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Yati Narasimhananda Saraswati declares Yati Maa Chetanananda as his successor.


If jihadis succeed in killing me today, then Yogi ji will also be killed tomorrow – Yeti Narasimhananda Saraswati

To prepare for the final battle against Jihad, Yati Narasimhananda Saraswati officially handed over the command of Dasna ShivShakti Dham to Yati Maa Chetanananda Saraswati.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Dasna | May 18, 2021:: After the arrest of a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist who came to Delhi to assassinate Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati ji Maharaj, today at Shiv Shakti Dham Dasna, Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati ji Maharaj held an emergency meeting of his trusted disciples and took several decisions.

Declaring  as his ascetic successor, Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati  handed over all his rights and duties of ShivShakti Dham Dasna to Yati Maa Chetanananda Saraswati ji and declared her as the chief abbot of the temple so that there would be no disruption in the development and arrangement of ShivShakti Dham Dasna after his death or during his final battle against Jihad.

Addressing his close associates, Yati Narasimhananda Saraswati ji said that the time of his sacrifice has come finally. He has exposed the truth and danger of of Islam to every Hindu in the world without caring for his life. Jihadis are active to kill every man who tries to tell this truth to the world.

“I have challenged the jihadists of Islam knowing everything and I am never be afraid of the jihad of Islam nor will we kneel down before jihad. We will never flee or compromise but will make every possible sacrifice and fight for the protection of Sanatan Hindu Dharma at all costs,” Narasimhanand Saraswati stated in a Press Release from Dasna ShivShakti Mandir Temple authority.

Addressing the central and state governments, Swami Narasimhanand Saraswati  said that it was the duty of the government to take care of its citizens in times of danger. He commented, “If those who run the government think that they will get some kind of political benefit from my murder, then it is theirs. It is a huge mistake because after this the morale of Hindus will be very weak and the morale of jihadists of Islam will be very high which will be very deadly”.

Narasimhanand demanded, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath ji  to intervene in the whole matter and give him security.

He also said that now the fight against the jihad of Islam in India has reached its final stage. Now no one here should consider himself safe. If the jihadists of Islam somehow manage to kill Yati Narasimhananda Saraswati very easily then Yogi  Adityanath will also be killed next as  governments always come and go but the goals of the jihadists of Islam are always remain same to kill the kaffirs to establish Islam.

Many dignitaries including Anil Yadav, Baba Parmendra Arya, Dheeraj Fauji, Advocate Ravindra Tyagi, Mohit Bajrangi, Brijmohan Singh, Akshay Tyagi, Sanjay Tyagi, Neeraj Tyagi, Mukesh Tyagi were present in the urgent discussion of Dasna Devi Mata Mandir Parivar (family) when Yati Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati declared Yati Ma Chetnananda Saraswati as his successor to run his Hindutva Mission to end the Jihad from this world.


_Inputs from Dasna ShivShakti Dham Press Release.

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