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As majority voters unhappy, BJP must balance Hindutva and Development to win in 2019.

Defeat in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan:  CRACK IN RAM MANDIR POLITICS?

Curse of Lord Ram and Development Crank are the causes of BJP’s Huge Set Back. 

नदीतीरे ये वृक्षाः परगेहेषु कामिनी मन्त्रिहीनाश्च राजानः शीघ्रं नश्यन्त्यसंशयम्।। (कौटिल्य सूत्रमाला) (१५)

The following take no time to perish; the trees growing on a river bank, a woman who lives in other man’s house and a king who has bad ministers including the worst advisors.

BrahmachariUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Dec 13, 2018::  BJP’s betrayal for two major Hindu issues like Ayodhya Ram Temple and Ban on Cow Slaughter pushed the party under severe resentment of Hindu Voters in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.  A huge number of Hindu voters pressed NOTA button in the EVM to register their resentment on BJP’s secular policies.

The virtual electorates in the ‘Hindu Vote Bank’ of BJP tolerated all pressure of Demonetization, GST, the suicidal situations of the farmers, fragile factors of economy, growing gap between the rich and poor in the country, fleeing of the big corrupts from this country with huge money…. etc. only with a hope that Modi Govt will do something for the Hindu issues after all. But, in his almost full tenure PM Narendra Modi and BJP did nothing for the Hindu issues as expected from them.

As a matter of fact, Modi and BJP will be clamped in a poor opposition in 2019 Election for their Drama, Jumla, Stunt, Cherishing personal charisma and Exaggerated development story with concocted facts and figures.

Modi and BJP’s tendency to defy the Hindutva doctrine over Development matters may cut short them below the level of Rahul Gandhi. Modi’s ‘Maan Ki Baat’ is an outcome of a critical mass in Modi’s mind reflecting loss of resolution and revolution both.

Development is nothing if not perceived by farmers, laborers and general Public. Development does not rest in Modi’s Maan ki Baat.

In its Development Record BJP did these:
1) Crowned Rahul Gandhi as a mass leader in the Hindu heartland.
2) Manufactured Pak stooge like Navyot Singh Sindhu from his debut in BJP
3) Made huge gap between rich & poor in the country
4) Allowed Mallya, Nirav Modi, Chouksey to flee away. Extradition of Mallya from UK is a set piece move.
5) Made BJP a secular party (non-Hindutva party) and 2nd Edition of Congress. Congress ethos of Secularism, Minority appeasement, Permissiveness on Corruption and Development trumpeting… all are now best choices in BJP.

Now, it’s a very hard work to reinforce BJP’s strength in Hindutva line from its corruptive development module when Congress has also played its soft Hindutva card in a very shrewd way.

Defeat in three BJP ruled States is a clear message to PM Modi that people are unhappy with BJP’s concocted development based upon huge corruption.

Now, it is time to change BJP’s ideas for Hindutva. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Ram Madhav and other affiliates of Nagpur in BJP must think it seriously, whether the party will abandon its Hindutva issues for the presence of M J Akbar, Udit Raj, Shazia Ilmi and many others in BJP who don’t have any faith in Hindutva ideology at all. Or BJP has other strategy to encash Hindutva only to dupe Hindus for party’s political gain? Duping Hindus will bring further defeat for BJP.

The defeat of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh shows it well that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah charisma are quite finished.

Again, misusing or ignoring Hindutva issues in the name of development and individual charisma will cause more troubles in BJP.

Giving no or less importance on Ayodhya Ram Temple, Ban on Cow slaughter, Abolition of Art 370, Rehabilitation of Kashmir Pandits,  Driving out infiltrators, Uniform Civil Code… etc. has deteriorated the BJP credential at a large scale before the Hindu supporters of BJP.

BJP have to make an intelligent adjustment of Hindutva and Development giving priority to Ayodhya in its Hindutva part and Farmers in its Development counterpart.

If the issues of Ayodhya and Farmers of the country are not addressed and resolved well without hypocrisy before the General Election 2019, BJP will see a severe loss beyond any rectification.

If BJP’s Suraj is not contradictory of Ram Raj, why they didn’t take any action for Ram Temple in Ayodhya by this time? Starting Ram Temple in Ayodhya would be a symbolic initiation of Ram Raj for all round development and happiness for all the citizens without considering any caste, creed or religion.

Lord Ram is not happy with BJP at all. BJP must pray for his blessings to avoid his curse further.

Paving the way to start #AyodhyaRamTemple and #StandWithFarmers are the two lifelines left visible to survive BJP in 2019 Gen Election.

It’s  BJP’s discretion whether they are willing to survive or not!


Pic. Courtesy: CNN-IBN and Min of Minority Development.

2 comments on “As majority voters unhappy, BJP must balance Hindutva and Development to win in 2019.

  1. anurag nayak
    December 14, 2018

    Agree with opinion.

    On Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 04:28 Struggle for Hindu Existence, wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: ” Defeat in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and > Rajasthan: CRACK IN RAM MANDIR POLITICS? Curse of Lord Ram and Development > Crank are the causes of BJP’s Huge Set Back. नदीतीरे च ये वृक्षाः परगेहेषु > कामिनी । मन्त्रिहीनाश्च राजानः शीघ्रं नश्यन्त्यसंशयम्‌ ” >


  2. Arindam.
    December 16, 2018

    Hindutva and development are two of the three planks upon which the BJP can triumph in 2019; the third plank is a nationalist foreign policy – and in order to achieve that, a much harder line against Pakistan is required.

    The current government is too soft in dealing with Islamabad – it is making the same mistakes as the Vajpayee government – and unless it changes course, it could end up suffering the same fate at the ballot box.


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