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‘Modi was made PM to be an advocate of Ram temple but he became the lawyer of Muslim Women’

Ayodhya March for Ram Temple from 21st Oct.

Pravin Togadia attacks PM Narendra Modi, accuses him of betraying Hindus on Ram temple, Ban on Cow Slaughter and Article 370 promises.

Togadia attacked Modi on unemployment of youths, peril of farmers and brutal killing of security personnel in Kashmir by Pakistan.

Kishen Lal Chamria | HENB | Badayun – Agra – Firozabad  | Sept 21-22, 2018::  Days after three abducted special police officers’ (SPOs) bullet-ridden bodies were recovered from a village in south Kashmir’s Shopian district, former Vishva Hindu Parishad chief Praveen Togadia hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called for withdrawal of most favoured nation accorded to Pakistan.

Togadia who came to Firozabad to campaign for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, under the banner of ‘Hindu Ahead’ and ‘Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad’ (AHP), said, “During PM Manmohan Singh’s regime, Modi used to talk about ‘56-inch chest’, but now he is silent and is preparing for peace talks with Pakistan. I believe these barbaric attacks on our soldiers are happening because there is no politician’s son serving at the border.”

He said, the status of most favoured nation should be withdrawn, and a war should be declared against Pakistan “to teach them a lesson”.

Lashing at Modi over unemployment, Togadia said, “In last four years, the unemployment figure has doubled. Before Modi government came to power, there were 4.22 crore unemployed youths, now there are nearly eight crore unemployed. The government is more concerned with Ambani and Amazon.”

He further said, “We made Narendra Modi the PM to help construct Ram temple, but instead his government is championing for Muslim women rights. He is now visiting mosque and bringing amendments in ST/SC Act to generate vote bank and dupe the general masses.”

Togadia is set to march Ayodhya on October 21 to campaign for construction of Ram temple. “Even If I had to face wrath of Modi government for the construction of Ram temple, I’ll happily face it. A signature campaign will be started and over 30 crore men and women will give their assent for construction of Ram temple,” he added.

On Friday last in Badaun, Hindutva hardliner Pravin Togadia Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of going back on his promises on the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya and the withdrawal of Article 370, which gives autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir, rehabilitation of Kashmir Pandits  and Cow protection. “The country elected Modi for Ram temple, Article 370 and rashtravaad. But he started going to mosque instead of temple, advocated for the release of stone-pelters instead of working for the security of jawans and forgot Ram temple,” Togadia told reporters in Badaun.

“He was sent as an advocate of Ram temple but Modi ji became the lawyer of wives of Muslims,” he said, apparently referring to the ordinance brought by the central government on Wednesday to ban the practice of instant triple talaq.

Under the ordinance, giving instant triple talaq will be illegal and attract a three-year jail term for the husband. Togadia, who had been with the VHP for more than three decades, has been a vocal critic of Prime Minister Modi and the BJP leadership.

Togadia blamed the government on its economic policies and also on matters related to India’s security. He said the farmers and the youth are faced with immense problems and the lives of jawans are not safe.

Calling Pakistani troops’ act of gouging out eyes of Indian soldiers intolerable, he said those who talked about having a “56-inch chest” are silent now. He asked people to remain vigilant towards the country’s security. Asked about 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Togadia said there is still some time for the poll but stressed that those who have been voted to power should be given a chance to correct themselves. He said whichever party is voted in 2019 will become the alternative for people.

In a programme of AHP in Bareilly, Dr Togadia criticized BJP to make their Party Head Quarter Building in Delhi at the cost of Rs 500 crores, but they did not take any initiative to take arrangements for Ram Temple in Ayodhya in order to keep Ram Lala free from staying in a tent house very miserably.


__Inputs from Agencies.

4 comments on “‘Modi was made PM to be an advocate of Ram temple but he became the lawyer of Muslim Women’

  1. Brahm Mehrotra
    September 24, 2018

    TRy to do something useful. This struggle you have chosen shows your state of mind. Instead of think some establishing factories, totally eradicating bribery – will be much fruitful. brahm mehrotra 9/23/18

    On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 7:42 PM, Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: ” Ayodhya March for Ram Temple from 21st Oct. > Pravin Togadia attacks PM Narendra Modi, accuses him of betraying Hindus on > Ram temple, Ban on Cow Slaughter and Article 370 promises. Togadia attacked > Modi on unemployment of youths, peril of farmers and br” >


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    September 24, 2018

    Sri Ram Ji had left Sri Hanuman Ji behind in Bharat to take care of Hindu
    Dharma and Bharat. But what is the result till now? There is no Sri Ram
    Ji Mandir. For this reason and more Sri Hanuman Seva Sena has been
    founded, to put an end to this “shameless tragic-comedy” of politicians.
    They need Hindu votes, but refused to honour the Hindu civilization and
    heritage. Their view is; Government don’t deal with religions. Hindus has
    a body and a soul. Bharat is the body of Hindus, but where is the soul?
    This is the treason the anti-Hindu Congress and allies had created. Where
    are the Hindu political parties? Nowhere! They are cowards. The soul is
    more important, if not, equal important to serve the Bharati’s. The soul –
    the Sri Ram Ji Mandir – is the soul of Bharat. Without hestitation Hindus
    has the right to build the Sri Ram Ji Mandir anytime they prefer. The
    piece of land in Ayodhia is Hindus land. It was, is and will be land of the
    Hindus. Hindus as Victor against the brutal killers, looters and rapists, has
    the full ownership of the land. Supreme Court has nothing to say in this.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  3. Arindam.
    September 25, 2018

    ‘a war should be declared against Pakistan “to teach them a lesson”.’

    This is not enough. Any war we declare against Pakistan must aim at nothing less than dismantling that country so that it can no longer irritate India, and so that it may serve as an object lesson to other countries in the region about the consequences of opposing India.


    • Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
      September 25, 2018

      Not enough. Since independence – 70 years ago – still Sri Ram Mandir
      is not build. Why? First the Hindus brought anti-Hindus into power, while
      Hindus had fought fierce battle with the brutal killers, looters and rapists
      of India. Hindus became Victors, but what happened afterwards? The internal enemies of Hindus created a Constitution making Losers and Victors
      equal. That is the today problem. Change the Constitution, build the Sri
      Ram Mandir straightaway and all the colonial laws must be put aside.
      The Law of the Natives prevail. Hindu Dharma must be protected and
      all enemies must be crushed.


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