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Why Jihadi Didi welcomes Hindutva Face with cheer? 

Uddhav meets Mamata. It holds a negative message for Hindu Politics in India and the future of Shiv Sena. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Mumbai | Nov 2, 2017:: There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, only permanent interests intercourse each others. Sustaining the proverbial truth in it, on of the ‘Hindutva icon’ in present day politics in India met the ‘Jihadi Didi’ without any making problems  each others.

Yes, Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray today met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee here, fueling speculations in the political circles.

The Sena chief, accompanied by son Aaditya Thackeray (Chief of Chitrapat Sena), paid a visit to Banerjee in the afternoon at a south Mumbai hotel where she is staying since Tuesday last.

Both Shiv Sena and Ms. Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) have been at loggerheads with the BJP and the Narendra Modi government on a host of issues, including demonetisation.

May be demonetisation is a matter of greater discontent with other things like GST, Price rise of Petrol, Diesel and LPG and Daily commodities etc. for Shiv Sena with their NDA and Maharashtra State ally BJP; but how did they undermine a political force liable for growing Jihadi elements in West Bengal.

In Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal, the Jihadi JMB Forces have made an inroad in the state; the Islamic Forces are growing with their demands of separate Sharia Law and no abatement on Triple Talaq and they are propagating for the rights of Rohingya Muslims with full support of the Trinmool Congress.

The WB State Govt. is putting various restrictions on Hindu Rights including their Durga Puja and Ram Navami; Hindus are being persecuted throughout the state being the victim of Riots made by Islamic hooligans. Now, it is shame that the son of Hindutva legend Bala Saheb Thackeray and his grandson are meeting with a defacto Hindu persecutor without any problem at all.

It is unfortunate for those Hindutvawadis who were in a hope that Shiv Sena would be a real Hindu Political Party and would give a real fight against the Jihadis. But, the advocates of Hindutva and Chief Patron of Jihad in Bengal are shaking hands each other for the filthy political interest of power and share.

This instance of political prostitution must be condemned by all Hinduwadis whether in politics or apolitical.

If Modi’s meeting with Sharad Pawar, who has many Jihadi friends in his NCP, is condemned by Shiv Sena, then why the Hindutvawadis will not condemn Uddhav’s meeting with Mamata who made her TMC as a Total Muslim Congress in reality!

If Uddhav Thackeray has no problem to meet a Jihadi Didi Mamata Banerjee, he must meet once Imam Bukhari of Jama mashid Delhi to broaden her secular identity further.

Though, we never hope that WB CM Mamata Banerjee will meet VHP President Pravin Togadia, but she should have no problem for it as he felt no problem to meet Hindutvawadi Shiv Sena Chief.

We don’t know whether Mamata wants to give a clear sign to the Non-BJP Hindutvawadis (but prospective voters of BJP) in Bengal that she is also putting a step to nurture Hindu vote bank in Bengal along with inviting Shiv Sena as a considerable Hindutva force in WB only to combat the BJP’s uprising in the state. Rest assured, that will not help Shiv Sena in Bengal anyway. But. Mamata will take the Hindutva advantage.

Whatever may be, this meeting of Uddhav and Mamata holds a negative message for Hindu Politics in India and the future of Shiv Sena too.

__with news inputs of PTI.

One comment on “Why Jihadi Didi welcomes Hindutva Face with cheer? 

  1. Ultraright
    November 5, 2017

    Uddhav Thackrey is a Bastard Ghati, whose sole aim is to become CM of MH, he will even joined hands with Christian Bigot Nazi Italian Sonia, he will join hands even wd Pakistan and ISIS, Owaisi IF THEY promise to make him CM, he is power crazed on lines of Italian streetdog Congis. Hindutva of Shiv Sena died with Balasaheb. Uddhav his another Akhilesh, Tejaswi and worse as he fools Hindus


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