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Asom Sattra Mahasabha launches campaign against Christian conversions around Majuli.

Resisting Evangelic Threat among Mising & Rava people in Assam.

Asom Sattra Mahasabha Takes Out Awareness Drives against Christian Conversion in Majuli and Assam-Meghalaya borders.

Sentinel Web Edition | Guwahati | Oct 30, 2019:: Expressing concern over the conversion of many people to Christianity in Majuli and also a few villages along the Assam-Meghalaya boundary, the Asom Sattra Mahasabha  has already launched a massive awareness and motivational programme among the residents in Majuli. Entitled ‘Samannay Yatra’ (The Unity March), the first phase of this programme was completed recently.

Talking to The Sentinel, Asom Sattra Mahasabha general secretary Kusum Kumar Mahanta said, “We’ve noticed with concern that some indigenous people have been getting converted to Christianity. This is happening among the Mising community in Majuli — one of the epicenters of neo-Vaishnavite culture — as well as among the Rabha people in several villages along the Assam-Meghalaya boundary. [Mising and Rava people both hail from Hindu roots- Ed. Hindu Existence].

“To stem the tide, we visited the residents of 20 villages in Majuli from October 19 to 22. During the course of ‘Samannay Yatra’, we urged them to preserve our religion and culture; and not go after a foreign religion.”

Dwelling on the responses of the villagers in Majuli, Mahanta added, “We got a positive response from almost all of them except a few in Jengrai, who told us that some sattras look down upon them as a community.

“We tried to make them understand that such alleged attitude has been noticeable among the sattras that fall within the ‘Udashin’ fold.

“Their followers follow the ‘Brahmacharya’ rule and remain bachelors for life. We also informed the villagers that members of the ‘Udashin’ fold treat many other communities that way, and not necessarily only the Mising community.

“We’ll carry out more motivational campaigns in Majuli towards the last part of this year.”

With reference to conversions allegedly taking place along the Assam-Meghalaya boundary, the Mahasabha general secretary stated, “Such conversions are taking place among villagers of the  Rabha community along the interstate boundary. We’ll carry out motivational drives among the indigenous Rabha-inhabited hamlets from Rani (near Guwahati) up to Goalpara. It will be a continuous process.”

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Courtesy: The Sentinel | Swarajya | Hinduism Today

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