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Lord Nazir Ahmed: An Insider and Inciter of Delhi Riots in House of Lords! UK Hindus, Boycott him.

FAKE ALERT: No, Hindus did not bury Muslim woman, child alive in Delhi Riot!

Pak origin British Muslim Lord Nazir Ahmed spread fake news on Delhi Riots to accuse Hindus!!

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar (India) | March 2, 2020:: The most unfortunate anti-Sikh Riots perpetrated by the Congressmen which happened in Delhi in the first week of November 1984 after the assassination of then PM Indira Gandhi; somehow repeated in a minuscule by the Jihadi people in the recent anti-Hindu riots in Delhi in the last week of February, 2020 in the name of anti-CAA & anti-NRC protests.

The insiders of Delhi know well that how an orchestrated violence was unleashed upon the Hindus in the areas  of Jafrabad, Maujpur, Chand Bagh, Khureji Khas and Bhajanpura. In Bhajanpura Sikhs were the prime victims by the Jihadi people. The Delhi people are well aware that Jihadis wanted a Kashmir valley in Indian Capital. But, the Hindus and Sikhs jointly protected themselves anyway in #DelhiRiots2020. However, the headcounts of the Hindus and Sikhs are still higher in numbers than the Muslims killed in the Delhi violence. The Jihadi fanatics fired point blank range to police head constable Ratan Ral and stabbed 400 times over four hours to mutilate IB staffer Ankit Sharma as they were Hindu. The Jihadi people gutted everything of Sikh business in Bhajanpura to make a hell all over. The loss of Hindus and Sikhs are unaccountable. The Delhi riot was designed as a rehearsal of Ghazwa-e-Hind (ultimate Islamic conquest of India) in the seed and it was not actually against CAA or NRC… not against Modi or BJP at all as seen in the surface.

Even then, some pro-Pakistani and pro-Jihadi elements are fabricating the Delhi Riots as anti-Muslim and designed by ‘Nazi’, ‘Fascist’ and ‘Draconian’ Indian PM Narendra Modi and his ‘anti-Muslim’ Baharatiya janata Party (BJP).

In this trail, Nazir Ahemd, a Pakistan-origin British Member of Parliament, tweeted a disturbing video showing a woman and child being exhumed saying it is a horrific video of a mother and child buried alive in India by ‘fascists’. The tweet said, “Warring: horrific video of a mother and Child buried alive in India by Facist. Thank God they are recovered (sic).” That tweeted video was proved fake and his role in the Delhi Riot is now should be questioned.


Who is this Nazri Ahamed? This Nazir Ahmed is the first Muslim member appointed in the House of Lords in UK for life and was  listed as most influential Muslim amongst 500 others for last 5 years  and as will as the is the  president of All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Kashmir. Nazir’s role as anti-India and pro-Azadi (liberation) in Kashmir and Nazir’s connection with British fanatic and pro-Sharia leader Anjem Choudary were many times questioned, but the Lord Nazir’s role as a Delhi Riot Inciter was hitherto unknown! 

The tweet containing a crude anti-Hindu video, now deleted by the fundamental member of British House of Lords, was retweeted more than 3,500 times and the video was viewed more than 70,000 times.

The same fake video was tweeted by retired Pakistan Army Major Muhammad Arif saying, “Muslims are being buried alive in India.”

These Delhi Riot inciters like Lord Nazir and Major Muhammad Arif were active very much active by spreading exaggerated anti-Hindu, anti-Modi and anti-BJP stories/news on Delhi Riots depicting Hindus as monsters and Muslims as victims, through their media friends in Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Wall Street Journal, Gulf News, Independent and many others. Even, such evils like his lordship Nazir Ahamed might have pumped money in the Jihadi pipelines+ to make Delhi another Kashmir.

The  tweet by Major Muhammad Arif, still intact+, has been retweeted over 3,100 times and the video has already been viewed over 84,000 times.

The Fact Check division of Times of India+ proved that the video tweeted by Lord Najir of Major Arif was fake on the claim. Times Fact Check (of Times of India) did not  share the video because of its disturbing visuals.


On investigation, it is known that the video in question is of an incident from a village in West Bengal’s North Dinajpur, from January, 2020.

A man — Akbar Ali — was accused of murdering his wife and child and burying the bodies. As per an Ei Samay report, the locals vandalised Ali’s house and set it on fire.

Ali is said to have fled the village.

There is no communal angle to the incident.  It was a crime perpetrated by a Muslim to his wife and daughter. The video tweeted by Lord Nazir or Major Arif had no lik with Delhi Riots. But, both of Lord Nazir annd Major Arif wanted to implicate Hindus, PM Modi and BJP as Fascist and Barbaric putting Muslims in a victim end.


Times Fact Check noticed people seen in the video talking in Bengali. We contacted Ei Samay ( A Bengali Daily of TOI Group) digital editor Rajat Mondal and shared the video with him.

Mondal directed us to a report published in Ei Samay on January 31, 2020, titled ‘The young man murdered his wife and children’, when translated using Google Translator.

The image used in the report is a screenshot from the video that is now being shared with a claim that ‘fascists buried woman and child alive in India’.

The report said a man — Akbar Ali — was accused of murdering his wife and their child, and burying the bodies. The bodies were exhumed in the presence of a magistrate.

The locals, enraged, vandalized Ali’s house and set it on fire. Ali, as per the report, fled the village anyway.


Times Fact Check has found that a disturbing video of an incident from West Bengal’s North Dinajpur was/is being shared by thousands of Twitter users, mostly Pakistani and none other than Lord Nazir Ahmed of House of Lords with claims like ‘fascists buried woman and child alive in India’ and ‘Muslims are being buried alive in India’, suggesting communal angle to the incident with recent Delhi Riots.

There is no communal angle to the incident grabbed in the video so far and it was never connected with #DelhiRiots2020.  The claims of infamous Lord Nazir Ahmed and his media friends and the like minded pro-Pakistani and anti-Indian people are totally false and they all acted as the inciters of Delhi Riots as such.


Leave the Pakistani bigots and fanatic Muslim people appeared both as cheerleaders or the chest-beaters  for Delhi Riots. But, It is unbelievable that a member of British upper house is also faking only to depict Indian PM Modi as Fascist, Nazi or  Supremacist and to implicate Hindus as fanatic, radical, rioters, communal and barbaric.

As per our observation, Lord Nazir Ahmed is a very suspicious personality connected to fanatic Anjem Choudary, the face of ‘Sharia For Britain’ Movement and a great sympathizer of Kashmir liberation movement. He has played a filthy role by defending the Jihadi people behind Delhi Riots 2020 and posed as an anti-Hindu, Anti-Modi, Anti-BJP and Anti-Indian conspirator. The British agencies and Scotland yard must probe on Lord Nazir’s role as a financier, facilitator and inciter of Delhi Riots 2020. We find Lord Nazir as an insider and inciter of Jihadi Riots in Delhi.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and British Royal Family must look into the fanatic link of Lord Nazir Ahmed very seriously and my same appeal is also placed to the 10 Downing Street authorities also.

Nazir Ahmed should not be placed anymore in UK House of Lords.

__Inputs from TOI and Twitter.



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