prosperous, Glorious and Victorious. This unified concept of Hindutva must be the touch stone of Hindu Rashtra.

Here we must add something more to the RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra. The only, ‘Cultural Hindu Rashtra’ concept is not the practical solution of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat. Hindus must fight for the real concept of Hindu Rashtra in the shape of Cultural, Constitutional and Spiritual (Dharmik) Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

We are happy to note that the present RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and VHP International President Dr Pravin Togadiya both demanded Constitutional Hindu Rashtra in Bharat in various public meetings. There is no other alternative way in fact.

There are two options in Bharat for the future. Hindu Rashtra or Islamic State. The citizens of India will give massive assent to Hindu Rashtra if the matter is put in any referendum.

In an other simple argument, Why Hindus are denied from their Rights of having their own state? There are more than 100 Christian states, more than 50 Islamic State, more than 10 Buddhist state and even a Jews state in this globe, then why Hindus have no Hindu state in the world map? Hindus must reclaim the Rights of  Hindu Rashtra in Bharat definitely and obviously.

In a social media retaliation to the Secular, one Hinduvadi slapped the secular people with her remark as, “Highest Socio-Political-Economic growth in Bharat is only possible in the manifestation of Hindutva in Bharat. Indians have tasted Congress, Communists, Kejriwala, Secularism, Corruption, Consumerism, Azadi, Rights to Kiss in Public, Beef Fests in Streets, Awardwapsi, Candle lights for Yakub Memon, Not in My Name and many more. Enough is enough. Now this time, real Hindusthan is daring in Bharat.” This is an important and impressive keynotes for a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Establishment of Cultural, Constitutional and Spiritual (Dharmik) Hindu Rashtra is the only solution of all problems in Bharat.

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4 comments on “Why Hindu Rashtra is absolutely urgent in Bharat.

  1. Subhas Mitra
    July 24, 2017

    I stand with the view


  2. Lal Gehi
    July 25, 2017


    God bless Bharat


  3. Vasu Sangguni
    July 26, 2017

    We must not let up on the efforts to declare Bharat (we should no longer call our country India) a Hindu country. All minorities can be given permission to practice their religion but must obey the Hindu laws just as is done in Muslim and Christian countries. Jai Hind…Vande Mataram


  4. Sanjeev Rao Kulkarni
    December 13, 2018

    Declaring Hindu Rashtra is the need of the hour.
    Please create what’s app group of like minded people.


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