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Ban Cattle Markets Within 20 Km Of Indo-Bangla Border: Supreme Court.

SC Ban On Cattle Markets Within 20 Km Of Indo-Bangla Border.

LIVE LAW NEWS NETWORK | NEW DELHI | AUG 4, 2017:: The Supreme Court today directed the Centre to ensure that there are no cattle markets within 20 kilometres of 4,096 Km long India-Bangladesh border and give specific directions to the four states sharing border with that country.

This was to curb the smuggling of bovines across the border which was rampant.

A bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar said all other orders will be passed after the Centre re-noti×es the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (Regulation of Livestock Market) Rules, 2017, part of which is kept in abeyance for further consultation and review.

India and Bangladesh share a 4,096 km-long international border, the fifth-longest land border in the world, with West Bengal having the highest length with 2,217 km.

The length of the border in the other four states is Tripura (856km), Meghalaya(443km), Assam(262km) and Mizoram(180km).

The court was hearing a pleadled by Akhil Bharat Krishi Goseva Sangh alleging that there was rampant smuggling of live cattle across the border to Bangladesh, which has led to depletion of cattle wealth of this country.

A UID tag was one of the recommendations submitted recently by the Home Ministry-led committee to the bench of chief justice J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrachud to stop cattle smuggling across the India-Bangladesh border.

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“Ministry of agriculture has devised a method of tamper proof identi×cation of cattle using polyurethane tags with a unique identi×cation number sequence. This may be made mandatory for all cow and its progeny throughout India for all cattle that is owner. Already mass tagging of cattle for insurance is being done by livestock development boards and animal husbandry department of state governments. Each animal to be tagged with a Unique Identification Number with proper records of identifcation details (age, breed, lactation, height, body, colour, horn type, tail switch, special marks etc.)”, the Home Ministry affdavit said.

“A state level databank may be uploaded at website which may be linked with national online database. Registration card will have to be maintained by the owner of the cattle which may be transferred to the next owner, in case a legitimate sale/transfer takes place”, it said.

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Other recommendations included strengthening of institutional framework, sensitization of enforcement agencies, stern action by animal husbandry department, setting up of homes with guards for free roaming cattles and strict implementation of prosecution and penalty rules.

“The committee held three meetings wherein detailed deliberations were held. The committee framed draft recommendations, which were circulated to all stakeholders for comments. Based on the comments received and deliberations held during the meetings, recommendations of the committee have now been finalized and approved “, Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar told a bench of chief justice J S Khehar and justice D Y Chandrachud.

“The smuggling of cattle across the border of Bangladesh has led to overall disruption of ecosystem and if the cattle wealth of country is depleted, then it shall also have adverse impact on nutrition of populis including children in India,” the PIL has said.

The organisation in its PIL has claimed that due to various syndicates operating, the smuggling of cattle is unchecked and rampant on the porous borders of Bangladesh.

Courtesy: Live Law News and links used above.


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