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Why Yogi govt to bring two-children, minimum education norm in UP panchayat polls?

Towards a Population Control mandate…

Two Children, Minimum Education Levels: UP Mulls Restrictions for Contesting Panchayat Polls.

Radhika Saxena | HENB | Lucknow | Aug 31, 2020:: As, there is no Population Control Law in India, Muslims breed here in pigs (production increase guided system) ratio. But, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath designed a unique way to that direction of rising a sense of Population control, as a master stroke.

To take a control over population increase through passing public mandates on which people must realize the Govt’s intention to check it, the Yogi Adityanath-led Bharatiya Janata Party government in Uttar Pradesh is mulling to bring changes to the candidature in Panchayat polls, sources said.

The government might impose restrictions on candidates having more than two children to contest in the three-tier Panchayat polls. Along with this, there could be a minimum educational qualification for candidates willing to contest the polls, sources informed. Authorities have also suggested that educational qualification for women and reserved category in Gram Panchayat elections could be up to Class 8, while other candidates might have to be at least intermediate pass to contest the election of District Panchayat member.

Meanwhile, the government has agreed on the minimum educational qualification of high school pass for women and reserved category of Zila Panchayat and local Panchayat. The Adityanath government might bring a proposal in the cabinet meeting for amendment of the Panchayati Raj Act soon and the bill is expected to be presented in the next session of the Legislative Assembly.

As per sources, it is expected that the government would implement new law before the preparations for the proposed three-tier panchayat elections are completed in April 2021.

UP Panchayat Polls were scheduled for December 2020 and are now expected to be held in April 2021 due to the ongoing public health crisis.

If, this premeditated pilot project to population control brings a little impact, experts say, Govt will surely impose various restrictions upon the couple with more than two children in case of their ration, health, education and other facilities one by one in Uttar Pradesh.

Seeing the success of Uttar Pradesh in such demi-population control, the other Indian State led by BJP may move in the same direction.

The PM Modi led Union Govt in Indian is yet to bring any Uniformed Civil Code or any Population Control Act, for which BJP promised positive action in their election manifesto.

In July 2019,  BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha had introduced the proposed Population Control Bill, 2019, the upper house of the Parliament, with the purpose to control the population growth in India. The proposed bill was signed by 125 Members of Parliament (MP) and is yet to become an act of law.

On 7 February 2020, the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha by Anil Desai, a Shiv Sena MP. Desai proposed to amend Article 47A of the Constitution of India to introduce a two-child policy per couple. The 2020 bill also aims to incentivize its adoption through various measures such as educational benefits, taxation cuts, home loans, free healthcare, and better employment opportunities.

On 7th August, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Anil Agrawal in a letter has also addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to place for discussion and to pass the Population Control legislation  in the forthcoming Parliament session in the national interest.



One comment on “Why Yogi govt to bring two-children, minimum education norm in UP panchayat polls?

  1. Andy
    September 1, 2020

    BRAVO Yogiji, There must a Law to Revoke Voting Rights as well as Government Entitlement/Assistance Programs, Free Education, Free Medical Care also. No Free Bee to those who grows like mushrooms and create Ziahdis as we as trouble makers.


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