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Hindus in Leicester object Islamic Centre in their area to avoid harm.

The vacant building in Belper Street in Leicester, where the Islamic Educational centre is proposed in a Hindu area. (Stickers added).

British Hindus Object to Muslim Centre in Non-Muslim Area.

Kishanlal Ahuja | HENB | Leicester | Dec 15, 2017:: To check a Jihadi propagation and to avoid any Islamic attack from its epicenter, thousands of residents of a largely Hindu area of Leicester have objected to a proposed Muslim prayer room and education centre.

Supporters of the Islamic education center insist it is not a mosque; however, opponents say it will harm the community, the Leicester Mercury reports+.

After a developer applied to convert a vacant warehouse in the Belgrave area of the city into facilities for Muslims, more than 1,435 letters of objection have been sent to planning officials, and 3,569 people signed a petition against the plan.

“Belper Education Centre” a covert Islamic organisation is trying hard to establish a Islamic (read Jihad) education center in the Hindu area with an ulterior motive as suspected. Some 350 representations from Muslims have been made in support of the plan to establish the Belper Education Centre, as it would be called.

It is learnt that Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin Muslim residents in Leicester took the initiatives to make the proposed Islamic Prayer house cum education centre under Belper Education Centre.

The Leicester City Council says the supporters of the project claim it will provide local residents with “religious education, especially for those of Islamic faith within the area”.

Many of the concerns sent to the council point out that the area is largely made up of Hindu families so the proposed centre, catering exclusively to Muslims, would be out of place.

Read also: Why Muslims must be evicted from Hindu areas? Muslims create existential and cultural crisis in Hindu areas. So, Muslims must not be allowed in Hindu areas. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The local Labour MP for Leicester East, Keith Vaz, was among those to register opposition, highlighting concerns over traffic, parking, and noise that were also raised in a public meeting he arranged.

Members of the city council’s planning committee will be asked to decide whether to allow the development at a meeting next Thursday, but planning officers have already recommended it is refused.

A city council planning spokesman said: “As a result of the proposed uses, the nature of the property and its location, the proposal would result in increased on-street activity, noise from people and vehicles particularly in the late evening and early morning.

“This would result in significant harm to the residential amenity conditions of nearby residents and other users of the street.”

The report adds: “The concerns regarding community cohesion, potential tensions between the proposed users and the residents or potential riots, a Muslim centre in close proximity to a temple and church and other issues relating to religion are not material planning considerations.”

Islamic religious centers, whether it is Mosque (Islamic Prayer House) or Madrasa (Islamic Seminary), create various social nuisance like Noise pollution five times a day, Offering Friday Namaz blocking the roads, Delivering hate speech against non-Muslims and  Developing Sleeper cells for Jihadis, irrespective of their locations in Muslim or Non-Muslim areas.


5 comments on “Hindus in Leicester object Islamic Centre in their area to avoid harm.

  1. Phil Copson
    December 16, 2017

    Noise “pollution” not “population”….

    More importantly – stop the supremacists !


    • hinduexistence
      December 19, 2017


      Population >>> Pollution.


      Rama, News Moderator,


  2. ConcernedBrit
    September 8, 2022

    Leicester is becoming the epicentre of Indian Right Wing Politics focussed on an anti Islamic agenda. What exacerbates this is activity of Right Wing Hindu Nationalist groups in Leicester and recent influx of Indian oroligon Hindu migrant workers under the skilled migrant worker visa. These migrants bring with them the right wing Hindu extemist mindset.

    Tensions will continue to simmer and boil over and watch this supposedly meekly community is always playing the victim but when you look at the origons it will link you back to an Anti Muslim right wing Hindu extremist agenda.

    Goodbye to the Old Leicester, similarly certain Hindu majority areas of London are seeing this.

    Indian origin migrant workers linked to hindu extremist political ideologies should be vetted against from coming into the UK.

    If you do not, you will see violence in the streets of UK.


    • Phil Copson
      September 9, 2022

      Translatiom: you are not a “Concerned Brit” but a muslim threatening violence against Hindus.


  3. ConcernedforLeicester
    September 8, 2022

    Combination of Right Wing Hindu Politics of India and an influx of migrant workers of Indian origins with extremist views and the increase of Hindu Extremist organisation in places like Leicester, Birmingham and Wembley in London is breaking down community cohesion.

    It is more visible in Leicester because it holds the largest Hindu migrant community in UK.

    Good by old lovely Leicester and say hello to ghastly extremist and xenophobhic politics of Indian Hindu Origin Extremist groups.

    Will not bode well for Leicester.


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