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The Roots of the Christchurch Massacre can’t be Understood in Hypocrisy, as a ‘Great Replacement’ on the run!

The Failure of World power to eliminate Global Jihad and Islamic Aggression will Rise the Far Rights in Europe. America and everywhere….

We Must Condemn the Mosque Attack. But, Christchurch Exposed Our Hypocrisy Quite Enough!

~ Upananda Brahmachari*

WE MARCH EVER FORWARDSThe #CrusadeOfChristchurch gave a clear message that truth prevails in Newton’s 3rd law establishing that every action has its equal and opposite reaction. The aggressive Islamic Expansion in non-Muslim domains and Jihadi insurgency all around have paved this way of #ChristianRetaliation. Now it’s Hallelujah vs Allah ho Akbar. It’s #CrusadeVsJihad in its newest form. As Newton’s 3rd Law Prevails as Truth,  unless Muslims stop Jihadi Terrorism, the Anti-Jihad upsurge will kill common Muslims obviously. We didn’t want 9/11 in NY nor 3/15 in Christchurch, but occurred unfortunately. A far Right Nationalist White Supremacist alone attacked two mosques in Christchurch killing 49 and injuring 30 others.  [See links: Christchurch Mosque Attack [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]] It’s an irony that the far rights in Europe and America are adopting the ISIS global model to put down the Jihad in the dust! This is unfortunate. Peace be upon all.

And here is the ugliest truth that if the States are not successful to check the Islamic insurgency or failed to eliminate Jihad; the perturbed, anxious, aggrieved and agitated individuals may take their extreme way without awaiting for any help from the failed, frivolous, non-impartial and hypocrite authorities in no time.

Brenton Tarrant, a white supremacist who gunned down all Muslim victims with a semi-automatic rifle at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch, conveyed his ideas of Far Right Nationalism in a manifesto called “The Great Replacement[1] [2] [3] [4], which is obviously concerned with the anxiety, agony, anger of white people against the silent invasion of Islam in Europe, America and Australasia.

This “The Great Replacement” apparently advocates i) Anti Imperialism, ii) Environmentalism, iii) Responsible Markets, iv) Addiction Free Community, v) Law and Order, vi) Ethnic Autonomy, vii) Protection of Heritage & Culture amd viii) Worker’s Rights. But, these ideas of The Great Replacement are barely challenged by Islam in ultimate.

What made him mad

Actually, i) Islam is the tool to spread Arab Imperialism, ii) Islam harms environment for its  taboo against birth control and killing animals at random in religious occasions for their non vegan food habit. Also the excessive use of arms-ammunition-missiles for Jihad and counter-Jihad jeopardize the environment badly, iii) Islam does not believe in modern market economy and want to replace it under a Halal market, iv) Islam is too much addicted to kill the infidels and deals in narcotics and drugs to facilitate Jihad economy,  v) Islam rejects all judicial and administrative system except Shariah law, i.e.  the Law of Allah, vi) Islam does not allow any ethnicity or ethnic autonomy as Islam does not approve any autonomy of infidels in an ideal Islamic situation,  vii) Islam always went intolerant against the Heritage and Culture and still maintains it vandalism against all non-Muslim Culture and Heritage and viii) Islam denies all the rights of non-believers (infidels-kafirs) captivating them as even bonded labours.  In fine the Idealism cherished in The Great Replacement carries a sharp contrast with Islam for which the Carnage in Christchurch occurred.

We must not be inhumane. But, sentiment, sympathy, condemnation, protests, media analysis are gaining momentum in such a way with Christchurch row as it is an unprecedented terror attack on any Mosque or on mass for the first time.

Report shows that only two the victims were of New Zealand and all of the rest were outsiders. That showed a great gesture of Kiwi authorities to accommodate Islam inside the country spending Govt exchequers by the way.

Who can say that we are not caring many dreadful creatures in our own yards in the name of fraternity and humanity when the land of New Zealand is free from any threats of nature and the indigenous people there.

The Great Replacement in Christchurch

We are welcoming Islam everywhere with warmth. But, what is mode of acceptance for others (non-Muslims)  in Islamic countries? What is the modality of the rise of Jihad in the non-Arabic and non-Islamic land by the way. We are crying for Christchurch endlessly as a ‘Far Right Nationalist’ attacked on two Mosques in New Zealand, but were we at all concerned with the barbaric attacks by Islamist in the name of Jihad in last 10 years? If concerned, how much of that?

We must not forget that during last 10 years (excluding the figures of 1st three months in 2019), there were 23895 Islamic attacks in 100 countries, in which 165935 people were killed and 209142 injured. These attacks include more than 100 Jihadi attacks on Mosques killing Muslims only. But, Christchurch is presented in a way that a Mosque is attacked for the first time and humanity is shaken for that. With others, Muslims also took the street in a protest of Christchurch massacre. But why these protest brigades in the row of Christchurch were untraceable during last 10 years when Islamic attacks killed more than 165935 innocent persons injuring another 209142 in the name of Jihad of a Religion of Peace!

How many Muslims came to the streets then when US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain and India faced the Jihadi attacks in its extreme brutality!

List of Killings in the Name of Islam or ‘The Religion of Peace’ in last 10 yrs.

Year Islamic Attacks Countries Killed Injured Link
2019 up to date 359 32 2013 2019 TROP 2019
2018 1976 56 11769 11483 TROP 2018
2017 2045 61 16387 14362 TROP 2017
2016 2498 59 21413 26730 TROP 2016
2015 2890 53 27641 26169 TROP 2015
2014 3007 55 32844 27530 TROP 2014
2013 2833 48 16797 29596 TROP 2013
2012 2484 58 11557 20272 TROP 2012
2011 1997 57 9097 16926 TROP 2011
2010 2034 48 9258 17462 TROP 2010
2009 2131 40 9172 18612 TROP 2009
Last 10 yrs 23895 100 165935 209142  

The identity and culture of Europe have been challenged vehemently. That’s the picture of America also. Islam is invading Europe and America upon the generosity of the citizens there. But, Muslim migration, influx, uncontrolled birth rate, Mosques and Madrasas, Sharia Law Courts and Halal Business, capturing white women and girls, Islamic criminality in the shape of rape, murder, loot, arson, attacks, vandalism,  IS indoctrination in the mindset of Muslim youths are common practices loved so much by the Quran followers. And all these Islamic ‘virtues’ are posing a Pan-Islamic threat perception upon the endangered European and American populace with separate culture and identity. World is facing this Islamic crisis everywhere as it challenges the Non-Muslims obviously to make them surrender to Islam and always negating and deleting the faith and culture of others. The unbelievable 2-4 fold increase of Muslims in numbers in Europe and America is hinting an Islamic majority in many places there by 2050. This serious concerned is revealed in PEW reports as another spate of Islamic invasion in Europe and America. [1] [2].

In this critical crisis, the anti-Islamic repercussions, even in the shape of White Supremacists are not unexpected as many of the European and American youth and mass are trying to get rid of the Islamic strangulation frantically. When the world powers are failed to check the Jihadi threats and Pan Islamic imbalances, the public retaliation in the line of Christchurch is most obvious. This will be the future story of majority parts of the world.

If the state authorities and heads are not serious enough to neutralize the Islamic upsurge and upheaval in their respective countries efficiently, there would the many Christchurch in every corner of the world with more head counts of Muslim dead bodies!

The Failure of World power to eliminate Global Jihad and Islamic Aggression will Rise the Far Rights in America and Europe. Hence, the conflict between Jihad and Crusade ultimately destroy the world peace.

First of all, we have to recognize and diagnosis the problem. Otherwise, the hypocrisy to honor Great Islam and Good Muslims without condemning the silent Muslim mass support for Jihad and Pan Islamism, will lead us to surrender the whole civilization before Islam.

But, message of Christchurch does not bear any sign of surrender before Islam. It declares the war against Islamic aggression and supremacy in Europe, America and Australasia. Such a war between Jihad and Crusade will destroy world peace and prosperity.

We must stand together not for the glorification of Jihad or condemning the White Supremacist ideas without finding its root cause. World can’t survive without peace and prosperity and we must find all deterrent and detrimental root causes of it in a very un-hypocrite  way. Then we will find the most dangerous root cause of Jihad to grossly affect the global peace and prosperity.

People dislike hypocrisy. They want Peace, Prosperity and Harmony. Humanity must prevail finally, not the Jihad or Crusade.



__Inputs from links used above and TROP.

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8 comments on “The Roots of the Christchurch Massacre can’t be Understood in Hypocrisy, as a ‘Great Replacement’ on the run!

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    March 16, 2019

    Does Islam know peace? And the Vatican looters? Both came
    to India. What have they done first? Destroying, killing and raping.
    At last Hindus had driven them out of Bharat, till traitors had accept
    them as equal. Library’s, house of knowledge and learning were burned
    down, just as HIndu Mandirs. Are we then equal? No! This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.

    Liked by 1 person

      March 24, 2019

      Said Right bro..


  2. madeira121
    March 17, 2019

    The word Islam means submission.


  3. astro Bhrigupanditb
    March 17, 2019

    i agree.


  4. Dr Naidoo
    March 18, 2019

    The attacks in New Zealand last week that claimed the lives of 50 people must be severely condemned.

    His actions are the actions of a madman. But we must wait for him to appear in court to present his case.

    He may well say something that the world will have to pay attention to.

    Some of us are aware of some of the issues involved. But let us wait to hear what the madman says.


  5. Arindam
    March 19, 2019

    Before we condemn, we should first confirm.

    I’ve looked online for images of the Christchurch massacre. I’ve found only two with blood on them: one of a bandage on the side of the road, and another of a Nigerian imam with bloodied clothes.

    That’s all.

    If you compare that with the images for the mosque attacks in Kuwait (2015) or in Sinai, Egypt (2017) – you’ll soon realize that something is not right.

    To put it bluntly, until more evidence is provided, this ‘massacre’ is fake news. There are a few websites, (notably renegade tribune) who are investigating it further, and their conclusion is the same.


  6. Rajput Singh
    March 21, 2019

    Date: 18/03/2019

    Mam Jacinda Ardern, PM, New Zealand.

    Madam, as the prime minister of sovereign, secular, tolerant and democratic New Zealand you were expected to know that Islam is anything but tolerant and secular. It is expanding rapidly by putting quantity above quality. Kindly answer these questions in the interest of your own survival on earth:

    1. “If Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, then WHO IS VANISHING at the corresponding rate?”

    2. What are the short term and long term implications? (Example of short term: Polygamy allowed to men, ban on pork in your schools, hospitals and prisons, ban on mini skirts & sleeveless dresses for girls, end of mixed education and mixed marriages (since the Non-Muslim bride must convert to Islam); long term: overthrow of your secular government and birth of the ISLAMIC Republic of New Zealand.)

    With regard to long term implications, please note that India, a civilized secular democracy like New Zealand, was forced to surrender one third of her area to ISLAM in perpetuity in 1947 when the Muslim numbers exceeded beyond 50 per cent of population.

    Is it not a great pity if you never heard of the manner of the birth of Pakistan in 1947 and how many MILLIONS of innocent citizens perished or were forced out of their homes within weeks?

    It is also a great pity if you saw no use in looking closely at the massacre of the Yazidis in Syria and the fate of their girls and women! Has it never occurred to you that the SAME fate could befall your citizens in New Zealand if you do not follow the saying, “Price of liberty is eternal vigilance!”

    Sorry to say, you have gone off guard for not knowing that Islam is a political ideology that has openly declared its aim to convert the whole world to Islam and either enslave or kill those who resist.

    Madam, you should have found out the meaning and significance of two commands of Mohammed to each and every Muslim, “TABLEEGH & JEHAD” and then looked at their working on ground and their impact on society in minute detail.

    You were expected to know that the culmination of Islamic political struggle is the Caliphate on earth or an ISLAMIC Republic where the rights of minorities are very limited. The society under Islam has two tiers: Muslims and Non Muslims with different rules for each.

    Having never been to an Islamic Republic yourself, you could ask those who have been there or who fled those Republics. You have accepted Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Irakis, Syrians and so on. Please tell your voters if you ever stayed for even two days in any of those Islamic countries!

    You should have informed yourself of the killings and massacres and rape that the Muslims are committing in the West where they were allowed in, e.g., Germany, England, Spain and France.

    You have heard of “Islamophobia”. Why is Islamophobia so widespread across the free democratic secular world? There is no smoke without fire!

    Finally, Madam, why don’t you think that the Muslim refugees are best settled in MUSLIM countries where the rulers know how to deal with them, or treat their fellow Muslims. Alternatively, you could send FINANCIAL help to keep & settle the fleeing Muslims in their own countries where they could live and practice their Islam freely without causing backlash such as your country saw last Friday, March 15, 2019.

    Madam, why have you not informed yourself of the demographic changes in all the Islamic republics INCLUDING Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where the Non Muslims perished soon after Islam took over- not by “hand of God” but by “Sword of Islam”.

    The transformation of LAHORE in Punjab from Hindu majority to Muslim majority is to be looked at seriously and conclusions drawn for the future of your own Christchurch.

    Madam, you are expected to tell your fellow citizens as to what kind of government will New Zealand have when the Muslim population outstrips ‘The Rest’ by a big margin and then declares New Zealand an “ISLAMIC Republic”?
    What plans do you have to ensure that the Muslims never attain the majority in your country? Some would say that you are walking blindfolded towards the precipice with all the Non-Muslim citizens in tow – in trust.

    Your fellow citizens ought to hear your response on the points raised above.

    There will be no right wing terrorist going amok in the future. Peace and social harmony among the existing secular, tolerant, communities will not come under grave threat by the sudden appearance of too many Muslims and mosques in their towns and cities.

    In our shrinking inter-related world what is happening in New Zealand with regard to the sudden influx of Muslims will have impact on all the secular democracies on earth.

    19 March 2019


  7. Ashwani
    March 24, 2019

    Well said bro but they will not understand the truth..


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