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Dr Swamy to File PLI in Uttarakhand HC against BJP Govt’s anti-Hindu Temple Control Law.


BJP MP and Hindutva Crusader Dr Subramanian Swamy to file PIL against State BJP Govt for Char Dham law at request of Uttarakhand priests.

Umesh Rawal | HENB | Dehradun | February 11, 2020:: Rajya Sabha MP, Senior BJP leader and Hindutva Crusader Dr Subramanian Swamy has declared to file a PIL in the Uttarakhand high court later this month against the Char Dham Devsthanam Board formed recently by the BJP led State Government. While Dr Swamy tweeted his stand on Feb 10,  it was also stated by members of the Devbhumi Teerth Purohit Hakhakookdhari Mahapanchayat after they met Swamy at his Delhi residence on Monday.

The Mahapanchayat spokesman Brijesh Sati informed that Swamy will file the PIL later this month.

The delegation discussed the Devsthanam Board in detail and informed Swamy about the rituals, traditions and management of the Char Dham shrines.

In his most popular Tweeter handle Swamy expressed, “Many worshippers of the 51 temples of Uttarakhand has been meeting me since the UK BJP Govt has nationalised all these temples!! The UK AG should have consulted me before the State Govt carrying out this illegal act. Hence I have to file a PIL in UK HC“.

Recently Uttarakhand Govt took over more than 50 shrines including Char Dham throgh passing a bill+ for which Temple priests were annoyed extremely from the discriminatory Act against Hindus.

By taking over Char Dhams & Hindu Temples without touching any Mosque and Church in Uttarakhand, the BJP Govt  in the state made an utter discrimination to Hindus.

Read this news in Hindi: चारधाम देवस्थानम अधिनियम को हाईकोर्ट में देंगे चुनौती, तीर्थ पुरोहितों ने स्वामी से की मुलाकात

__Inputs from Amar Ujala.

4 comments on “Dr Swamy to File PLI in Uttarakhand HC against BJP Govt’s anti-Hindu Temple Control Law.

  1. Anand
    February 13, 2020

    Move by Dr Subramanian Swamy is Highly appreciated. Please request Dr Swamy to Challenge Delhi CM unilateral pay only to Delhi Masjid Moulvi and not to Temple Pandits. Delhi is not governed by a Muslim Government. There must be pay for Hindu Temple Pandits too or no one should be given special status by Kanjariwal. It must be challenged in the Court.


  2. Muktipada sahoo
    February 13, 2020

    I love b j p


    • Anand
      February 13, 2020

      Dr Swamy must file complaint against Krjariwal to pay 40,000/month to Delhi Imams but nothing to Mandir Pujari. It is Public money not Kejariwals Grandfather money.


  3. Satyamev
    March 12, 2020

    Dr Swamy must file complaint against the government for allowing ADANI, DHFL and Ambani to take huge loans of more than 5000 crores from banks, it is public money not BJP’s grandfather money.


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