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Islamic Conversion of Minority Hindus in Covid Relief Trap. India is speechless on this gross Human Rights violation in Pakistan.

Pic Conversion

At least 60 Hindus were allegedly forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan’s Sindh province’s Malti area in Covid Relief Trap.

Nafisa Ameen | HENB | Karachi | July 13, 2021:: The Hindus were compelled to recite the Kalimas (Islamic oath of allegiance) in front of municipal chairperson Abdul Rauf Nizamani.

Abdul Rauf took to Facebook to announce that 60 people had accepted Islam under his supervision and asked people to keep them in their prayers.

Screen Grab

In another video, the cleric is seen claiming that it was their first-ever recitation of the Namaz.

Earlier Pakistan’s Sindh Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution demanding that the practice of forced conversions and abductions of Hindu girls must be stopped and action be taken against those involved in such activities.

The resolution — moved on Tuesday by Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) lawmaker Nand Kumar Goklani — was supported by the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party as well as Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the hardline Jamaat-e-Islami, the Express Tribune reported.

The resolution comes months after the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in its annual report in April raised concerns about incidents of forced conversions and marriages of Hindu and Christian girls, saying around 1,000 such cases were reported in the southern Sindh province alone last year.

As per Pakistani News paper Express Tribune, at least 59 Hindus converted to Islam in Badin after the landlord, whose agricultural land they have been cultivating for years, invited them to do so reportedly in exchange for protection and economic support.

The converts, including 23 women, all belong to the Bheel community and have been working the agricultural lands of the former Matli municipal committee chairperson Abdul Rauf Nizamani for years.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Nizamani confirmed that the converting ceremony was held in Ismail Wadho village, located on the Matli-Tando Ghulam Ali Road some four kilometres away from Matli city. Around 12 families of the Bheel community converted to Islam at the ceremony held on Tuesday morning.

Sources say that Nizamani has his intimate connection with Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s close friend Mian Mitthu, infamous for mass conversion of marginal Hindus into Islam by Pakistani radicals.

Sources also say that the poor Bheel community agriculture labours were compelled to covert themselves to afford the covid relief and subsidiary help as ‘Islamic Zakat’ could not be available for non-Muslims. This is a gross violation of Human Rights issue.

It is know known, why the neighbouring country, India is not protesting against this violation of Human Rights in Pakistan when they are seen vocal even on the Palestine issue. 

__Inputs from CNN-News18 and Express Tribune. 

2 comments on “Islamic Conversion of Minority Hindus in Covid Relief Trap. India is speechless on this gross Human Rights violation in Pakistan.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 14, 2021

    Do not recognize these conversion. Bring down Pakistan.
    Islam is not a religion. It is a killer organization, just as the
    Vatican religion. They are hungry for power and cancer in this world.
    The same is with the Chinese communism.


  2. Arindam
    July 14, 2021

    First and foremost, we have to ask:

    1) Why does the government in New Delhi still maintain diplomatic, trade and transport ties with the jihadi abomination on its western border?

    2) Why have we not rejected the Indus Waters Treaty?

    3) Why haven’t we declared Pakistan a terrorist state?

    We all know that the Congress is an anti-national party…. but why is the BJP following in its footsteps?


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