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This Murderous War of Hindutva Politics must be stopped in Maharashtra.

Bring back the golden days of BJP and Shiv Sena alliance.

Stop this Murderous War of Hindutva Politics in Maharashtra at any cost.

Good TimeUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | May 15, 2022:: The politics of Hindutva hatred is now synonymous of BJP-Shiva Sena enmity creating huge tug of war of words. This is great crisis of Hindutva Politics from which the anti-Hindu elements are gaining the political mileage putting the majority people in a peril of politics.

Shiv Sena Chief and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray recently told, “If you come after us, we will also not show mercy.”

It’s a clear indication that the Shiv Sena Chief has adopted an obvious stand to fight against its former ally BJP which reveals the intolerance of the both parties those who were tied each other in the closest proximity of a Hindutva politics Maharashtra, also considered as a model for the national politics of Hindutva alliance.

Unfortunately, by now, the Hindutva tussle intensifies between present Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackery and his counterpart Devendra Fadnavis, the former CM of Maharashtra.

For the ill fetched policy of both the parties, they are fighting each other with the same swords of Hindutva to murder the prosperity of Hindutva politics in India!

If we want to review the BJP-Sena Politics before 2019 in Maharashtra it was never free from tussle of alliance over many issues but that did not go beyond control and catastrophe.

But, the mindset of both BJP and Shiva Sena to show down each other started the era of intolerance and that led the BJP as a hardest opposition to accept Sena in the seat of Chef Minister of Maharashtra.

In that row, Sena also became the most obstinate party to project its own CM and went to camp of Congress and NCP as a most unnatural political bid.

Otherwise, by this time Devendra Fadanvis would be the CM of Maharashtra after the completion of the adjusted tenure  of first three years of CMship by Uddhav Thackeray in first lap.

The created situation made Uddhav Thackeray a full time CM for five years in Maharashtra; but for the same situation, Uddhav and Shiv Sena have been controlled by various anti-Hindu elements existing in Congress and NCP as well.

It’s an irony that Shiv Sena is existed in the same bracket with Congress and NCP for which the creator of Shiv Sena, Balasaheb Thackeray was the extreme antagonist. But, the present leadership of Shiv Sena has been compelled to recognize some of the main infrastructures of Mumbai after the name of tyrant rulers of the past who were posed as the symbols of ‘anti-Hindu’. Sharing the power with Shiv Sena, many subversive and anti-Hindu elements in Congress and NCP are unitizing or have utilized their power in many illegal crimes  and  anti-national activities as apprehended so far.

On the other hand, BJP has tried frantically to blame Shiv Sena upon many issues including opening of Hindu religious sites just after/within Covid situations; or to raise the issues of mosque loud speakers and airing Hanuman Chalisa in public. But, the BJP leaderships are/were silent over these issues in the states run by them. This is the BJP’s game of play to come back in Maharashtra Politics. All these are happening by using the tools of Hindutva.

Such misuses of Hindutva in Maharastra Politics by both of BJP and Shi Sena are not healthy enough for the Hindutva Revival whether in political or in social context anyway.

BJP led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) has gradually lost its ‘alliance righteousness’ (jot dharma) and compactness by distancing with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, Akali Dal in Punjub and many others in other states. But, Hindutva politics, the alliance between BJP, Shiv Sena and Akali Dal is most important than anything to encompass the strength of broader Hindutva sense of politics, absence of which is obviously a myriad situation of inconsistency.

In this context, the unity of BJP and Shiv Sena should be re-established at fisrt in Maharashtra  in the interest of broader Hindutv Politics of India.


Here, BJP and Shiv Sena must think over these two situations. BJP must understand that spitting over the head only causes to come down the same on the face. And Shiv Sena must be careful that putting the fingers in the box of khol or collyrium is (kajal ka dibba) gives the spot of it in the fingers without any option to avoid. So, using the weapon of Hindutva against each other keeping this enmity of politics intact is most dangerous for BJP and Shiv Sena both in all respect.

I am not a blind supporter of BJP or the Shiv Sena. But, an ardent follower of Savarkar, Shyama Prasad, Balasaheb Thackeray and many other Hindutva proponents sacrificed their life for the cause of Hindutva Politics. Swearing with their name, I must appeal to the present leadership of BJP and Shiv Sena to stop this Murderous War of Hindutva Politics for smaller political interest.

Bring back the golden days of BJP and Shiv Sena alliance politics in Maharashtra to flourish a most powerful Hindu society there. We must stop this Murderous War of Hindutva Politics between BJP and Shiv Sena.

__Courtesy the Link sources and Pic source used above.

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