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Stop the pesudo-Hindutva forces inside BJP to harm Pravin Togadia and the Hindu Rashtra goal.

The war of #CongressMuktBharat and #CongressYuktBJP …

BJP Rulers have taken horrible U Turns on all Hindutva issues & now suppressing Hindutva voices using power: Dr Pravin Togadia.

Conspiracy hatched by some Congressi operatives in BJP-Sangha circle against Hindutvawadi Pravin Togadia will not be successful anyway.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Jan 19, 2018:: In a post in social media platform of FaceBook, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s international President Dr Pravinbhai Togadia alleged that a malicious group is trying to malign his Hindutva stand  picking a loose thread of meeting of some Congressi and Dalit leaders with him, who reached in Chandramani Hospital in Ahmadabad where Togadia was admitted on 15 th January night after found him unconscious in a park+.

The antecedents and the incidents reveled that a team of Rajasthan police was trying to arrest Dr Togadia in connection with some 10 yrs old case with the help of Gujarat Police during the period of Makar Sankranti in a very mysterious way when such police action was not known to the Chief Ministers and Home Ministers of two respective states.

In various press conferences Dr Togadia was hinting upon a group of BJP conspirators including the central IB to gag his Hindutva voice+ by any means including a way to kill him through even police encounter+.


सभी पक्षों से आयातित उम्मीदवार लेकर तो आप चुनाव लड़ें ; वह बड़ी सात्विकता थी क्या? और अस्पताल में मुझे मिलने कौन आया इस पर से मुझे बदनाम करने निकलें? मैंने तो किसी को निमंत्रण नहीं दिया था; लेकिन आप में इतना भी सौजन्य, मानवता नहीं कि स्वास्थ्य का हाल पूछें! मीडिया का उपयोग कर बदनाम करना बंद करें और पूछें गुजरात भाजपा के राजेन्द्रसिंह राणा जी से कि वे भी तो मुझे देखने आएँ थे तो क्या अब उन्हें भी कांग्रेसी कहोगे? मेरे और विहिंप के कार्यकर्ताओं के हिंदुत्व का सर्टिफिकेट आप जैसे खोखले वादों वालों से लेने की जरुरत नहीं हमें। दमन तो आप कर रहे हो, साहब! Imported Candidates from Congress & other Parties for elections, that OK??? and now defaming me when people come to visit in the hospital? I didn’t invite anybody; why ‘rulers’ didn’t have courtesy to visit? Even BJP Gujarat’s Rajendrasinh Rana ji came to see me. Now rulers, U will term him also Congressi? We don’t need to obtain certificate for Hindutva from people who have taken horrible U Turns on all Hindutva issues & now suppressing our voices using power!…wrote Dr Togadia in a post in his Facebook timeline today on 19 Dec 2018. 

Many in the Sangha Parivar have started an anti-Togadia blame game that the poor result of BJP in recent Gujarat assembly election was caused by Dr Togadia for his unstopped demands for Hindu issues not fulfilled by Congress nor BJP.

The policy of RSS to control BJP by giving some concessions for implementation in their Hindutva agenda consorted in  their election manifesto and BJP’s selective Hindutva to please RSS and vice versa are actually harming the Hindutva movement in Bharat.

The definite allegation pointed out by VHP top most leader, Dr Pravin Togadia regarding infusing Congress culture in the inner ambit of BJP is very serious. Dr Togadia categorically blamed the process of BJP to give berth 105 Congress-Samajwadi-Bahujan Samajwadi party men in the strength of 300 MLAs in Uttar Pradesh. He also pointed out that all the Ministers of Assam in BJP fold, expect one, came from the Congress or Ganasangram Parishad legacy. Dr Togadia condemned such a process of ‘Congressikaran‘ (Congressization) of BJP. This  is nothing but a suicidal approach of RSS’s Hindutva mission in its political front.

What can we except from MJ Akbar, Chandan Mitra or the new-comer Mukul Roy (who joined BJP from TMC recently) in the aspects of Hindutva exactly. There is no exaggeration to say that these people are the deterrent elements for Hindutva advancement inside BJP. Moreover, who can say  that these Akbar, Mitra, Roy and companies are not the agents of anti-Hindu force to destroy the Hindutva legacy of BJP, if any so far.

In those turbulent days of Hindutva based on Ram Janmabhoomi Movement these personalities went vehemently against Sangha Parivar. Several write-up, articles and speeches of these anti-Hindu personalities were aimed to destroy the Hindutva rise in India that time.

After 1992 Karseva, I had to go underground in Calcutta as Bengal Police was in a mood to arrest the Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya. I saw how Chandan Mitra shared a dais at Sealdah with a communal writer Abul Basar of Ananda Bazar group to foment against the Karsevaks and the Sangaha Parivar as well. Many of writing of Mitra categorically attacked the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement. But, Mitra was awarded a Rajya Sabha seat (Upper house of Indian parliament) in BJP ticket from August 2003 to August 2009. The story of MJ Akbar is no exception. Now, a genuine pedigree anti-Hindu Mukul Roy is the heart-throb in the Bengal BJP. But, an influential BJP lobby in the Central and many states are hatching big conspiracy to brand Pravin Togadia as ‘Congressi’ or ‘friend of anti-Hindu’ forces.

It’s an irony that the BJP is now controlling RSS top bosses and definitely RSS is loosing its control over BJP. BJP is now setting its pseudo Hindutva agenda for its political game and not for any Hindutva gain. BJP is issuing certificates for the ingenuity of Hindutva for leaders like Dr Togadia. Hence, Akbar, Mitra, Roy and many name sake BJP leaders synonymous to corruption, debauchery, nepotism, self-interest, congress culture are more essential for ‘BJP Rule’ in India than the ‘Rule of Hindutva’ in this country.

The latest development in Togadia Lost-Found-Encounter-Allegation trail has a very bad message for Hindutva goal of the majority people who voted BJP as their champion to fulfill their demands of Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Cow Slaughter Ban, Abolition of Art. 370, Common Civil Code or Driving out the Muslim infiltrators and so on. Congress is always against these issues as they are anti-Hindu in roots. But, all these Hindutva issues are being sidelined by BJP for the interest of  Modi Raj (Rule of Modi) cutting the edges of Prakrut Hindu Raj (Genuine Rule of Hindus). Consequently, propagators of Hindu Raj like Pravin Togadia are being hackled, maligned and put in troubles by reliving 10-yrs-20 yrs old cases against them. As Togadia is asking the Govts,  why only Hindu farmers are dying in different states even in Modi Raj, why only Hindu tribal people are becoming victim of starvation and conversion, why the 100% Kashmiri Hindus are still languishing in the refugee camps and not getting their rights in their homeland in Modi Raj, why Indian soldiers are being killed in every 2 or 3 alternative days …. these questions are found intolerable to the #TolerantBJP and a pro-congress machinery in BJP, VHP and Sangha Parivar has been activated for the assassination to the hold of Hindutva someway retained by Hindu Hruday Samrat Pravin Togadia.

The managers of pseudo Hinduism in Nagpur and Delhi must rethink whether they will be successful to promote their agenda through a ‘politics of adjustment’ or they are digging the ‘peril of Hindutva’ fully and finally.

I think pro-Congress and the anti Hindu agents within BJP has successfully registered their entry in Hindutva arena by menace of ‘soft Hindutva’ or ‘adjustment of Hindutva’ in order to kill the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ideology of RSS. Now, the war between the two schools of ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ (Congress free India) and ‘Congress Yukt BJP’ (Congress controlled BJP) is very much clear to grab their share in politics.

But the sacrifice of RSS in the field of Hindutva and the aspiration of Hindu Rashtra by millions of Hindu Rashtra believers in Bharat will not go in vain. Bharat i.e. India will be a Hindu Rashtra in a Dharmik (righteous), Sanskritik (cultural) and Samvidhanik (constitutional) way by 2025 at the advent of Centenary celebration of RSS itself.

That’s a big thing to discuss later. Stay tuned with this Struggle for Hindu Existence for a genuine Hindu Rashtra in Bharat by 2023-25.

The conspiracy against Hindutvawadi Pravin Togadia will not be successful as he is a righteous man and a not a man with double standard for any political interest.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Dharma ki Jai ho. Adharm ka Vinasah ho. Satya Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharam ki Jai. Jai Shri Ram.

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6 comments on “Stop the pesudo-Hindutva forces inside BJP to harm Pravin Togadia and the Hindu Rashtra goal.

  1. drvraoblog
    January 20, 2018

    The face off between Hindu organizations VHP and RSS is extremely disappointing.Admitting more number of Congress and nonBJP members into BJP may erode Hindus confidence in BJP.. If this happens Hindus may not vote BJP in future. BJP should take up steps to repair the damage caused to it and Hindu organizations.


    • Dharmesh
      January 20, 2018

      Why he meet Hardik Patel And Congress? I don’t think Dr Togadia is innocent, He is not good for Hindu People. He thinks only Power And he is a big Liar. We must choose another leader.


      • Sanatan Dwivedi
        January 20, 2018

        Is this Dharmesh a mad? He has no idea about the real things. Dr Togadia never met Hardik Patle of any Congressi leader. They came to meet Togadia in the Hospital. Dr Togadia cleared his very well that he had not invite anybody to meet him.

        Hear the versions of Togadiaji again:

        The BJP-RSS lobby has a big problem. They think if the result is good and preferable the credits are due to them. But if the result is bad they try to blame others. The anti-incumbency and the third grade leadership in Gujarat BJP are te causes of BJP’s bad result in Gujarat. But they want to blame Togadia in a very unreasonable way.

        In the way BJP is getting anti-Hindu day by day, it will be difficult to win in parliamentary election 2019 for them.

        Muslim League shaped as congress in India after independence. Now BJP is shaping as second edition of Congress.

        Very unfortunate.


        • Malar
          September 21, 2019

          I guess there are a lot of crypto Christian groups inside BJP..


  2. Kishan Sharma
    January 20, 2018

    Its very sad situation. The BJP Brass must talk to sort out all differences with VHP, RSS, & Dr. Togadia. It may be a CONGI-LEFT-JIHADI CONSPIRACY to subvert HINDU – INTEREST…& put the Main Issues about KASHMIRI – PANDITS -REHABILITATION, BUILDING RAM-MANDIR , ABOLISHING Art. 370 & UNIFORM CIVIL CODE for all Indians…Its serious to ignore the Core . issues .Plz. consider & take appropriate actions to DAMAGE-CONTROL.


  3. Arindam
    January 21, 2018

    I’m sad, but not surprised: any regime that establishes itself in New Delhi is bound to turn into another Congress.

    We could learn something from the Chinese here: when the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949, one of its first decisions was to shift the country’s capital from Nanjing to Beijing – to symbolize a clean break with the recent past.

    It’s high time that we press for a similar break – either by shifting the capital or building a new one. It’s astounding that Independent India is still governed from a city that the British chose as the capital over a century ago.


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