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Annoyed Gurugram residents object to Namaz in Public Places.

Gurugram Agitation against Namaz in Public Place

Namaz is related to Jihad and Islamic Terrorism: Controversy over namaz in Gurugram public place.

Hindu-Sikh residents in Gurugram perform ‘aarti’ during ‘namaz’ amid police deployment.

Sumedha Singh | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 9, 2021:: A fresh controversy has erupted over offering of ‘namaz’ on public space after members of Hindu organisations and residents of Gurugram Sector-47, including women, reached a community namaz site (open ground) and raised slogans as well as performed ‘aarti’ during Friday prayers.
However, prayers were offered at the site in Sector-47 amid heavy police deployment.
Though the situation remained peaceful, a group of 50-70 residents from nearby sectors and members of a Hindu group arrived at the time of namaz to voice their opposition to prayers being offered in an open space, citing “security” and “traffic” concerns.
At 12.30 p.m. the members of a Hindu organisation and sector-47 residents reached the community namaz site here.
Mohammad Tahir, who works at a carpenter’s shop, said he had been coming to the site for more than two years but had witnessed objections only during the last two-three weeks.
“Only for the past two-three weeks, some people come here and disrupt prayers and asked us to vacate the area. We are all wearing masks, following Covid-19 norms and praying in peace,” Tahir added.
The statement of Tahir is false as the local non-Muslims residents have been objecting the Namaz in Public places creating various nuisance since August this year when there was a heavy agitation by the Hindu people in sector – 22 in Dwarka against a Haj house within a Hindu area+. 
In Delhi, Muslims are trying to encroach public places to open new Mosques, prayer places  and grave yards with the convenience of Wakf Board, as reported. 
“This land comes under the control of state government. As the residents here we object to anyone practising their faith on the roads and disrupt traffic movement. There is a security threat for all residents as Namaz is related to Land Jihad and Islamic Terrorism,” said a sector-47 resident.
The residents said those who had gathered to oppose namaz claimed that the sites designated in May 2018 by the district administration were for only a specific period. But, the Muslims used the place  for Namaz since then illegally.
Read the news in Bengali: প্রকাশ্যে নমাজ পাঠের প্রতিবাদ গুরগাঁওয়ের স্থানীয়দের, জমি জিহাদের অভিযোগ, ব্যারিকেড পুলিসের
__inputs from IANS and Sangbad Pratidin.

One comment on “Annoyed Gurugram residents object to Namaz in Public Places.

  1. impex1
    October 11, 2021

    Jai Hind Prabhu 10/11/2021

    During Namaz mier jaffers recite N Curse to other faith. It is not a dharma rather a cult. Namaz must be banned by Cenrral government in Public Places with immediate effect. Convey to BJP openly You want Our full support then make sure and safeguard Hindus. There should be National Ban on Conversion, uthak baithak namaz at Public Places and BUR KA. JaiHind




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