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Secret Christian Conversion Racket busted in a village near Ayodhya, 40 detained.

Ayodhya Christian Conversion racket

Christian Conversion Racket: Secret religious conversion racket was running in the village adjacent to the highway near Ayodhya, busted after the raid, more than 40 detained for interrogation.


  • District administration raids on information of change of religion from Hindu to Christanity
  • SDM, CO and Tehsildar on the spot
  • The team reached on the information of religious conversion in Chandpur village of Bikapur Kotwali
  • More than 40 people were caught, many women also detained

Smita Jalan | HENB | Ayodhya | Oct 2, 2021::  A shocking case has come to light in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Here at a place on the side of the highway, a program of mass conversion in the name of Jesus was going on. On information, the district administration raided and detained 40 people. Many women are also included in these people under arrest.

It is being told that the district administration had received information about secret Christian conversion in the area. SDM Kotwali reached Chandpur village of Bikapur with police and other officers of the administration. Most of the conversion targets are believed to be ‘dalit’ and ‘backward’ Hindu community.

The game was going on in the village on the side of the highway
Here many people had gathered in a house on the side of the highway. SDM Bikapur Anurag Prasad told that the people of the village had informed about this, after which he reached there with the team. People who got converted to religion by raiding have been taken into custody.

Local people objected the Christian Conversion trick by ‘fake healing’ in the name of Jesus and ‘black magic’.

Interrogation of detained people
The SDM said that many women are also included among those taken into custody. Most inquiries are being made. Further legal action will be taken after inquiry.

Protest from local Hindu organisations

Local Hindu organizations protested such conversion racket near the Hindu Holy shrine Ayodhya, believed as the birth place of Lord Rama. They say, “Missionaries get a lot of funds from abroad. Poor Hindus are converted with the lure of money. The game will go on until the source of the funds is stopped”.

The protesting Hindu organizations demanded immediate ban on such Christian conversion ploy.

Read this news in Hindi: अयोध्या के बीकापुर में हाइवे हाइवे से सटे गांव में गुपचुप चल रहा था ईसाई धर्म परिवर्तन रैकेट, छापे के बाद हुआ भंडाफोड़, 40 से ज्यादा हिरासत में

__inputs from NBT.

2 comments on “Secret Christian Conversion Racket busted in a village near Ayodhya, 40 detained.

  1. Deshpande RaghavendraRao
    October 2, 2021

    The incident of converting Hindus forcibly into Christianity is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not known in how many places in India such illegal religious forcible religious conversions are taking place. Central Govt should take SPL steps to trace out such centers and punish the criminals.


  2. impex1
    October 2, 2021

    Hare Krishna Prabhu 10/02/2021

    Conversion of all kinds must be declared punishable by 20 years RI and No Parole. Only other can convert to Hinduism, “Ghar Vapisi”. Mier Jaffers who are not happy in India they should go whereevr they want to after giving up their Indian Nationality never to return ever not even on tourist/business visa. But if they prefer to live in India then must rescind their Mier Jaffer majhab and return home. Hare Krishna, Get Well Soon Prabhu.

    Anand, NJ USA.



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