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Save the Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka from being the worst victims in the present crisis.

Tamil Hindus may be the worst victim in the present humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka.

Maravanpulavu Kanapathipillai Sachithananthan interviewHENB | Kolkata | April 10, 2022:: Shri Maravanpulavu K Sachithananthan*, (Founder Shiv Senai, Sri Lanka) had a brief stint in Calcutta when Sri Lanka back home is amid the worst crisis in the post-independence era. In an exclusive interview to ‘Bengal Volunteers’, he has come out with groundbreaking revelations regarding the fiasco, fast dwindling scenario of Tamil Hindus, and exorbitant growth of fanaticism through Christian missionaries and Islamists.

A nation disrobed all with heading to a catastrophic destiny, that’s what Sri Lanka is in the global context at the moment….while the blood of protracted civil war continue to dribble still in the island nation and state-owned fanaticism refuses to end, gutted Hindu Tamil natives there are in a morass….. would the providence be benign enough to them for a resumption – this single answer has been searched in this exclusive, explosive interview of Shri Kanapathipillai Sachithananthan, (Founder Shiv Senai, Sri Lanka)  to ‘Bengal Volunteers’. Animitra Chakroborty, the Gen Secretary of Bengal Volunteers took the interview of Sachithananthan on April 5 in Kolkata as a special arrangements made by Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor,

What’s most unfortunate, Hindu Tamils, unlike others and Hindu Bengalis in particular, who had been audacious enough to wage a protracted war of strongest resistance against the hegemony of despotism coupled with fanaticism, are a disgruntled lot nowadays thanks to their ‘defeated psychology’ following a crushing defeat and with it has initiated the cataclysm…. And exploiting the same has emerged a few reprobates, feeble till the other day but proficient enough now to ‘make hay while the sun shines’…..namely, Evangelists and Islamists and their blended coercion has put the island nation of Sri Lanka to peril or cul de sac, precisely amid this deepest crisis…Buddhists there are feeling the heat, finally while Tamil Hindus do remain adrift…that’s the greatest question that needs to be answered before long.

Tamil Hindus’ damned lot in downfallen Sri Lanka – Part I.

Tamil Hindus’ damned lot in downfallen Sri Lanka – Part II.

In a nutshell, there is hardly any difference between Tamil Hindus and Bengali Hindus at the moment, even if the former is known as combatant…..indigenous Prabhakaran of Bengali Hindus is yet to arrive.

Hindus must brush aside schism and also be cognizant, audacious enough to brave any eventuality. This is no scrupulous sermon for those dwelling in the island nation of Sri Lanka, but for Hindus worldwide….unless they change themselves and stick to the combatant notion of Dharma, existence, not to speak of melioration, remains too risky.

While Sri Lanka is in midst of a catastrophe with no nation disposed to come forth to redeem its glory, Tamil Hindus find themselves in a quagmire there under a Buddhist misrule.

Even then, Sachithananthan hopes that serious and joint efforts of all Sri Lankan population only for two to three hours a day meaningfully without political bias, can make Sri Lanka again a paradise.

But, as the failed Govts in Shri Lank have been posed indifferent to the plights of Tamil Hindus in all earlier occasions, the present crisis in Sri Lanka may victimize the Tamil Hindus more fatally again in the current spate, hinted Sachithananthan.

[*Sri Lanka Shiv Sena Founder- Shri Maravanpulavu Kanapathipillai Sachithananthan worked as Consultant, FAO/UN (Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, South West Indian Ocean during 1979 -1985 and in South Pacific region in 1971) and as lecturer of Zoology in University of Jaffna during 1977 to 1979].

Courtesy: Bengal Volunteers Web Team.

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2 comments on “Save the Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka from being the worst victims in the present crisis.

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  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    April 10, 2022

    The world is becoming a big mess. No safety, no peace and no food.
    Only destruction. This is the work of politicians. Full of hate and incompetence. The world needs VED-GURUS, Only GURUS can save the world. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena. Rishis-Munis are
    the proof.


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