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Performing Art and Cultural Roots of Hinduism still alive in Indonesia.

Musical rendition of the epic tale Ramayana, where Lord Hanuman burning Lanka.

Through murals and ballets, Hinduism being kept alive in Indonesia.

Srinidhi Gopalakrishnan |  ANI | Yogyakarta (Indonesia) | June 21, 2019: It is widely known that Indonesia was once ruled by a Hindu kingdom. However, centuries after the fall of that kingdom, the values of Hinduism  are still being preserved by locals in the region.

In many parts of the country which has a predominant Muslim (approximately 83 per cent) population, Hindu temples, scriptures, murals and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses are still preserved.

In an interaction with ANI, officials from the Ministry of Tourism said Sanskrit words are weaved into the local language.  An example of this, an official said, is the motto of the Indonesian Navy – JalasyevaJayamahe – which  is coined from Sanskrit.

Another major attraction in Yogyakarta city for locals and tourists alike is the musical rendition of the epic tale Ramayana that is performed at regular intervals at the historic 9th century Prambanan temple, which is now a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

While the storyline has not been altered, Indonesian music and dance is used to narrate the tale, thereby giving it a local flavour.

With snippets from the tale being projected on screens in English as well as the local language, the story is narrated using music, dance and facial cues. Dressed in traditional Javanese attires, the ballet is one that perfectly describes the tale.

The influence of Ramayana is seen in Prambanan as well, where walls of the temple contain murals depicting the mythological story of Lord Rama and his heroics.

By establishing a connection with Hinduism, officials believe that tourism and an exchange of culture between India and Indonesia can largely flourish.

Courtesy: ANI

4 comments on “Performing Art and Cultural Roots of Hinduism still alive in Indonesia.

  1. Madan Anand
    June 22, 2019

    JaiHind But they still chant Kullo Kaferine Wajebul Katl? Shastra uthiye Panditji, apane shishyon ko Singh Baniye.

    Har Hindu ke ghar me Agni shastra v 🔥 Power. Bahan betiyon ko bhi sikhaiye. Daya, Shanti path tyag kar youdh ka Ahwan kijiye.

    Modi Bhai aur Amit Shah bhi In haramkhoron ke chaat rahe hain kya …..te?

    Jago Bhaiya 2/4 ko maar kar maro. Geedarh ki tarah nahin. Thanks JaiHind.

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  2. Lal Gehi
    June 23, 2019

    there are over 17 universities in Germany, which teach Sanskrit, in India,I think one or two universities teach Sanskrit, the Sanskrit is the oldest, ocean of knowledge and literature,


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    June 24, 2019

    ” the mythological story of lord Rama” – Mythological ?


    • hinduexistence
      June 24, 2019

      Correctly pointed out Dr Saab.

      But, we just reproduced a report from an agency without editing it.

      For the believers Lord Rama was Reality, but for the secular he was a mythological character.

      Thanks for your meticulous following our site.

      For a long time we are being deprived from your kind donation. Plz send some donation for us.

      Moderator and Manager, Hindu Existence Forum.


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