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Why Hindutva groups call for economic boycott of Muslims in ‘Khargone model’?

Several booked after boycott video surfaces in violence-hit Khargone in Madhya Pradesh.

Hindus are not ready to accept the Jihadi attacks on their religious festivals or in other occasions. So, they are set to use the ‘boycott weapons’ to teach the Muslims as ‘tit for tat’.

KhagoneUpendra Bharti | HENB | Bhopal | April 27, 2022:: Days after major communal violence rocked Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone town, a video featuring a purported call to boycott members of a particular community has surfaced, leading the police to file a case against unidentified persons, officials said on Tuesday, while a second video shows local Bharatiya Janata Party MP Gajendra Patel  prodding people to give a ‘tit for tat’ reply to those who pelted stones during Ram Navami celebrations.  The communal situation broke out after stones were pelted on a Hindu’s Ram Navami procession by Muslims on Sunday, April 10 in Khargone and many places in and around Khargone, where even where there were no Ram Navmi processions. [See video reports[1][2][3][4][5][6]etc.].

In the first clip, which went viral on social media, an announcement made on a truck-mounted sound system was heard giving the call to boycott the community members, accusing them of spreading violence in the town, which saw arson and stone pelting during Ram Navami celebrations on April 10 and where the curfew was relaxed for nine hours. This video clip was uploaded by the National Herald in You Tube platform.

Some videos have appeared in which members of Gayatri Pariwar – a religious organisation founded by Shri Ram Sharma Acharya in Uttarakhand – can be seen administrating an oath to the people urging them not to buy goods from Muslim shopkeepers.

In this video, a group of women supposedly connected with Gayatri Pariwar was purportedly seen taking a resolve to financially boycott vidharmis (heretic) by not purchasing from their shops and not selling stuff to them.

In another viral video, a van on which a big loudspeaker is mounted can be seen urging people to boycott Muslim shopkeepers. This is also uploaded by the National Herald in You Tube platform.

The police came to know about the video on Monday night and its content was being investigated and people involved were being identified, he said.

A Police Official said as per preliminary information, the announcement purportedly heard in the video was made on April 19 in Katargaon, located nearly 60 km from the district headquarters.

The announcer was heard requesting Hindus to boycott the adharmi (impious) and pakhandi (hypocrite) shopkeepers and give them a befitting reply while accusing them of stone pelting during a Ram Navami procession and burning the houses of Hindus in Khargone.

In order to put pressure on the police, a Hindu organization pasted posters all over the city on April 17 which said that “Hindus will not open their shops till appropriate action is taken…You are requested to support (the demand)”.


Khargone’s in-charge superintendent of police Rohit Kashwani said after they came across the video, a case was registered on Monday night against unidentified persons on charge of spreading enmity between different groups.

Karahi police station in-charge Parmanand Goyal said the case was registered under Indian Penal Code Section 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony).

When asked about this, sub-divisional magistrate Milind Dhoke told PTI that the administration was looking into the video clip.

The video is not clear and after an investigation, further legal steps will be taken, Dhoke said.

The local administration relaxed the curfew in the violence-hit town for nine hours — from 8 am to 5 pm — for the fourth day in a row on Tuesday and allowed plying of passenger buses during the period.

Though the situation of Khargone is gradually coming to a normalcy, the united Hindus in the city are not ready  to accept the Jihadi attacks on their religious festivals or in other occasions. So, they are set to use the boycott weapons to teach the Muslims as tit for tat. The ‘Khargone Model’ of economic boycott of Muslim traders by the Hindutva groups may result a greater consequence if the intolerant Jihadi mentality of Muslims would not be stopped for the religious festival of Hindus and other non Muslims.

In the meanwhile, Gajendra Patel, BJP MP from the violence-hit district, has given an bold speech in a religious event in which he can be heard saying that Hindus should be prepared to fight for their religion.

In an available video featuring Khargone’s BJP Lok Sabha MP Gajendra Patel that surfaced on Tuesday, he is heard prodding people to give a ‘tit-for-tat’ reply to stone pelters.

Patel, as per the local media, said that “stones were pelted during the Ram Navami procession…”. He said that the entire Hindu society should unite in protest against violence.

“You have pelted stones on procession of Lord Ram and their devotees where flowers should have been showered. You should see the pain of our mothers, sisters and brothers. This is the country of mother India, where our lives are based on religion,” he was heard saying in the video.

The Lok Sabha member further said, “If you have rained stones, then we are also the followers of Sanatan Dharma. Be prepared to answer with bricks and stones.”

He said a “powerful” government exists in the country, which does not compromise on any issue.

“Take a resolution that no tyrant will be able to throw stones at us, prepare for it,” said Patel, who was speaking at a programme on Sunday night in Kasrawad town of Khargone district.

Hindus of Khargone are resolute enough to curb the sinister Jihad plan of PFI, AIMIM, Tauheed Jamaat, Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamaat-e-Ulemai-Hind to rule over majority Hindus with the help of political power like Mughal or Sultani period.

The Khargone Model of Hindu Resistance will be accepted obviously by majority people in other parts of India also, if the Muslims of India are not found in the readiness to reject the Quranic lessons to ‘harm and kill’ the non-Muslims henceforth. Common Muslims must understand the practical situation related with Hindu reaction than the fanatic teachings of their Maulana, Moulavi and Political leaders.

__Inputs from PTI | Rediff | National Herald | Aaj Tak | Republic Bharat.

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