Social Media Reacts To Talibanism

Ummer’s Facebook post has already gone viral on social media platforms, and as of now, it has had nearly 5,000 reactions and more than 1,700 shares.

Most of the people commenting on Ummer’s post supported his stand, and they lauded the girl’s father for his brave stand. This section of supporters argues that wearing a sandal bindi will not spoil Islamic ideologies by any means, and they cite the example of Mollywood megastar Mammootty who has acted in many Brahmin roles in various movies. They also allege that Talibanism is spreading in Kerala, which has become a cause for concern.

However, extreme Islamic believers are supporting the action of the Madrasa. According to them, both Ummer and Henna are just people with Islamic names, and they are not real Muslims. These people state that real Islam believers are not supposed to act in movies, as it is against Sharia laws.

As the issue became a debating point, Sangh Parivar supporters have started blaming the Pinarayi Vijayan led CPI (M) government for taking a soft stand on this issue.

The concerned civil society must think the grave consequence of fanatic Islam governed by Sharia in Halal way which does not even tolerate a non-Islamic pose just given in a film shooting! Then what is the real views of Islam about the Hindu customs or the other non-Muslims. It’s more dangerous than anything critical in cultural conflicts.

Read it in Hindi:  केरल मे 5वीं की छात्रा ने लगाया चंदन का टीका, मदरसे ने बाहर निकाला

__inputs from IB Times.