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Racket busted in Delhi where Muslim juveniles are used to inject Cows to make senseless for illegal slaughter in secret. 

Delhi Police arrests Muslim boy who injects grazing cows secretly to make senseless for slaughtering. Racket busted.

Sajan Singh | HENB | New Delhi | May 21, 2021:: Delhi Police arrested a Muslim boy from Bawana area of JJ Nagar Colony who allegedly used to inject cows to make senseless and informed other elder Muslims to take away those senseless cows for slaughtering.

Some cowherds caught a Muslim boy named Salman (the other Arman fled away) and handed over him to the Delhi Police.

As per information, in the outskirts of Delhi, where big fields are available cowherds from Haryana, Delhi and Western UP generally use to allow their cattle for grazing in their journey from one place to another.

But, they were finding the numbers of cattle as decreasing in numbers for unknown reasons.

The Hindu cowherds were kept them vigilant on it and they reveled that some Muslim boys put some sedative or anesthetic injections to  make the cows senseless.

The Muslim guys choose some place solitary to inject the cows and informed the other Muslim elders in the locality so that they would come in the dark of night to  lift those senseless cows in Muslim locality for slaughtering.

From the arrested boy it is known that they were paid Rs.700-1000 for giving such injection successfully. They were also provided with the medicine filled injection syringe.

It is not known, whether such cases as found in Bawana- JJ Colony are operative in other places in Delhi and other states in Delhi for the slaughtering of grazing or stray cows under a definite racket as apprehended.

In India cows are revered as sacred and Hindus worship cow. But, Muslims illegally slaughter cows as their preferred dish to satiate their ‘Beef Jihad’.

India saw earlier how the Muslims juveniles were used to collect stones in day time for stone pelting on police by their elders in Kashmir valley as a part of Hurriyat Jihad. Now, it’s a new revelation that Muslim juveniles are used to inject cow at the pretext of cow slaughter rackets in Delhi.

Some cow vigilante groups urged Delhi police to arrest the master minds of such rackets. Delhi Police is investigating the case.

___Pvt Agencies.

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