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Pravin Togadia to launch Hindu political party on 9 Feb from Delhi.

“Nation will see now Real Hindutva Politics. Don’t ask who all are in touch (with me)… Better ask, who isn’t (in touch),” Dr Praveen Togadia said.

‘We will start Ayodhya Ram Temple within a week and finish all Hindu discrimination in few months, if the party come into central power’

Dr Pravin Togadia to launch Hindu political party ahead of Lok Sabha polls, says Modi Govt betrayed majority Hindu people.

Amol Sikder | HENB | Indore | Jan 22, 2019:: AntarRashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) president Dr Pravin Togadia on Tuesday said he would launch a Hindu political party on Feb 9 and rope in candidates for almost all the seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

He said the that party has already been registered and he will declare the name and portfolio of that party on 9th Feb from Delhi, adding that they will contest in upcoming Lok Sabha election keeping equal distance from Congress and BJP but may make alliance with other Hindu parties with common minimum programme.

Through his stormy visits in maximum of the states in recent time, Togadia has already prepared the ad-hoc state bodies ready in many states. Togadia also claimed that the BJP-led central government had failed on every front including the Hindu promises and the people of the country now need an alternative.

The former working president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad said a large number of prominent persons will be joining his party.

In response to who the “prominent persons” would be, he said: “Don’t ask who all are in touch (with me)… Better ask, who isn’t (in touch).”

Welcoming the farmers’ loan waiver in Madhya Pradesh, Togadia said: “…the next step should be to get farmers the proper price of their produce. Farmers should be provided 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.”

He added that another panel should be formed to inquire into the police firing at Mandsaur when the BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh.

Togadia said he supported the concept of one couple-two children.

“There must not be more than two children. There should be a law on this. Those having more than two children should be barred from availing government facilities and from contesting elections.”

“The (Narendra) Modi government has failed on every front. All sections of the society such as farmers, workers, the youth and small and middle level businessmen are annoyed with the policies of the Modi government and Modi Govt betrayed the Hindus in Ayodhya Ram Temple, Cow Protection,  Article 370, Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, Uniformed Civil Code, Bangladeshi Infiltration issues very disgustingly” he said.

“We will start Ayodhya Ram Temple within a week if the new party comes in the central power and finish the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple with a year. We will finish all discrimination upon Hindus in the country within few months,” Dr Togadia added.

“Keeping this in view and to provide relief to the people of the country, we are going to launch a political party and will contest from almost all the seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election,” Togadia said, adding that his party would work for all sections of the society.

He refused to disclose the name of the party, but said the required formalities had already been completed and the Nation will see now a New Hindutva politics.

“Because of the disappointment with the Modi government, his party (BJP) had to face a rout in the recently-held Assembly elections. This government has lost the trust of the people on every front,” Togadia said.

He added that the Modi government did nothing for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, bringing Hindus back to Jammu and Kashmir, employment of the youth and the farmers’ issues.

“The Modi government also destroyed the employment generating small scale industries of the country and compelled about six crore small shops to down shutters by allowing Walmart in India,” Togadia said.

He said his party would work on its agenda of building the Ram temple at the earliest, resolving farmers’ issues by implementing the recommendations of the Swaminathan report, reviving the small scale industries and the six crore shops of small farmers and business already shut because of Walmart.

While asked by HENB, Dr Togadia clarified that AHP will work as a Social front for Hindutva cause as usual and his new Hindu Political party will fight for Hindu cause and justice and socio-economic development for all.

__inputs from Agencies.

One comment on “Pravin Togadia to launch Hindu political party on 9 Feb from Delhi.

  1. impex1
    January 27, 2019

    This will divide Hindu Votes N Both Hindus Parties will lose election. Rather form a Dalit Party N Beat all of The Meer Jaaffers and Let Mr Modi wins N make the temple.



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