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‘Rastraoday’ of RSS is to ensure Modi Raj in 2019 and beyond.

RSS planning to mobilise lakhs in Meerut in February and big five others in Kolkata, Kochi, CoimbatoreChhindwara and Chandigarh before Gen Election 2019.

RastrodayUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 20, 2017:: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is not a Political party, not it claims so. But, RSS has become the superpower to control the Political sphere of India today through its social engineering and mass mobilization to help its political wing BJP. RSS means today the Reinforced Social Strategy to retain, rejuvenate and reclaim the Hindu vote bank of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Targeting 300+ BJP MPs in coming General Election in 2019, RSS is batting for BJP in a pitch of perseverance.  In this trail, RSS is planning “Rastroday” to mobilise lakhs of its cadres in Meerut in February, 2018 and to organise big five others in Kolkata, Kochi, CoimbatoreChhindwara and Chandigarh before Gen Election 2019. “Rastraoday” is a congregation of lakhs of RSS cadres in many wings including those deputed in BJP to ensure BJP’s thumping victory in 2019. “Rastroday” will showcase the present day Hindutva might and right in India and its bright prospective of Modi Raj in India, highlighting the cultural, social, economical and political features of Hindutva. 

In this line, RSS has planned it biggest mobilisation drive “Rastroday-राष्ट्रोदय” in Meerut, on February 25 next year in which hundreds of youth from the villages of western UP will be informed about the working of the Sangh. Describing the programme as an “expression of collective sangh experience,” an RSS leader said, the programme is aimed at involving at least 25 members each from over 10,000 villages in and around Meerut. Over two lakh workers are expected to participate in the programme to be presided over by Mohan Bhagwat, members of the organisation said. Besides talks on nation building, physical exercises, the event will also see the involvement of sympathisers of the RSS and influential community leaders in the State. But, the Uttar Pradesh RSS organisers are finding  more exploration of the Meerut programme to hold two hours programme on the same day including viewing Live Speech of RSS Chief in 50000 villages in UP. Uttar Pradesh RSS thus expecting fifty lakh people’s involvement in Rastrodaya programme on 25 Feb arranging 100 active people each in 50000 villages in UP beyond Meerut region. Uttar Pradesh has 97825 census villages so far according to 2011 census data.

The event assumes much significance as the event is being planned just a year before Lok Sabha elections but RSS members said there was nothing political about the event. “It is an exercise to make the Sangh workers feel how huge the organisation is and to give him the confidence to keep his good work on,” a RSS leader said. Such moblisation events have been held before in Pune in 2016, in Kasargod in 2015, in Kolkata and  Mangalore in 2013, he added.

From source it is divulged that “Rastrodaya” is not designed only for Uttar Pradesh. The same programme will be held in many places including big cities like Kolkata, Kochi, CoimbatoreChhindwara and Chandigarh  before Gen Election 2019. RSS has planning to involve 10 million people directly or indirectly for ‘Rastroday’ to ensure BJP Raj in India in next fifty years and beyond. Rastroday has its clear message to give the public that ‘all round development of Indian can be possible  only in Modi Raj now, not in Congressi Raj or others’.

The social engineering of RSS and its elaborated and strategical support to BJP has given effective results in Maharashtra and Manipur. In the recent Three Tire Gram Panchayet Elections BJP has won with thumping majority in these states and almost whitewashed others. RSS and BJP strategists clearly acknowledged the reciprocal benefit of both. Hence, the RSS a BJP coordination is given most importance to reign the social and political sphere of India absolutely.

The ‘Grama Vikas’ (village development) and ‘Kutumb Prabodhan’ (mass communication including reaching out all relatives) activities have also been prioritized by RSS in the ambit of Rastrodaya momentum.  RSS Sarakaryavah (Gen Secretary), Bhaiyyaji Joshi told the press about the Grama Vikas and Kutumb Prabodhan+ at the end of three days Akhila Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) Baithak in Bhopal on Oct 14.

For carrying this message of Rastroday in each doorstep in rural and urban India, RSS has activated all its wing including Vidya Bharati (Education sector), Seva Bharati (Social services), Sanskar Bharati (Cultural Sector), Vijnana Bharati (Science and Tech sector), Samaskrita Bharati (Sanskrit Language and Literature exploration), Arogya Bharati (Health Sector), Laghu Udyog Bharati (Micro and Small Industries sector) and Sahakar Bharati (Co-operative Sector). These Bharati Sectors are given high priority to execute the ‘Rastroday’ Programme with a boosting of central funds.

RSS has set Rastroday to ensure Modi Raj in 2019 and beyond. Modi Raj or BJP Raj is now the defacto Hindu Rashtra of RSS in Bharat. And it is the real Ram Rajya as hinted by UP CM Yogi Adityanath+ in the Deepavali Celebration in Ayodhya just two days before.

__With Agency Inputs.

3 comments on “‘Rastraoday’ of RSS is to ensure Modi Raj in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Vinod Kumar
    October 21, 2017

    Emphasize to eradicate caste system vigorously.


  2. Ramachandra Kasaragod
    October 22, 2017

    Election or no election, RSS has been organising such programmes from time to time. People see it from political glasses. At least you should have been better- informed.


  3. Narayanan chalil
    February 25, 2018



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