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Calcutta HC passes orders to make advertisement on restrictions of slaughtering in Bakari-Id.

Govt must make advertisement in print and electronic media on restrictions of slaughter at least a week before the Id-Ud-Zoha festival every year.

Calcutta High Court passes orders directing WB Govt to give advertisement about Restrictions  on Slaughter in Id-ud-Zoha, in all major Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and English media.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | Sept 1, 2017:: To prevent all violations for the random Cow slaughter in Bakari-Id (Ed ud Zoha) in West Bengal, Calcutta High Court passed an order on Friday, directing the State Govt to make advertisement in all leading newspapers to check the incidents contrary to the provisions of the existing Acts and Rules in force.

Hon’ble Calcutta High Court has been pleased to pass an order that Government of West Bengal is to by today evening (1st Sept 2017) and tomorrow (2nd Sept 2017) morning advertise in all media making people aware of prohibition of slaughter vide previous judgments passed by the Hon’ble Calcutta High court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the restrictions prohibiting such an activity by ACT and Rules namely WEST BENGAL ANIMAL SLAUGHTER CONTROL ACT , 1950 and PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS (SLAUGHTER HOUSE) RULES,2001.

As per WB Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950, there are strict restrictions on Cow slaughter.

According to a 67-year-old law, The West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950, the local civic body -either the municipality or panchayat -along with a veterinary surgeon shall jointly issue a certificate that an animal is fit for slaughter. The animals that can be slaughtered are those above 14 years of age and are unfit for work and breeding and, the animal is permanently incapacitated from work or breeding due to age, injury , deformity or any incurable disease.

The petitioner, Rajyashree Chaudhuri (President of WB Unit of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha) had specified that there was no compulsion for Muslims to kill cows as part of Id ud Zoha (Bakri-Id) or any other religious festival and the state is not taking measures to check illegal killing of Cow progeny causing a disaster to cow resources and environment.

In a significant order, the Bench of Acting Chief Justice Nishita Mhatre and Tapabrata Chakraborty, directed the State (in PIL WP 497 of 2017), “we are of the opinion that the State should advertise both in the print and electronic media sufficiently in advance the restrictions which have been imposed by the judgments as well as those contained in the Act and Rules framed thereunder. These restrictions should be advertised at least a week before the Id-Ud-Zoha festival every year. However, for the festival which is to be observed tomorrow, we direct the State to advertise/publish these restrictions in the electronic and print media by this evening and latest by tomorrow morning in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi & English so that the people in general are made aware of these restrictions”.

The instant landmark judgement of the Calcutta High Court is more important that it is binding upon the State of West Bengal to make the advertisement mentioning the restrictions of  slaughtering at least a week before the Id-Ud-Zoha festival every year.

However, the advertisements made so far by the Mamata Banerejee Govt in West Bengal in the electronic media are at a very low ebb. And the count of advertisements in the print media is yet to come up.

But, the media hook up in the state and the national channels are not covering this news at all.

The morons in media don’t try to understand that, Slaughtering animal in the name of religion or festival is nothing but sheer cruelty and brutality. Nobody can  play a game of joy in a festive mood with the blood of animals. Festival and religion do not come under any rights to eat.

As per source, there will be 70 thousand locations for slaughter/Qurbani in West Bengal where at least 1.5 lakh Indian progeny cows (Bos Indicus) and countless other animals will be slaughtered this year also in a single Bakar Eid day flouting all rules, regulations and Court Orders due to the Muslim appeasement policy adopted by the Bengal Govt and its CM Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC.



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