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Fanatic Muslim mob attacked ISKCON Temple in Dhaka shouting Allah ho Akbar.

Police deployed in disturbed area, Indian High Commission in touch with authorities.

ISKCON temple in Dhaka vandalized by Islamist mob screaming “Allah ho Akbar”, 3 injured.

ISKCON sharply condemned the attack on Radhakanta Jiu Temple in Dhaka and also criticized the UN move to observe 15th March as International Day against Islamophobia including UN’s inaction to save the minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

IslamistSulochan Das | HENB | Dhaka | March 19, 2022:: A frenzy Muslim mob of 200 people allegedly vandalized the ISKCON Radhkanta temple in Bangladesh’s Dhaka on Thursday, news agency ANI reported. This comes as a regular  attacks on religious places of Minority Hindus in the country. Indian government sources told ANI that the High Commission in Dhaka is in touch with the authorities there.

The mob was reportedly led by one Haji Shafiullah with many criminal activities on record.

The mob vandalized and looted an ISKCON Radhakanta temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh while shouting ‘Naraye Taqbir, Allah ho Akbar’. According to reports, at least three members of the temple at 222, Lal Mohan Saha Street, in Wari, Dhaka were injured in the attack.

The Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus, an organization working for the welfare of the minority Hindu community in that country shared visuals of the attack on various social media platforms and appealed for help.

“On the night of Shab-e-Barat, extremists are again attacking the Wari Radhakanta #ISKCON temple in Dhaka. We are requesting to all the Hindus play their role in protecting the temple,” The Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus said in a tweet. The handle also shared images of the alleged act. The organization also claimed that the police did not take any action when the extremist groups were carrying out an attack on the ISKCON temple in Dhaka.

ISKCON Dhaka Attacked by Muslim Hooligans

According to a press release on the official website of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), 150 perpetrators led by one Haji Shafiullah attacked the ISKCON temple at 22 Lalmohon Saha Street of Wari Thana in Dhaka at 8 pm on March 17. “They vandalized the temple, murti, and looted money and other valuable things. At least 3 Hindu devotees were injured during this attack,” the HAF said in a release on its website.

Sharp reactions also came from ISKCON authorities condemning the attack and the callousness of the United Nations in the face of growing Islamic attacks on minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan. ISKCON also criticized the UN move to observe 15th March as International Day against Islamophobia.

As hundreds of Muslim people vandalize, loot Radhakanta Jiu temple in Dhaka, ISKCON criticizes UN’s support for Islamophobia and condemns the inaction of UN to address attacks of Minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

In a series of tweets, Radharaman Das, Vice President of ISKCON, Kolkata expressed his deep concern: “It’s very very unfortunate incident on the eve of Dol Yatra & Holi celebrations. Just  few days ago, United Nations passed a resolution declaring 15th March as International day to combat Islamophobia. We are surprised that same United Nations is mute to the suffering of thousands of helpless Bangladeshi & Pakistani minorities. So many of the Hindu minorities have lost their lives, property, have been raped, but alas, all United Nations can do is to ponder upon Islamophobia. The conditions of Hindu minorities worldwide is very concerning, including India where Hindus r minorities. Hindus have to STOP looking towards namesake institutions like UN which is mute to the cries of Hindus: UN-mute @UN.

Radharaman Das Tweets on UN

Interacting with India Today, Radharaman Das said that at least three devotees were injured in the attack on the temple. They are recovering and their condition is not serious. He added that the administration in Bangladesh acted swiftly this time in dispersing the mob, unlike the incident in Noakhali last year.

“Unlike October-November, when attack happened in Noakhali where one Iskcon priest was killed and police did not come, massive deployment of Bangladesh police was rushed to the spot, who drove the mob away,” Das told India Today.


As per source, Dhaka Police arrested four persons connected with vandalization. A contingent of 12 armed police persons was also deployed in front of ISKCON Dhaka to avert further attacks. An FIR was also registered in the Wari PS in DMP Dist bearing case no 10/58 dated 18.03.2022 under BD Penal Code 143,448,427,323,307,379,506 and 34.

Indian High Commission in touch with authorities

Meanwhile, the High Commission of India has said that it remains in touch with the minority groups, law enforcement, and senior leaders in Bangladesh. The high commission said that the cause of the dispute, according to the Bangladeshi authorities, was a longstanding dispute over the land on which the ISKCON temple exists.

“Reportedly, a recent judgment in the dispute went in favor of one litigant, who then tried to unilaterally enforce his title by force,” the high commission said, according to sources.

“Local authorities intervened thereafter and brought the situation under control. The injured have been admitted in Dhaka Medical College. Cases have been filed by both parties in the matter, and police are examining the same,” it added.

Violence during Durga Puja 2021

Last year, Hindus were rampantly attacked,  several people were killed and Many Durga Puja Pandals were vandalized and desecrated after violence erupted after news spread on social media that the Quran was allegedly desecrated at a Durga Puja pandal near Nanuar Dighi area in Comilla town, Bangladesh. But, later police revealed the conspiracy against Hindus and arrested one Ikbal Hossain for placing a copy of the Quran at the feet of a Hindu deity in a Durga Puja pandal in Comilla.

Previously, similar incidents were also reported from Tipu Sultan Road in Dhaka and Kotwali in Chittagong.

Islamic violence during Hindu festivals in Bangladesh has become a common agenda of the Radicals in Bangladesh.

Read this news in Bengali: ইসকন মন্দিরে মুসলিম মৌলবাদী আক্রমণ, ভাঙচুর ও লুঠের  ঘটনায় ঢাকায় উত্তেজনা! কী পদক্ষেপ ভারতের?

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One comment on “Fanatic Muslim mob attacked ISKCON Temple in Dhaka shouting Allah ho Akbar.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    March 20, 2022

    It was a mistake to create Bangladesh and Pakistan. This is the result
    if politicians have lost their minds. Why? The Allah-killers (destroyers) have
    only one goal to destroy the very HERITAGE of Bharat. They came as
    invaders, lost the wars and got as present a piece of land to stay. But
    still day do not satisfied and did not overcome their cruel/brutal culture.
    This can not be accepted. If they do not stop, no matter, they then have
    to be wiped out. They have the same culture as the papal western Christians. They all are uncivilized, cruel and looters. The region never will
    have peace and progress with these remnants of the past. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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