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Illegal child trade and suspected sex racket in the name Jesus!

50000 Hindu and tribal children become easy prey of illegal adoption and conversion yearly by Churches in India.

Ranchi : Sister of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ arrested for illegal child trade.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Ranchi | July 4, 2018::  At least one sister of ‘Missionaries of Charity+’ of ‘Mother Teresa+’ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] in Ranchi was arrested for her involvement in the illegal trade of children after taking a huge amount of money from the couples keen to adopt children.

The ringing bells of the Churches, the embracing statue of Son of God,  sweet words of the missionaries, social services of the Christian homes, the picture of Mother Teresa with orphan baby in her arms, the sermon of Bible, all are vested here to run secret sex rackets and high end business transaction for illegal adoption agencies.

According to police, the racket involved in the illegal trade was busted after a couple approached the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for not getting his child even after paying a sum of Rs 1.2 lakh to the lady working with the organization.

Meanwhile, an FIR has been lodged against the Missionaries of Charity for being involved in human trafficking by the CWC. “So far one sister working with the ‘Missionaries of Charity,’ Anima Indwar, has been arrested while involvement of another sister has also been found during the interrogation,” said SP City Aman Kumar.

Two sisters were also being interrogated by the local Police who are also may be arrested later, he added. Officer in charge of Kotwali Police Station asserting the arresting of Anima Indwar said that Rs 65000 has also been recovered from her possession.

“During the investigation, it has been revealed that they had been selling out children of unwed mothers illegally by taking a huge amount of money ranging from Rs 50,000 to 1.5 lakh,” said officer in charge of Kotwali Police Station S N Mandal.

At least four such children have illegally been sold out by them so far, he added. The matter was revealed after a couple approached the CWC when they were not handed over their child even after paying Rs 1.2 lakh to the sister.

“A couple Saurabh Kumar Agrawal and his wife Preeti Agrawal from Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh came into contact of Anima through a local relative living in Ranchi, where she had been working and the deal was finalized. The child was born on May 1 and it was sold out to the couple on May 14,” said CWC Chairperson Rupa Kumari. Later, Anima again called up the couple on June 30 asking them to come over to Ranchi as the child has to be produced in the Court to complete the legal process, she said.

The CWC Chairperson said that the couple came to Ranchi following which Anima took the child in the Court from where she ran away. “When they did not find Anima around, they went to the Missionaries of Charity but were not entertained by the following which the couple approached us and the matter was disclosed,” she said.

Kumari said that when sisters in Missionaries of Charity were summoned by CWC, they recorded contradictory statement following which Anima and biological mother of the child was called who revealed everything before them.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the children of Jhunnu Kumari, Hemlata Murmu and Shabnam were also sold out after taking a huge amount of money from different couples. There are two centres of Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi where troubled girls and unwed mothers are given shelter and rehabilitated. Meanwhile, a raid was conducted at Jail Road centre of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ by the Child Welfare Committee and 13 pregnant women were shifted to another shelter home.

From Social Media Platform Twitter.

As per source, police has registered a case against Sister Konalisa Biswa of Missionaries of Charity unit of Ranchi in connection with  illegal trade of children so far.

Indian Churches have been being accused by their men and women for Sexual perversion+ & sufferings+ , sexual exploitation+, sexual anarchy of priests+ and sex rackets+ [1] [2] [3] one after another in these years.

Christian Homes and Churches like Missionaries Of Charity earn huge money from the illegality from inconsonant sex and child trade. Many of Christian homes and churches in India run profiteering sex racket to please their foreign visitors and hierarchy by exploiting rural and tribal girls and when cometh the illegal babies in the homes and churches, its not only the blessings of Merry and Jesus, it revamps the church economy well. 

As per a source+, ever year adoptions are made for around 5000 cases on an average in India. But, Churches and Christian Homes deal with 50000 (ten times high of govt tracking and record) adoption cases yearly violating all rules and regulations. The targeted adoptable children come from mostly Hindu and tribal families from Indian rural and tribal areas. Most of them belong the poor, needy and distressed families who become easy prey of the missionaries ultimately.

___Inputs from TNIE & TNN.

2 comments on “Illegal child trade and suspected sex racket in the name Jesus!

  1. George N Alagiah
    December 16, 2018



  2. Shalabh
    February 23, 2019

    What about the big network of human trafficking gang of girls working in Delhi which includes some Hindu Muslim christian a big big network working in many parts of the country Delhi which is now called the hub of trafficking has many members and they have many place in Delhi NCR to keep girls each time a sex racket is busted or any human trafficking case is there in any part of the country you will find many Muslim name as accused I request you to please raise your voice against the male accused they must not be released if arrested


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