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Indian Muslims describe their defiling attitude to visit Hindu temples to create utter nuisance.


Muslims confess to visiting Hindu temples in India, urinating on the floor and leaving condoms in the donation boxes.

Krishna Priya | Jihad Watch Online | New Delhi | April 3, 2021:: Two men, Raheem and Taufiq have surrendered as culprits behind the desecration of the Koragajja Katte Temple, Mangalore. Not only have they confessed to their crimes, but they have also named a third accomplice, Nawaz, who was the main culprit. Nawaz, Raheem and Taiufiq would visit Hindu temples often, slide condoms in the donation boxes and defile the sanctity of the temple by urinating inside.

Soon after their latest misadventure, Nawaz started to vomit blood and suffer from dysentery. He was also acting insanely and died by banging his head on a wall. After his passing away, Tausif started vomiting blood. Scared that they may meet a fate like that of Nawaz, they confessed their crime to the temple priest to redeem themselves and seek forgiveness. They were eventually turned in to the police.

Last month, secular media in India and its allies worldwide had suffered a massive meltdown when a Muslim boy caught trespassing a Hindu temple was thrashed by the keepers of the temple. 14-year-old Asif claimed that he had entered the temple to drink water. Journalists who reached the venue to report on the incident have confirmed that there was a drinking water source right outside the temple. This leaves us wondering why Asif chose to walk into a Hindu worship place when he could have quenched his thirst from the water source outside.

On probing, the temple chief alleged that this temple, situated amid a Muslim majority area, has been looted numerous times by Muslims. Priests were killed or driven away and these boys would often enter the temple to molest Hindu women praying inside. As such instances started to increase in frequency, after discussing the issue with local bureaucrats, the temple administration put up a big banner in Hindi that read, “This is a Holy place of the Hindus. Muslims entry is prohibited.” Hindi is the local language in this area. Couldn’t 14-year-old Asif read the loud and clear message? The chief priest was visibly disappointed at the journalists who came to the temple to cover the slapping of Asif, while none of them had cared to report on the series of killings and loots this temple had experienced.

This incident gave leftists a golden opportunity to draw global sympathy for the Muslim community in India by vilifying Hindus. Hindu groups, paying no heed to the secularists and their manufactured drama, started putting up such banners at temple gates in various parts of the country, sending more shockwaves for the pro-Islamic secular armchair activists in the country.

Temple nuisance by Muslims

Now the question is this: as they are known for being welcoming and courteous, why are Hindus trying to prevent Muslims from entering their places of worship? Planned attacks by Islamic terror outfits, the plundering of temple wealth by Muslims in the past and present aside, the behaviour of the people from the community who enter temple premises has not been exemplary, either.

Nawaz, Raheen and Tausif are not the first of their kind to casually enter a Hindu temple and desecrate it deceitfully. In June 2019, Trichy Cantonment police in Tamil Nadu, India arrested 28-year-old Mujibar Rehman for touching ancient female figurines in a 100-year-old temple complex inappropriately, taking sexually explicit pictures with them, and posting these on Facebook. His vulgarity enraged Hindu devotees and historians alike.

In July 2019, Irshad was booked under Section 295and and Section 153A for insulting religious sentiments and promoting enmity between different religious groups, and was sent to jail after the Bulandshahr police caught him urinating on a Shivalingan, a symbol of Hindu deity Shiva, in a Hindu temple near Jahangirabad. It was during the same time when ten members of the Ummat-E-Mohammaddiya, inspired by Zakir Naik, planned a mass killing of Hindus by poisoning the Maha Prasad (food offered to gods and distributed among devotees) at the 400-year-old Shree Mumbreshwar Temple.

In August 2019, two Muslim youth, pretending to be Hindus, entered a Temple in Uttar Pradesh. They performed religious rituals with the priest, and then started desecrating the temple, taking down an idol using sticks and stones.

We can go on counting such instances, but just how many of them will be enough to explain why Hindu groups have decided to put out banners at temple gates warning Muslims to stay out? How many will be enough to substantiate the sudden intolerance?

Let me conclude with a recent incident. On 2nd February 2021, Mohammed Suhail (19) and Nizamuddin (21) were accused and arrested for five cases of theft in Mangalore temples in South India. They are regular-looking youth who appear harmless at face value. Now if a priest grew suspicious of their motives and thrashed them, the secular media of the world would type out a 1200-word article on how minorities have been cornered in a Hindu-majority country.

Courtesy: Jihad Watch.

One comment on “Indian Muslims describe their defiling attitude to visit Hindu temples to create utter nuisance.

  1. thirumala raya halemane
    April 4, 2021

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    Me: Beautiful.
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    Me: Ravi, my assessment/ guesses below =
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    King of the South = Saudi Arabia,
    King of the West = United Kingdom,
    Others are being used and/ or helping them directly and/ or indirectly, along with their interests and ideologies, China also included. Nature of the Deep state is involved in various strong ways, including the nature of the different religions and their associated deep states, some extremely very strong… for many others, individuals also, it is just survival under whatever conditions exist for them…
    On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 Thirumala Raya Halemane  wrote:
     actually, hindus need to reclaim all the temples that were destroyed, forcibly taken over,
     (not just the three that BJP / RSS wanted, mostly for political reasons, vote-banking, otherwise they did not care initially)
     and all the other indians, including muslims, have to understand and accept that.
     it is not their (muslim’s) private property anyway, so they should not worry / have hatred towards hindus in india
     (any allowance of alternate land, is out of sympathetic considerations only)..
     you are forgetting the power of hindu temples, for inspiration etc, when you write like below, that it is less important.
    i disagree.
     in fact, everything depends on it (the recovery of the temples), we might say


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