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Tenure based power sharing between BJP-SS is the good solution for Maharashtra Hindu Politics.

‘Two years for Shiv Sena CM and Three years for BJP CM’- is the only solution for a healthy Hindutva Politics in Maharashtra.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Nov 1, 2019:: The post Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019 scenario is no way good sign for the Hindutva politics in India.

It’s almost 1 week over the election results+ so far declared and two traditional allies in Maharashtra Politics, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Shiv Sena (SS) are fighting each other to get the Chief Ministerial post in the next Maharashtra Govt.

The war of words between the BJP and SS leaders goes up to a filthy heights and the anti-Hindu elements in politics are hatching many ploys to disintegrate the BJP-SS unity to free Maharashtra from a hold of Saffron Politics.

The secular media is also engaged to fuel the situation mentioning ‘BJP’s old itch with allies+‘ only to make a permanent break up between BJP and Shiv Sena.

Congress and NCP are making a new plan of horse trading to snatch numbers of MLAs from BJP and SS both sides to form a ‘secular’ Govt out of a muddy water.

All these are obviously the bad signs for the Hindu Politics of Maharashtra and that must bound to be most dangerous turn in the national politics and for the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) both.

BJP contested 164  in 2019 Maharashtra Assembly election and won 105 seats which show 64 % success of them for this time, though they won 122 seats in 2014.

SS contested 127 in 2019 Maharashtra Assembly election and won 56 seats which show only 44% success of them for this time, though they won 63 seats in 2014.

The anti- saffron politics of NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) and Congress both have gained their power in this time in Maharashtra. While NCP bagged 54 seats this time, 13 seats higher than 2014 tally, Congress bagged 44 assembly seats, 2 seats higher than their 2014 position.

Hence, it’s a clear indication of worsened Hindu politics in Maharashtra by losing 24 seats by BJP (-17)-SS (-07) than its seat sharing in 2014, probably for various causes, but definitely for the frequent tag of war between BJP and Shiv Sena time to time on so many issues.

On the other hand, the anti-Saffron politics of NCP-Congress has a gain in this election by 15 seats than 2014 tally. Though, AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen) has lost its debut seats of Byculla and Aurangabad Central both, the communal party of Owaisi brothers  opened its new roads in Maharashtra politics from Malegaon Central and Dhule City  capturing its two seats in Maharashtra Assembly.

But, these alarming sings are not made enough to stay tuned for BJP-SS to form a Govt in Maharashtra discarding the ego and misunderstanding gained up in a dangerous level inside the Hindutva politics in Maharashtra.

To resist the anti-Hindutva Politics of Congress and NCP, the formation of BJP-SS govt in Maharashtra is a must than anything. And that must be done speedily to avoid any ugly turn with the span of bargaining of politics and so on.

If BJP had no problem to go into a power sharing and term based CM tenure with pro-separatist PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) of Mehbooba Mufti in Kashmir, why they have problem to share the CM tenure with Shiv Sena? Does BJP think Shiv Sena more burdensome than PDP?

In 2012 BJP allied with Muslim League to retain the power in Nagpur Municipal Corporation and ousted Shiv Sena from pre-poll alliance. Ii is unclear whether SS is now in a mood to take revenge. For any Hindutvawadi it is not agreeable in BJP’s alliance with PDP in J&K or BJP’s alliance with Muslim League in Nagpur. The history repeats now in Maharashtra when Shiv Sena goes with NCP and Congress. Hindutva sentiment is largely hurt by both BJP and Shiv Sena.

Hindutva inclined electors in Maharashtra will not forgive nobody of BJP-Shiv Sena if a non-Saffron unity gets the chance to form a govt in state assembly out of BJP-Sena conflicts of ego and misunderstanding.

Good sense of politics and honoring each other must prevail in Saffron Parties and BJP-Sena must form a govt in Maharshtra without further killing of time.

Keeping the performance of wining the assembly seats and the judging the need of Hindutva unity in Maharshtra politics in mind, BJP and Shiv Sena must come to a point of amicable settlement with open end and wisdom.

To save the situation of Maharashtra politics, in first two years there should be a Shiv Sena CM, keeping a deputy CM from BJP and in the next three years there should be a BJP CM, keeping a deputy CM from SS.

Hindutva Politics must be a democratic from within, not the autocrat or monolithic. RSS-BJP must try to understand and realize it.

This is the only solution for a healthy Hindu Politics in Maharashtra. There is no other better solution from a positive Hindu point of view.

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2 comments on “Tenure based power sharing between BJP-SS is the good solution for Maharashtra Hindu Politics.

  1. impex1
    November 2, 2019

    Recall Veer Arjun Editorial writer in late 1960ties by the name “Nepali”

    He use to remark on Congress working as “Jooton me daal bat rahi hai”

    Now same started in BJP & Shiv Sena too? Sad. It give bad message to Mier Jaffers N Pakistan.

    Vichar kariye “We are surrounded by Pakistan/Bangladesh ready to eat us alive.

    In my opinion 10 Year Marsh Law needed for India to FIX all problems. Once the Marshal Law Lifted India must emerge as “Hindu Rashtra” with US Type of President based democratic setup where President is not dependent on senate. Only two parties. Minimum qualification a College Degree to contest election with clean record, No pending criminal cases in the Court. All mier Jaffers swapped with Hindu Population of Pak/Bangla/Afghanistan. Bring them home.

    I hope Brahmchariji You will agree.





  2. Arindam
    November 3, 2019

    ‘To save the situation of Maharashtra politics, in first two years there should be a Shiv Sena CM, keeping a deputy CM from BJP and in the next three years there should be a BJP CM, keeping a deputy CM from SS.’

    This strikes me as a sensible solution to the current impasse.

    A major reason for falling electoral support is the economic slowdown – with job creation not keeping pace with the growth of the workforce. The government is trying to overcome this problem by attracting foreign investment and encouraging domestic firms to raise spending… but there is a much simpler and more effective method.

    Establish a National Credit Committee and authorize it to deposit 1% of per capita GNP (ex: Rs 1,000, if per capita GNP is Rs. 100,000), every month into each Jan-Dhan-Yojana bank account. Such money can be created debt-free by the government, and once supplied to the public, it will automatically stimulate the economy (and also make joblessness much less burdensome).

    I tried to interest the RSS, BJP, SJM, etc… with this proposal two years ago: no response.

    Thankfully, the Australian League of Rights took some interest and put my proposal in their library:

    Click to access Arindam_Basu_The_National_Dividend_Solution.pdf


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