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First Hindu Woman Senator Of Pakistan To Be Nominated Next Month.

Pakistan will get its first Hindu woman Senator next month: Pakistan People’s Party.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has accepted the papers of the 39-year-old Krishna Kumari who was nominated by the ruling PPP for a Senate seat on minority from Sindh Assembly. The election will take place on March 3.

PTI |  Lahore | Feb 21, 2018::  Krishna Kumari Kohli from Thar in Pakistan’s Sindh province will become the first-ever Hindu woman Senator in the Muslim-majority country, the Pakistan People’s Party said today.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has accepted the papers of the 39-year-old who was nominated by the ruling PPP for a Senate seat on minority from Sindh Assembly. The election will take place on March 3.

“Kohli will be the first-ever Dalit woman in Pakistan who becomes a Senator,” a PPP spokesman said in a statement today.

Ms Kohli’s caste is mentioned at No. 23 in the Pakistani Schedule Castes Ordinance-1957.

“The honour to nominate first-ever non-Muslim Senator is also enjoyed by the PPP, which elected a Dalit, Dr Khatumal Jeewan, as Senator in 2009 on a general seat. Likewise, Engineer Gianchand is the second Dalit to be elected as Senator in 2015 by the PPP also on a general seat,” the spokesman said.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari-led PPP also nominated and got elected Hariram Kishorilal as Senator on seat reserved for non-Muslims from Sindh in 2012.

“With the election of Krishna Kohli and Anwar Laldean, a Christian worker of the party, the number of non-Muslims elected so far as Senators by the PPP would grow to six, an unmatched representation in the Upper House for minorities by any other political parties in the 70 years history of Pakistan,” the spokesman added.

 Ms Kohli belongs to a remote village in Nagarparkar district of Thar in Sindh province.

Born to a poor peasant, Jugno Kolhi, in February 1979, Ms Kohli and her family members spent nearly three years in a private jail owned by the landlord of Kunri of Umerkot district. She was a grade 3 student at the time when held captive.

She was married to Lalchand at the age of 16, when she was studying in 9th grade. However, she pursued her studies and in 2013 she did masters in sociology from the Sindh University.

She had joined the PPP as a social activist along with her brother, who was later elected as Chairman of Union Council Berano.

Ms Kohli also actively participated and worked for the rights of downtrodden people of marginalised communities living in Thar and other areas.

She is from the family of the valiant freedom fighter Rooplo Kolhi, who had waged a war against the invading British colonialist forces when they had attacked Sindh from Nagarparkar side in 1857. Subsequently, he was arrested and hanged by the Britishers on August 22, 1858.

Courtesy: NDTV.

3 comments on “First Hindu Woman Senator Of Pakistan To Be Nominated Next Month.

  1. Who are they trying to fool?


  2. Abdul Husain
    March 2, 2018

    It would be better if she accepts an Abrahamic faith(Islam, Christianity or Judaism) & sheds away this shitty faith of hinduism


    • Arindam
      March 22, 2018

      Why would anyone in their right mind accept an abominable ideology like Islam – whose holiest scripture is nothing but the ravings of an Arab bandit? (And the truth about Islam – is even worse than that…)

      Judaism tends not to accept converts, and as for Christianity, it has now been demonstrated – quite conclusively – that Jesus Christ was a Buddhist Monk (and survived the crucifixion). See the BBC documentary (accessible via Youtube) for details.

      So much for your Abrahamic faiths.


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