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Hindu Parishad Nepal demands Referendum for Hindu Rashtra.

Challenging the Anti Hindu forces, Hindu Parishad leaders demand Referendum for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.

Divyendu Pandey | HENB | Saptari | February 19, 2020:: Santosh Patel, the central president of the Hindu Parishad Nepal vehemently attacked against the leaders against the demand of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal. Nepal, known as an oldest sovereign Hindu kingdom in modern times, was turned to a secular state in 2008 under a conspiracy of China backed Moist political force to end a more than hundreds years old traditional Hind kingdom legacy there.

Demanding a referendum for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal Patel said, “If you hold a referendum, the people of Nepal will to prove the truth in their mind.”

He also criticized the disunity of Hindu Rashtra movements and difference of opinions between various organisations engaged to make Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra again. Hindu Parishad Nepal urged a solidarity of Hindus to attain their goal of Nepal Hindu Rashtra.

Addressing a public gathering in Hanuman Nagar in Saptari district on Feb 18, Chief Guest Patel said that the Hindu nation is the soul of ever Nepali people, the bridge connecting all Nepalese in one formula of indoctrination of Nepal and Nepali identity in this Himalayan nation.

Patel said that leaders who can sell their religion for money do not have the love of the nation. He also pointed out that, for this irresponsible name-sake Hindu  leaders, Christianity is now spreading and dominating in Nepal in many ways.

Patel also said, “Christianity is not in the interest of the country, the country is in danger of disintegrating till the conversion of religion is stopped strictly. To strengthen the nationality, unity and integrity of the country, there must be a Hindu nation”.

Nepal Hindu Parishad (Hindu Council Nepal) is a struggling organization for the Hindu nation. In the programme, Hindu Parishad leaders viz. Upendra Jha, Manoj Mandal, Suresh Sah Kanu, Sunita Saha (Saptari District President), Kailash Mandal (Morang District President),  Shashiprakash Upadhyay (Rautahat Rajdevi Municipality President), Vice Ravi Verma (Rautahat Rajdevi Municipality Vice President), Ranjit Chaurasia (Birgunj City Secretary),  Indradev Mandal and others were present and expressed their positive views for a Hindu Rashtra in Nepal and supported the demand for a referendum for it .

Read this news in Nepali: हिन्दू राष्ट्रको बिरोध गर्ने नेतालाई चुनौती,जनमत संग्रह गराउपटेल

Courtesy: Madhesh Pradesh. (Posting Delay Regretted).


2 comments on “Hindu Parishad Nepal demands Referendum for Hindu Rashtra.

  1. Malar
    February 25, 2020

    Good to know.
    Shiva will punish those who did harm to Hinduism.


  2. Pulind Samant
    December 10, 2020

    Hindus must shun the habit of waiting for Shiva or any other deity/entity for the job; they should equip themselves suitably to execute the task! Har Har Mahadev!


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