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Hindu Minor girl abducted, forcefully converted to Islam & married by a Love Jihadi in Uttar Pradesh.

Not in Pakistan, it happens in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh under a Sushashan (good governance) delivered by BJP.

Minor Hindu girl abducted, forcefully converted to Islam and married by a Love Jihadi in UP’s Baghpat.

Triloki Nath Arya | HENB | Baghpat | Aug 18, 2018:: The parents of a 15+year-old class 10 Hindu girl student of Thakur community have threatened to immolate themselves if UP police does not recover their minor daughter who is missing since 16 June. They allege that their daughter has been illegally & forcefully converted to Islam and married to a Muslim youth under a racket of Love Jihad.

As reported in Hindu Post, the mother of the girl said that she had lodged a complaint in Baghpat police station against 5 Muslim youth – Wajid, Shahid, Javed, Shabbar, Hasan – for luring and abducting her daughter on 16 June. After police was pressurized, they arrested one of the accused, Shahid, but have failed to recover the abducted girl and could not be able to arrest the other Muslim perpetrators in the crime. The mother said that her minor daughter has been converted to Islam and given the name of Sahena and married to Wajid. She has alleged that the investigator in the case is favouring the accused.

The accused have filed forged documents in High Court, whereas the girl. The parents have also appealed to UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

Baghpat SP Jaiprakash said that police is looking for the accused and the girl will be recovered soon. He denied any knowledge of the girl being converted. District president of Bhagwa Sena, Sunil Chauhan, said that Hindu girls are falling prey to Love Jihad, and appealed to all Hindu girls to beware of such elements.

The Hindu Post website has procured credible documents such as school examination admit card and progress report which show the abducted girl’s date of birth as 28.08.2002, which means she is just 15+ years old.

A Document (a notary affidavit in a form of declaration of the minor girl as on 18/06/2018) shows that the Hindu Thakur girl changed her faith and name at the age of 15 years 9 months and 10 days which is highly illegal and makes the notary ultra vires.

In India law prohibits the marriage of under age (below 18 yrs) daughters and any conversion without consent of their parents.

The Muslims connected in the Love Jihad rackets have also force the victim girl to submit an application dt 20/06/2018 to the UP police claiming that she is an adult and capable of making her own decisions. The application claims that on 18 June 2018 she married 19-year-old Wajid (son of Naseebuddin) as per Muslim tradition and without any undue influence, pressure or threat. She asks police to ignore if her parents file any appeal or case against her ‘husband/in-laws’.

It is a crying shame that UP police has failed to act decisively on this matter for 2 months now. If the girl’s school records showing her age as 15+ years are true, the accused and whoever else is involved in this racket (maulvi who did conversion & marriage, notary and lawyers who attested fake declarations etc) should be brought to book. Failure to act will only embolden these anti-social elements & push Western UP further to the brink of anarchy. Tackling Love Jihad and the Islamist grooming gangs is the biggest law & order challenge facing Yogi Adityanath. Not in Pakistan, such Islamic perpetration of abduction, forced conversion, deceitful marriage… all happen daily in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh under a so called Sushashan (good governance) delivered by BJP.


__Inputs from Hindu Post.

2 comments on “Hindu Minor girl abducted, forcefully converted to Islam & married by a Love Jihadi in Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Dharmesh Sharma
    August 19, 2018

    kill them


    August 20, 2018



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