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Meat kills and it is fatal for physical & mental  health! Eating meat endangers Environment.

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First you eat meat, then meat eats you: Maneka Gandhi.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 27, 2017::  If you see a notice at the door of a non veg eateries, or see a level on a packaged meat products or same on a hoarding of any meat shop that Meat kills and it is fatal for physical and mental health, you may be surprised. But that can be a hard reality indeed.

Union minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi made a pitch for vegetarianism recently, saying humans are natural vegetarians and meat consumption harms them.

The women and child development minister was speaking at the launch of a film The Evidence-Meat Kills, directed by Mayank Jain, that scientifically explores the effects of meat consumption on human body and mind. The film has also well concern on environmental hazards.

Studies done over the last three decades have shown, with empirical data, that meat is bad for human body, Maneka said.

“Everything about every part and organ of the human body is vegetarian. When we put an alien substance like meat into the human body, we become prone to diseases,” she said.

“If you do this on a daily basis,” she added, “Your body will weaken. You will not die of eating meat, but it will certainly weaken your body, making it more vulnerable to diseases.”

Maneka emphasised, more than once, that the purpose of making or promoting the film was not to persuade people to give up eating meat, but to make them aware of its pros and cons and help make an informed choice.

“All in all, first you eat meat, then meat eats you, she quipped, during the film launch programme at the Indian Press club on Sept 18. The documentary The Evidence-Meat Kills in two parts are available in the youtube and in other social media platforms.

She said the movie has been made by the doctors so that people make an informed choice.

The Union minister also lamented that dietetics — the study of diet and its effects on health — was not given due time or attention during medical education.

“I feel that in the 5-6 years during which they teach you to become a doctor, they teach you dietetics for not more than one or two hours. What I feel is, if you do not teach them about food and their effect on the body, then what is the point of teaching them about the medicines?” she said.

Dr. Ramesh Bijlani, former HoD, Department of Physiology, AIIMS, who features in the film — along with a few other doctors — lends a professional voice to Maneka’s assertions.

“Use of antibiotics and hormones has become almost routine in not only poultry but also in the meat industry in general, and the types of antibiotics that are used are very often those which are not fit for human consumption. They are not approved for human use but these are given to these animals, but indirectly, the same antibiotics get into human beings when we consume meat,” he says at one point during the movie.

The film goes on to examine the health of butchers who are exposed to an overdose of violence in slaughterhouses.

The movie is available, along with other information related to the effects of non-vegetarianism, on

On this film, “The Evidence-Meat Kills”, Prof. Gour Mohanty, a veteran Oriya Columnist told HENB,”I’m a confirmed Veg from childhood and people thought it could be a sort of religious fad. By God’s grace and boon of vegetarian food habit, I am completely fit, energetic and challenging in my eighties. I have no touch with smoking or alcohol. 

If Smoking and consumption of alcohol kill, well now they conclude that ‘Meat is new Tobacco ‘ !

As people see this and listen to the eminent scientists working and researching in the field , they may realize that non-veg food is Bad for human consumption and for the Global environment as well !”

If Tobacco and Wine have caution on its level for the fatal consequence of using those products, should meat-shops, non veg eateries and packaged meat products must display: Meat kills and it is fatal for physical and mental health

___with inputs from PTI.

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