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Two Hindu monks killed by Jihadi elements for opposing cow slaughter in UP’s Auraiya. 5 arrested.

In the state of Yogi Adityanath….

Before Eid-al-Adha, are India Muslims turning violent for Beef Jihad?

2 Sadhus killed in temple premises at latenight in a very Jihadi style for opposing cow slaughter in UP’s Auraiya. Local Hindus protest.

(Extreme graphics of murder are below.  Discretion of viewers important) 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Auraiya and Kanpur | Aug 16, 2018::  Killing of three Hindu sadhus in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya has triggered protests and tension in the district, PTI reported on Wednesday. The two sadhus were stabbed to death at the Bhayanaknath temple in Kudarkot area of Bidhoona on the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday and some media told that another was died on the very next day while under treatment in a hospital. With this brutal murder of Hindu monks acting as temple priests, in a very ISIS style of throat slitting, angry people took to the streets and staged demonstrations on highways.

Though the exact motive for the crime was not immediately clear or anybody arrested from the crime scene, police said adding they suspected the victims’ opposition to cow slaughter could be one reason. Additional DG (Kanpur range) Avinash Chandra said the priests were found lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on their necks and other body parts and even tongue of one sadhu was chopped off in a very barbaric way. According to officials, two policemen have been suspended for dereliction of duty after the violence.

Police suspect the monks were attacked as they opposed some people who were allegedly into cow slaughter. “They were tied to their charpoy (rope made cot) and attacked. Two of them were killed in the gory scene inside the temple,” Circle Officer, Bidhuna, Bhaskar Verma said.

The deceased were identified as Lajja Ram (65) and Halke Ram (53), residents of Bakewar, Etawah. Another monk, Ramsharan (56), received serious injuries, police said. A resident of Bidhuna, he was shifted to Saifai hospital for a chance of survival but told as succumbed to injury in the very next day.

As a matter of fact, cow vigilantes in Uttar Pradesh are now under serious Jihadi threats. The Jihadi cow smuggler and butcher rackets have jointly taken a vow to kill all cows and cow vigilantes in Uttar Pradesh through a high terror of action.

Infuriated at the killings, a mob attacked shops and set some of them afire and hurled stones and brickbats, prompting police to open fire in the air, an official said, adding the situation was soon brought under control with heavy deployment of police to prevent any untoward incident.

Inspector General of Police (Kanpur range), Alok Singh, rushed to Auraiyya to supervise police action and to maintain law and order. “People were generally complaining that the area where the murders took place was witnessing cases of cow slaughter and the victims were opposing it. That could be a possible motive behind the attack,” the IG said, adding, Station House Officer, Akhilesh Mishra, was placed under suspension on charges of negligence.

Around a dozen police teams headed by senior officials were formed to investigate the triple-murder. Special surveillance teams were sent to Auraiya from Kanpur to assist local police in cracking the case and in dealing with rumour-mongers, officials said.

Showing some seriousness for the horrific murder of Sadhus in  Bhayanaknath temple in Kudarkot, the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, who is also a monk in Nath order announced Rupees 5 lakh as compensation for the deceased and the strictest police action to arrest the culprits within 48 hours.

Press Note of UP Home Secretary.

But, as per source, the police of Uttar Pradesh and the Intelligence department of Yogi Adityanath have completely failed to arrest anybody in connection of the murder, after passing of the timeline of 48 hrs so far. There may be a reason to their inaction due to their grief on mature demise of Ex-Indian PM Atal Behari Vajpayee on his 93 yrs in age related ailments. Perhaps, CM Adityanath forgot his promise to protect the Cow vigilantes who used to work in a legal and legitimate way.  The demised three monks have been working against illegal cow smuggling and slaughter in a very peaceful way in a co-ordination with police and local administration. But, the police and administration of Uttar Pradesh Govt could not give them proper protection!

The Monks and Cow vigilantes in Uttar Pradesh are under a very high treat of the Cow-smugglers and butchers as the so-called intellectuals, secular media and minority-vote-bank grabber politicians, and right-to-eat advocates… all have been supporting the cause of cow killing only to hurt Hindu sentiments (as Hindus worship cow as deity) and franchise their Muslim vote-bank politics.

Now, the chest beaters and award returners in wailing to Md. Akhlaq or Phelu Khan, the candle light marchers for Afrazul or Rakbar and the not-in-my-name protesters for Lankesh and Davolkar have no reaction at all. They had never spent a single word for killing of Swami Laxmananada Saraswati and his three associates by Christian an Maoists goons+, murder of cow vigilante Parashant of Moorbidri+; planned elimination of dozens Hindu activists in Kerala [1] [2] [3] [4] and Karnataka [1] [2] [3] [4] by JIhadi elements; recent lynching of  Khetaram Bheel in Rajasathan by a Muslim family mob+ or killing of Nimisha in Kerala+; or Triple Murder(by setting fire alive of Mother-daughter-and-grand-child) in Mumbai by a Love Jihadi+ and present killing of three sadhus by cow smuggling rackets+ have no significance to their selective secularism and covert Islamic chauvinism.

The scoundrel stooges of selective secularism  and the bastard brigadiers of Islamic chauvinism… all are propagating the Jihadi causes here to introduce an Islamic State in India.

As a result, 2 Sadhus were killed in temple premises at late-night in a very Jihadi style of ISIS for opposing cow slaughter in UP’s Auraiya. And, there is no protest from so called Hindutva champions like RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal- BJP combines and the Hindu society en mass.  

There was a local protest, but no Hindu organisation took it up as a serious issue.

Shame to the submissive line of approach to stay in power by allowing the counting of Hindu dead bodies with a sinister design to fuse the Hindu protest very planfully!

Is is not a fairly tell. But, the reality of a state ruled by Modi-Yogi doctrine. Hindus must stop shouting Modi-Modi or Yogi-Yogi. They must think of their self-protection without keeping any hope from Sangh Parivar.



The Amar Ujala (Hindi Daily) reports on 19th Aug that Five Muslims have been arrested on Saturday for the murder of Two Sadhus (monks) and injuring another Sadhu (he is still under treatment in a hospital) on 14th Night about 3.00 am.

“We have arrested Salman, s/o Jabbar;  Nadeem, s/o Rayees Khan;  Shajad, s/o Md Azad; Majnu, s/o Asgar and Jabbar, s/o Ranjani from Bidhuna when they were passing thru Bidhuna riding bikes” says, Nageshwar Singh, SP of Bidhuna-Auraiya.

It is told by the Police that 14 Muslims in illegal cow slaughter and beef racket hatched a plan to kill three sadhus of Bhayanaknath Mandir, Kudarkot who were active in cow protection. 11 of them were went to the temple premises to kill the three Sadhus residing in temple. Police has started strict operation to nab the other culprits at large.

Public of Bidhuna-Auraiya demands death sentences for the culprits after prosecuting them in fast track courts.

__Input from Agencies/ __Courtesy: Links & pics used above.


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