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A Story of Halal Murder of a Hindu Bank Officials by a Family Jihadis.

An Unimportant Story of Halal Murder of a Hindu Bank Officials by Family Jihadis, so far ignored by the Indian Intellectuals.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Sept 7, 2018:: India rocked in the series of protests for gruesome killing of Akhlaq at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh, Afrazul at Rajsamand in Rajasthan, Pehlu Khan  in Nuh district of Haryana and so on.

Akhlaq was killed by a village mob on the night of 28 September 2015+ for an alleged killing of a calf and possession of that beef in his home refrigerator+. A daily labour Afrazul from WB was hacked to death and burnt+ by a Sambhulal Regar on 6 December 2017 for an aleged love jihad case+. One cow trader Pehlu Khan was killed by a group of cow vigilantes on+ 5 April 2017 for a suspicion of illegal cow smuggling+.

There are maximum 10 another cases including three dalits where a number of minority Muslims became victim of mob lynching very unfortunately in last 4 years. Those cases touched a sky height of protest by the Indian intellectuals and media very naturally as they think Muslim minorities in India would not be victim in any odd situation. Such protective views can’t be criticized anyway.

Astonishingly, dozens of Hindus became killed, raped and killed, abducted and killed and became victims of mob lynching in this time frame of last four or five years; but, not a single case of such murders and mob lynching of Hindus created any repercussion in ‘selective secular and humanitarian’ groups of Indian intellectuals and media houses.

Had there any protests for the murders and mob lynching for these Hindu victims Prashanth Poojary (Moodbidri lynching)+, Indrajit Dutta (Mallarpur lynching)+, Khetaram Bheel (Barmer lynching)+, or two saints of Kudarkot Bhayanaknath temple (Bidhoona lynching)+.

Had the Indian intellectuals and media houses had any concern about random murders of Hindu common people, activists and social workers by the Islamic goons and fanatic Jihadis. What were their role in cases of the  murder of cow vigilante Parashant of Moorbidri+; planned elimination of dozens Hindu activists in Kerala [1] [2] [3] [4] and Karnataka [1] [2] [3] [4] by Jihadi elements; Jisha Rape and Murder in Kerala+; killing of Nimisha in Kerala+;  Triple Murder (by setting fire alive of Mother-daughter-and-grand-child) in Mumbai by a Love Jihadi+or murder of Jagdish by two Muslims in broad daylight in Delhi+ or brutal murder of Subhalogna Chakrabarty by a love jihadi in front of her parents in WB+.

These lists are endless, but ‘selective secular’ intellectuals and ‘pro Muslim’ media in India are never ready to react in any case where victims are Hindus and the killers are Muslims!

In this legacy, the ‘selective secular’  intellectuals and pro-Muslim media in India just ignored an unimportant story of a halal murder of a Hindu bank officials by a family jihadis in Bengal.

Partha Chakraborty, a Hindu young man of 26 years who worked as a loan recovery agent (door banking official) of Bandhan Bank with the Salap Branch in Domjur area in Howrah, was murdered by a family Jihadis in some unbelievable way at noon of 29 August.

Two devout Quran followers were arrested for the cold-blooded murder of a bank employee whose chopped off body parts were recovered from West Bengal’s Howrah district, police said on Saturday, as police arrested Samsuddin, the killer and his father Monsur Ali as a main accomplice on Friday (Aug 31).

Pics are taken from Internet Sources, not physically verified.

“One Sheikh Samsuddin, a tailor who had taken a loan amounting to more than one lakh has been arrested with his father,” a police officer said.

The police zeroed in on small time businessman Samsuddin after getting a lead as a sticker of tailoring shop from the sack which contained the chopped torso of the victim.

Bank official Partha Chakraborty,  who was tasked with recovering the loan amount had approached Samsuddin. The latter said he could not repay and there was a small altercation.

Partha was then invited inside Samsuddin’s workshop. Samsuddin hit on Partha’s head with a heavy wooden plank all on a sudden and Partha expired immediately. Then his body was chopped off with an axe into six smaller pieces (two legs, two hands, head and body) and put inside two sacks to be disposed off.

Samsuddin finally confessed his crime after rigorous interrogation by police. The amount of Rs 3 lakh that Chakraborty had collected from borrowers of the private bank has also been recovered from the arrested persons.

Partha was reported missing on August 30.

The sacks containing the body parts surfaced later in two different places in consecutive days and Partha was identified by his shirt, the police had said earlier.

The victim was a resident of Chakdaha in Nadia district and was stationed in Domjur for work.

Police divers searched 4 ponds to find Partha’s body parts, but those were found three kilometers away in two different spots where public traced those when blood was oozing out from the gunny bags. But, the police divers recovered the axe by which Samsuddin chopped of Partha’s body into small six pieces following the doctrine of a Religion of Peace.

Afterwards, police arrested Samsuddin’s Mother Jebunnisa Begum, Wife Rojina Bibi, Elder brother Jasimuddin and Elder Brother’s wife Rabeya Begum on the basis of reconstruction of the crime scene, no less horror than any ISIS brutality.

In the scene, they all witnessed the brutal killing of the Bank official in a cool blood, helped to pack up dismembered body of the victim in two gunny bags, washed out all the blood stains from the floor with phenyl and shampoo, threw up the mat on which the dead body was cut into six pieces and the used axe into the water of a nearby pond, dumped the belonging of the victim in septic tank and finally instructed to dispose the bags in different places. Then all of them went into completely silence and remained in normalcy to eat, drink and merry, even watch film in television!

Perhaps, Samsuddin and his family members including three women did not do any wrong as Quran delivers deadliest treatments for the Kaffirs under Allah’s pleasure and Muhammad’s desire. Partha Chakraborty was obviously a Kaffir (non-believer/infidel) and Samsuddin and his family Jihadis did a Halal thing according to Quran and Hadith very religiously.

So far, Indian intellectual and Media houses know the Quran reality, rather they support the Quranic doctrine to kill Kaffirs (Allha knows whether they are practicing Muslims in disguise!); Inshalla, they are unable to protest the heinous act of Samsuddin and his Jihadi family. In the same line, they always keep mum when the victims are Hindus and killers are Muslims. As such, Muslims in India have got their rights to kill non-Muslims without any protest or prevalence.

But, as we are not the intellectual insane, nor the media morons, then we can’t submit to Islamic Jihad anyway. We must kill all the threads of bloody Jihad to protect our rights to live in a liberal way eliminating all Islamic fundamentalism and nuisance.

(Courtesy to the pics and links used above)


One comment on “A Story of Halal Murder of a Hindu Bank Officials by a Family Jihadis.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    September 8, 2018

    The Government of India is an anti-Hindu Government. They became
    traitors. Why? Hindus came out as winners in the freedom war.
    Though this is a fact, Hindus have had to pay a heavy price for it.
    The anti-Hindu Congress and allies, rulers for a long time, had refused
    to protect Hindus. The present Government is doing the same. The
    losers, the Allah-Hindu killers along with Vatican killers/looters got
    free hand to kill Hindus. This injustice against Hindus must put an end.
    The enemies aren’t equal to Hindus. This is a message of Sri Hanuman
    Seva Sena.


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