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Take Down Anti-Hindu, Anti-Indian Video ‘Stand United Against CAB’ From YouTube Immediately.

Defamatory ‘No place for Hindutva’ sung and Subversive‘Hello China Bye Bye India’shown in an You Tube video uploaded by Imphal Talkies against Citizenship Bill.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Feb 5, 2019:: A very disturbing 2 minutes and 22 seconds long black and white video being a compilation from the various protests and rallies against Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB), National Security Act (NSA), AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Acts), BJP and Hindutva has been uploaded in YouTube by some Music and theatrical Group(s) named as Imphal Talkies & The Howlers.

The Rap Music video was uploaded on 4th Feb 2019 which went extreme to condemn many Acts and Bills under Indian Constitution and challenge Indian Govt crossing all limits. It also ridiculed Indian system of Govt machinery as ‘clowns and puppets’. Not only that it claimed  their land of ‘ancestors’ as the ‘kingdom’ is older than Indian Nation.

However, it is not known how their land perhaps including Manipur and Pragyotishpur (now Assam) both were mentioned in Mahabharata which was supposed to be a landmark identity of Bharat as Maha Bharat including almost all the territories of Aryavarta in the light of a profound Nationality and Patriotism established under Vedic roots and faith.

But, what is most disgusting that the music video highlighted a poster describing, “Hello China, Bye Bye India” poster from a protest scene from a Mizo group may be connected with some certain Christian network.

The music video titled as “Stand United Against CAB” sung this lyrical composition as under:

It’s been decades since you colonised
And now you wanna give away my kingdom
You shot my brothers in the streets of Tripura
And now you wanna arrest Dr Hiren Gohain
You book people under NSA for speaking out
How big is your prison, I wonder?
You been killing us with AFSPA
How big is your morgue, I wonder?
Thanks for your atrocities. Now we stand united
Against your BJP, Against your CAB
Against your propaganda, Against your government
You want the land but not the people
Oppression has been your culture
You want to write new history and fables
But my kingdom is older than your nation
You want to build your empire on our land
With your clowns and puppets
You dream to build your empire in my land
But, this is a kingdom made up of my ancestors’ sweat, blood and flesh
No place for you
No place for Hindutva
No place for Fanatics
No place for Politics
We have learn how to have fun
Amidst the guns and militarisation
Here we are to take you down
And your fascist regime

The Music group as Imphal Talkies & The Howlers thanked in the video to some Jimmy Thokchom, Biju Samom, Biju Das and Hayum Lab. It could not be verified by this website whether they had any link with Fanatic Christian Groups in North East India or some Left Wing Extremist (LWE) groups provoked by the Chinese conspirators.

The North East states have been facing troubles by the Jihadis, Missionaries and LWE groups only to disconnect the Hindu roots from that remote but indivisible territories of India. Hence, the fundamental motive of the “Stand United Against CAB” against Indian Rule of the Land, Govt, Majority People, Hindutva, BJP and welcoming China as the Savior in Indian Soil is quiet unacceptable.

Devout Hindus and Patriotic Nationalists must protest this video and write to the Govt in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore,  MOS (I/C), M/O Information & Broadcasting, Room No 552, A wing Shastri Bhawan New Delhi-110001, email: rajyavardhan[dot]rathore[at]sansad[dot]nic[dot]in / mosib[at]gov[dot]in , Twitter Handle @Ra_THORe & @MIB_India , FaceBook @Rathore Or to the Govt in Ministry of Home Affairs at Shri Rajnath Singh, MOHA North Block New Delhi – 110001.  Email: rajnath[dot]singh[at]nic[dot]in / 17akbarroad[at]gmail[dot]com , Twitter Handle @rajnathsingh & @HMOIndia  and Facebook @RajnathSinghBJP for taking down the video from the YouTube immediately.

Through this write up, it is fervently requested to Govt of India in Home Ministry and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for taking down video, “Stand United Against CAB” from YouTube and from all internet strings with immediate effect. 

__inputs from YouTube.


3 comments on “Take Down Anti-Hindu, Anti-Indian Video ‘Stand United Against CAB’ From YouTube Immediately.

  1. Arindam
    February 5, 2019

    This silliness doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

    I am surprised that Christian groups are not supportive of the CAB Bill though: after all, it makes illegal Christian migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan eligible for Indian citizenships, (as well as Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees, Buddhists, and Jains.)

    You’d think they’d show at least some solidarity with their fellow Christians. Perhaps their hatred for Modi blinds them… .


    • Amit Modi
      February 5, 2019

      The Modi Maroons will not think it serious.

      There is a story.

      A thief came to a house for stealing.

      The lazy house master was in bed with her wife.

      Thief came to the door step. The hose master was just keeping watch to see the next course of action.

      Then the thief broke the wardrobe and Locker one by one to take away the valuables and money. Still the house master was on watch to see next.

      Then the thief put all the stolen articles and money in a bag. Even then the House master was watching all these to reach the next happening.

      Finally, when the thief went on her wife for a fuck before leaving the scene, the house master took it seriously and got up.

      But, in the meanwhile the thief had tied Master’s legs in the cot beyond his knowledge very trick fully.

      So the House master was not able to do anything against the thief.

      The thief finally went away with the stolen money and valuables with the modesty of the wife of House Master.

      I think this story will be similar for BJP also.

      AMIT MODI,
      NEW DELHI.


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    February 6, 2019

    That is culprit posting ! The groups inviting terrorism and then these evil elements should be punish.

    ‘Hindu culture and traditions have a long history spanning over a period of thousands and thousands of years and developed over several eras. They remain indispensable to the lives of Hindus and Hindu Temples today as sources of religious practices, spiritual inspiration, cultural expression, and social bonding. They bind all Hindus together irrespective of the regional and ethnic diversity. Hindu Temples have been built over so many centuries. All the Temples have their unique history as to how they were built, who built them, what kind of architectures were selected, how they selected the presiding deity, what kind of customs they have developed over the years to run the Temples, and what kind of festivals are performed. As a result, Temples often greatly vary in their appearance, rituals, traditions, festivals and customs from region to region. Temples in southern states, eastern states, northern states and Western India have their distinctive characteristics. These temples are very different from one state to the other. Diversity and imagination are the hallmark of Hindu mind.’

    ‘In Nepal, religion is not just a set of beliefs and accompanying rituals handed down from generation to generation; rather it is a complex intermingling of traditions, festivals, faiths and doctrines that have permeated every strata of Nepalese Society in such a way as to become the very heartbeat of the nation. Nepal is famous, as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. However, it is an intricate and beautiful tapestry formed by the interweaving of Hinduism, Buddhism and other beliefs. Religious tolerance and harmony such as is found in Nepal, is perhaps a unique example to the world.

    Nepal and India lived life of unchallenged glory and power for thousands of years and spread its spiritual and cultural effulgence over vast areas of the globe-right. The Hindu Philosophy preaches that all the people of the world are our friends. Fraternity & honesty always has been propounded by Hindus. However, the Racism and social discriminations are the great hindrances of Hindus. Of course it needs to be corrected. If we respect each other, our problems will be mitigated gradually. So, we request to all party leaders and every nationals not to minimize the reality of Hinduism and Buddhism, the basis of world civilization. So, in the context of Nepal, to save the Nepalese identity, there should be reinstated the Hindu and Buddha Kingdom with monarchy.
    -Dirgha Raj Prasai


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