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Will PM Modi start living in a Tent like Lord Rama lives in Ram Janmabhoomi?

BHU students with a tarpaulin (tent) which was sent to PM Modi with a letter requesting all MPs/MLAs to start living like Lord Rama in Tent at Ayodhya Ram Jnamabhoomi (HT Photo)

Banaras Hindu University students send tarpaulin to PM Modi; say MLAs, MPs should give up bungalow and live like Lord Ram as in the tent in Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi.

dfahmh6ucaa64ldHT Correspondent | Varanasi | Jan 4, 2019:: A group of Banaras Hindu University students on Thursday sent a tarpaulin (tent) and letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking all MPs and MLAs to live in the tent like Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

A group of 11 students, led by Itendra Chaubey, sent a tarpaulin along with a letter to the PM by post.

Chaubey said, “The sentiments of the devotees of Lord Ram have been hurt by PM Modi’s recent statement that any decision on bringing an ordinance on Ram temple can be considered only after the judicial process is over.” Modi gave the statement in a recent interview to a news agency.

Chaubey said, “Lord Ram is the ideal for millions of Hindus. If Lord Ram is living in a tent, how can his devotees live in government bungalows equipped with all facilities. They should also live in tents.”

“Therefore, we have sent a tarpaulin to PM Modi with a letter. We hope that MPs and MLAs, who claim to be devotees of Lord Ram, will live in the tent until the legal process gets over,” Chaubey said.

Patanjali, another student in the group said that they sent the first tarpaulin to PM Modi, under whose leadership the BJP got a thumping majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha election because the party promised the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. “The PM’s statement disappointed the devotees of Lord Ram,” he added.

Hinting at the BJP government, Patanjali further said those who claim to be descendants of Lord Ram have forgotten him after coming to power and they should also give up their bungalows and live in tents along with Lord Ram.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times.

Modi's rally in FaizabadHindu Existence Post Script: Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor of Hindu Existence website entered into the Mind of PM Modi through a High thought process and observed:

  1. PM Modi will acknowledge the tent (tarpaulin) through his next Mann ki Baat at the end of January.
  2. PM Modi will start a new drama of living in a tent with his lavish PM House to impress people that he is a genuine Ram Bhakt (devotee of Lord Ram).
  3. PM Modi will declare his visit in Ayodhya before 2019 Gen Election.
  4. PM Modi will show his all concern but will not do the real thing to start the construction of Ram Temple.
  5. PM Modi will make further effort to make his image as Non-Communal Hindu and a Champion Secular by stopping Ram Temple to get International Gandhi Award and the Noble Peace Prize.

Though the viewers may consider all these nothing but a piece of satire… now, I think Modi is really very unpredictable and most unscrupulous.

2 comments on “Will PM Modi start living in a Tent like Lord Rama lives in Ram Janmabhoomi?

  1. Tarun Kumar Talukdar
    January 6, 2019

    I did not find any logic of this letter. How a PM going to leave in tent. So many works, so many secret of countries security and against of constitution. How Beneras University student can write a letter to our PM. Still students are in school going children’s?


  2. Krupa Mahajan
    February 8, 2019

    Yes Just like Lord Rama after finishing evil elements Namoji will start living in a tent .Beware you all evil elements.

    Liked by 1 person

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