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Railways withdraws discriminatory ‘Mela Surcharge’ on Hindu pilgrims ahead of Kumbha.

Ahead of Kumbh, railways withdraw ‘Mela Surcharge’….

A BJP menace ends: Why Narendra Modi Govt did not withdraw the Hindu Mela (pilgrimage) Surcharge from 2014 and why they actually extruded crores of rupees from Hindus in last four years?

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Dec 12, 2018:: At last Narendra Modi led BJP Govt has got its sense back, rather has realized the reality of Hindu repercussion that dethroned its power in three states viz Madya Pradesh, Chhatishgarh and Rahasthan.

After repeated requests, representations, agitations made by many Hindu organisations and this hinduexistence website[1][2], BJP in Central and its Railway Department were not ready to waive out the ‘colonial’ surcharge imposed upon the Hindu pilgrims in various Melas (religious congregations etc) since the British Raj.


At last, BJP Govt led by PM Modi stopped the ‘Mela Surcharge’ levied by the railway Department on Hindu pilgrims from Dec 11. Railways Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted the matter which ended an injustice to Hindus by the all Govts in India since independence (forget the British Raj) including Modi Govt since 2014.

The railways has discontinued the system of levying ‘Mela Surcharge’ with effect from December 11. The surcharge used to be levied on passengers during major fairs in the country. The decision was taken by the Railway Board keeping in mind next month’s Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. The surcharge was levied during this year’s Rath Yatra and other Hindu Melas (congregations) years after years.

East Coast Railway (ECoR) sources said it imposes this surcharge during Rath Yatra every year. But from now it will not levy this amount. Sources said ECoR had collected around Rs 30 lakh in surcharge during this year’s Rath Yatra alone. The surcharge was levied on tickets costing more than Rs 15.

Official sources said the surcharge was levied on out-bound tickets issued from stations like Puri during Rath Yatra. Return tickets to Puri were also taxed. This was done from many stations connected with big Hindu Melas.

Under the surcharge, Rs 5 and Rs 20 would be levied for second class and sleeper class tickets booked in ordinary and mail or express trains. The ECoR charged Rs 40 for AC Chair Car and AC-3 tier tickets, while it levied Rs 60 and Rs 80 for AC-2 tier and AC First Class tickets.

HinduExistence Forum and Hindu Janajagurti Samiti both spread the awareness about the gross injustice and discrimination made upon Hindu pilgrims during  Hindu Congregations like Puri Rath Yatra, Ganga Sagar Mela, Purna Kumbha, Ardha Kumbha, Simhast Kunbha, Harihar Chatra Mela, Pushakaralu, Amarnath Yatra and many others.

The Editor of Hindu Existence wrote several letters to PM Modi, Central Railway Minister and all the Divisional Railways to stop such ‘Jizya Tax’ on Hindus, but those were unheard and undecided. Now, sensing some more Hindu retaliation on continuing ‘BJP menace’ on Hindu matters, the present Railway Minster finally ended the tradition of Hindu humiliation in a Hindu majority country like India.

Though this is a sense of victory for those who were struggling to remove the Railway Mela Surcharges on Hindu pilgrims; but BJP Govt in the Center must answer why they did not take step to stop the ‘discriminatory and humiliating’ surcharge on Hindus form the very beginning of Modi Raj?



Courtesy: TNN & Twitter a/c of Ministry of Railways.

One comment on “Railways withdraws discriminatory ‘Mela Surcharge’ on Hindu pilgrims ahead of Kumbha.

  1. rajpatimishra
    December 21, 2018

    Great Move, Let us welcome BJP govts ghar wapasi at this moment. They must balance Hindutwa and the development and everything and anything which is against the Hindu interests must be done away with by the govt immediately.

    The resurgence of the Hindu power can not be stopped and Govt must take advantage of this situation and proceed to declare us as Hindu Country ,

    Bharat Mata Ki Jay!!!


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