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Practicing Hindus must adhere these top 10 points. 


Top 10 points we must adhere to be Practicing Hindus.

  1. Hindus must proclaim Hindu Rashtra (Cultural-Constitutional-Sovereign) in Bharat as their genuine right and that must be infused to majority Hindus. There is no Rashtra for 1.3 billion Hindus in this world.
  2. Hindus must not be dependent upon any Hindu organization as their savior for the reason as Hindu security or Hindu Rashtra, but to activate those organizations for making a Dharma Rashtra in Bharat. However, Hindus should stand as a whole as self-reliant, self-sufficient and locally empowered proponents of Hindu Rashtra. In this process Hindus must know their enemies like Jihadis, Evangelists, Communists and Seculars, also must boycott them out rightly.
  3. Hindu must be all Practicing Hindus, not as the name sake Hindu. They must know Hindu scriptures and minimum rituals of Hindu Dharma (Sandhya, Shashtra Pathan, Nam Jap, Kirtan, Havan and Tilak, any two or more) and must learn self defense as a part of Dharma. Every Hindu must do Yog-Asana-Pranayam-Surya Namaskar –Dhyan etc. power pack work out on daily basis along with spiritual practices on daily basis. Every Hindu house must keep Tulsi, Gita (to read regularly) and Gang water in the Puja Place.
  4. Hindus must renounce birth based caste system and must stand as a Broader Hindu Unity (Virat Hindu Sangam) to materialize the Practical Hindutva and find the specialty, excellence and and intellect in everyone. All Hindus must take care of their Hindu neighbours to keep Hindu strength intact. Capable Hindus couples must not be indulged into non-reasonable birth control and take chances to give birth 2-3 children to make India a Hindu majority.
  5. All Mandirs (Temples) must be revived as potential empowerment centers of Hindus. Hindus must go the Temples a mandate of the saints and seers and new generation of Hindus must be driven towards temple culture. Hindus must be attached with Temple Chain and must participate in daily/weekly temple prayers/aarti.
  6. Hindus must take vow against Land Jihad, Love Jihad, Beef Jihad, Sharia, Islamic Bank, Halal and Conversion. Hindus must be connected with Prevention of animal cruelties group (Save Cow groups), Prevention of Love Jihad Group, Prevention of Religious Conversion Groups etc.
  7. Hindus must be involved in Temple Protection (Mandir Raksha), Cow Protection (Gau Raksha) as well and propagation of Ayurveda and Sanskrit.
  8. Hindus must boycott Adharmik and anti-Hindu Secular concept of Politics and demand Hindutva based (Pro-Hindu) Politics in the progress of all round Hindu Empowerment.
  9. Hindus must boycott all non-Hindu (Halal, 786 & KGN brand) groceries, shops, business houses, hotels, restaurants, food chain, daily and house hold labours, Non-Hindu barbers, carpenters, mobile tariff recharging shops, Non-Hindu doctors, artisans, tutors, Halal brands and everything and maintain all needs only from Hindu fraternity. Capable Hindus must contribute wealth and make donation to such organizations involved in the strengthening of Hindu Rashtra. Hindus must donate something on regular basis for the welfare of Sanatan Dharma and Hindu Society.
  10. All Hindus must jump collectively while a Hindu or community as a whole in any danger. Hindus must not depend upon state to protect them. Hindus must gain that strength to neutralize all attacks upon them from any side of confrontation.

Following the above points in our life genuinely in parts or as a whole, we will get a blissful and powerful life being a practicing Hindu to sacrifice our self in the making of  Dharmik Hindu, Parivarik Hindu, Samajik Hindu and a Hindu Rashtra in ultimate.

Upananda Brahmachari/ Ed.



One comment on “Practicing Hindus must adhere these top 10 points. 

  1. DR T . Naidoo
    June 8, 2021

    Dear Sir,

    I will be grateful if someone at Struggle for Hindu Existence would contact me personally.

    We must put on a stronger struggle and it seems there are not enough people in Bharat to take up the struggle.

    Please reply.

    Thillay Naidoo


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