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Vanishing Hindu Temples, Shrines and Heritage Sites in Islamic Pakistan.

Tilla Jogian Punjab

Tilla Jogian is a hill in district Jhelum (Punjab) in Pakistan. It means the Hill of Jogis or Yogis. It is an ancient place sacred to Hindus for over two thousand years. It houses a big complex of several Hindu temples and built caves of Nath Monastic Order, which are now crumbling. It is told That Guru Nanak alo visted this place and meditated for long 40 days. Local persons tell that until 1947 it was a very busy place and Hindu monks (Nath Yogis) prayed here and looked after it and a large number of Hindu yatris regularly visited this place. The path up the hill was very good and safe, ladies often used horses or mules to travel. In short it was a bustling place. After the upheavals of 1947, Hindus left the area and now place is almost totally abandoned. The stone path is also crumbling. The trail starts from the village Bhet, on the northern side of the hill and goes winding up for almost 3 kilometers, ascending for nearly 500 meters. Now, the place is abandoned and the relics of it are turning almost untraceable under utter negligence of the Pakistan authorities, which could be preserved well as heritage site undoubtedly.

Pakistan’s vanishing Hindu Temples, Shrines and Heritage Sites.

Upananda Brahmachari.

It’s a tragic story that fanatic Muslim people performed their best role to erase Hindu signs from it map after India-Pakistan partition.

In that row the Islamist people destroyed and drove away the Hindu population, degenerated the Hindu culture and heritage and damaged maximum Hindu temples and signs to make a success of the mission of ‘Kafir Free Pakistan’ as a whole.  This victimization has been affected upon all other minorities including Hindus and Sikhs.

It was not a new episode to persecute and perish the non-Muslim people in that region of Pakistan on just before  and after 1947, according to Islamic history of barbarity every land of Islamic dominance had its own Jihadi tradition to eliminate non-Muslims by forceful conversion or culpable genocide.

Once Pakistan was a land of glorious Hindu and Buddhist antiquity and famed for its rich culture and tradition. Not only Taxila, many places in Gilgit Baltistan. Gandhara. Takht-i-Bahi, Mingora and Swat valley were famous for its Buddhist period. In the same way, research can establish the Hindu inheritance in the lands of Pakistan throughout the regions of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Part of Pak occupied Kashmir, Part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and even in many places in Karachi and Islamabad. But those Hindu reminiscence merged in the oblivion due to planned operation of Islamic evacuation or in utter negligence to protect those. Though many these Hindu and Bhuddhist civilization got the blow of time and calamity, the Islamic attacks on Hindu and Buddhist people were rampant and abundant for which victim non-Muslim people and their practices were perished pitiably. Many declared heritage sites of Hindu and Buddhist roots are not maintained properly.

The condition of persecuted Hindus are so pathetic in present Pakistan, it is difficult to prepare a list of existing temples in Pakistan with their pictures, location and present situation prevailing there.

Many renowned Hindu sites as mentioned in the pages in the history, annals and gazetteers related to Pakistan have no trace at present and those are not listed in any current record.

As per rough estimation Pakistan had more than mentionable 2500 Hindu temples, shrines and pilgrimages before 1947 which has come down to less than 500 in present days many which luckily survived from the fanatic spate of attacks  in 1992 and 1993 after the Babri structure demolition in India. Though the issue of Babri demolition in India was used to be a point of Islamist fury, Hindu religious establishments in Pakistan are always turned as subject to Jihadi attack with fabricated or mere communal causes.


Prahladpuri Temple was a Hindu temple located in Multan city of Punjab province in Pakistan, adjacent to the Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya. Named after Prahlada, it is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Narasimha. The temple is presently in ruins, since its destruction in 1992 by a Muslim mob in retaliation for the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, India and the site is currently owned by Evacuee Trust Property Board. The place is under the grab of real estate promoters and lost its religious importance under Islamic perpetration. There are so many Hindu sites which are under the grab of tourism and real estate business promoting ignoring those religious importance.

Researchers say that Pakistan had an admirable Hindu population more than 15% of its total populace in the past two-three decades just before 1947. But that has come down to less than 2% at present under the deadliest attacks and persecution in the name of Sharia and Jihad in Pakistan. Like other Islamic State, Pakistan has also the same Islamic attribute to annihilate the non-Muslim people in its territory. After the emergence of Pakistan as a de facto Islamic State in 1947, the minority population in Pakistan has come down to bottom due to the excessive Islamist exercise during these years of mayhem on the minorities.

Such a plight upon the minorities in Pakistan was never pointed out by any Pakistani researcher in any case taking all such accountability in the light of humanitarian ground. Rather, the ‘deliberate sinners’  in the clan of authors, historians, journalists in Pakistan enjoyed the gradual decline of Hindus and other minorities from Pakistan and shaded ‘crocodile tears’ sometimes to show their manufactured human face.

However, we must not discard the endeavours of some authors and journalists who highlighted the disappearing ruins of Hindu temples and other Jain, Sikh and Buddhist heritage sites gradually entering into oblivion without any notice of the authorities likely to be designated to protect those.

Many writers and social activists like Zahiha Rehaman Jatt, Ema Anis, Farooq Soomro, Akhtar Balouch, Aziz Kingrani, Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro, Taimur Shamil and Shiraz Hassan wrote their musings on the Pakistan’s vanishing Temples, Shrines and Heritage Sites of Sanatani, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh, all of Hindu roots. These write ups appeared in Dawn News Paper time to time between 2013 to 2019. Obviously, the efforts are mentionable to attempt for keeping the records of Hindu past and present of Pakistan in a way.

In these series, the interested persons can walk through some Hindu antecedents of Pakistan from the pieces as given below:

The above records have immense importance as the facts are authenticated by Pakistani writers, journalists and social activists.

Along with the above if we consider the news and facts reflected in the writings in the following links, we clearly understand the reality of Pakistan’s vanishing Hindus, Temples, Shrines and Heritage Sites as a destiny of the minority people surviving in the last lot there in a serious existential crisis.

The efforts to make a conclusive list in this matter is meaningless and impossible.

As a matter of fact, the optimum oppression upon Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan by the fanatic Islamic clerics and fundamental Muslim people is all time high and the Jihadi brutality in Pak is designed to evade all the signs of non-Islamic roots from its origin. Consequently, the numbers of Hindu temples, prayer places of other minorities and non-Islamic heritage sites are set as the prey of attacks, destruction and degeneration as a whole.

In recent times, there is another tendency is being surfaced that the places of Hindu religious and historical prominence are being treated as mere tourist sites ignoring its religious and historical importance. This is also a culpable Islamic design to deny the ancient Hindu roots of Pakistan still found in many parts of the country.

Pakistan is making of a museum for the disappearing Hindus and other minorities there with their signs and significance. Hindu minorities in Pakistan are struggling hard for their survival in different field of life in all possible ways. Hindu organizations in Pakistan (Pakistan Hindu Council, Pakistan Hindu Panchayat etc.) must give importance to build a right coordination of all striving Hindus and prepare a nationwide existing temple lists with pictures and short history of those along with the managing committee and a month wise Hindu success and persecution calendar to highlight the actual position of Pakistani Hindus for the Global Hindus with every possible updates.

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