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Sikhs, Hindus in Afghanistan send SOS under the extreme Talibani torture.

Help us before it’s too late: Islamically persecuted Sikhs, Hindus in Afghanistan.


On 25 March 2020, ISIS-Haqqani network gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the Gurdwara Har Rai Sahib in Kabul, Afghanistan (Pic. Reuters).

Paramjit Singh | HENB | Amritsar | July 21, 2021:: Due to the utter silence of its Indian counterpart, the Afghan Govt authorities have also been ignoring the bare minority Sikh and Hindu people in Afghanistan amidst the Talibani hegemony in that country for years. Now, Sikh  and Hindu communities of war-torn Afghanistan have appealed to the international community to evacuate them to safety before it is too late. But, Modi govt in India, the propagator of CAA (Citizen Amendment Act by which the religiously persecuted Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists-Jains-Parsis-Christians in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan can get citizenship in India under some procedure) in India is playing a game of precept in some way!

Talking to TOI on Monday, president of Gurdwara Kartae Parwan, Kabul, Gurnam Singh said there were around 150 Sikhs and Hindus living in Kabul under constant fear of Taliban.

 “For now, we are living in Kabul and are safe but for nobody knows for how long we will remain safe,” said Gurnam, adding that they were scared to move out.

He said four out of five gurdwaras in Kabul were closed and Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was being done only at Gurdwara Kartae Parwan.

He said the remaining Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan didn’t want to go to India as there was no financial security for them. “I lived in India for a few months, my 14-year-old daughter was infected with coronavirus and died for want of oxygen, following which I returned to Kabul,” he said, adding that the condition of other Afghani Hindus and Sikhs living in Delhi was not good.

Meanwhile, Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation, Khalsa Aid Canada and World Sikh Organisation (WSO) of Canada (WSO) have urged the government of Canada to create a special programme for Afghanistan’s highly vulnerable Sikh and Hindu minorities.

Hindu Sikh Persecution in Afghanistan“We are in strong agreement with those asking the government of Canada to act swiftly by providing a way to safety for vulnerable populations in Afghanistan. This includes Sikh and Hindu minorities that have been longstanding targets of extremist groups. Attacks at places of worship have led to the killing of children and adults. Further loss of life is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when,” said Balpreet Singh Boparai, legal counsel, WSO on Monday evening.

He said in 2015, Manmeet Singh Bhullar took on the cause of helping Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan. Since his passing, the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation has worked with the government of Canada and community partners to bring 60 refugees to Canada with 120 in the queue to arrive shortly through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees programme.

Interestingly, the Khalistani supporters in Canada, UK, Australia and Germany always praise Muslim people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and try to find match making with the Muslim fundamental groups to gain a support from them in the progress of Khalistan. But, the same fanatic Muslim people are no torturing the Sikh people in Pakistan and Afghanistan along with the Hindu minorities there.

In March 2020, there was a massive attack in a Gurudwara in Kabul by Jihadi extrimists where 25 Sikh devotees were died+. In July 2020, Times Now took an interview of one Gurjit Singh, who lost his father and cousin brother in that Gurudwara attack in Kabul.

Gurjit expressed his ordeal in this way, “I Was born in Afghanistan, but I don’t want to go back there again. We are constantly targeted, our women and children live a life of fear and uncertainty. When our children go to school, their books are torn, they are treated with abusive languages and what not!”

Gurjit Singh, one of the 11 Sikhs who were chartered then on a special flight from Afghanistan. The Sikh community has been under constant persecution from the extremist Muslim organisation. These attacks in chain have sparked anxiety and a life fear for the remaining Sikhs.

In a recent video as available in the internet that the Talibans are forcefully molesting the minor girls and trying to lift them from their homes.

The situation of Sikh and Hindu minorities, very small in numbers in Afghanistan Capital Kabul and in some part of that Islamic country is worst beyond any imagination. Under Talibani whip and whim, Afghanistan will be infidel less, there will be no kaffir at all, each and every Sikh and Hindu will be killed, converted or driven out. But before that, is it possible to  save them anyway under the intervention of  Indian PM Narendra Modi?

There is no sharp reaction of Sikh Organisations in India so far for the Jihadi persecution of minority Sikhs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

__Inputs from TOI, HT and Times Now.

One comment on “Sikhs, Hindus in Afghanistan send SOS under the extreme Talibani torture.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 22, 2021

    India where are you? Can’t you not invade Afghanistan and destroy the
    Taliban? Are you not able to do it? Can you not protect the minorities
    there? All the years went by without any progress. The next human
    disaster is coming. Repetition of the same. This is a message of Sri
    Hanuman Seva Sena.


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