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The ouster of Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal from BJP is unfortunate and dangerous.

No action of BJP for the disregards to Hinduism by Muslims, but the honor for Islam in BJP is immense.

As Islam is an ‘Inevitable force to BJP’, the party has no power to restrict the ‘bullying power of Islam’, but to humiliate its own Hindu members under the ‘appeasement’ cycle.

It is too much unfortunate and dangerous that Secular BJP has ousted Nupur Sharma and Naveen  Jindal from Party.


Nupur Sharma & Naveen Jindal.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | June 5, 2022:: The inevitable power of Islam has curbed the rightist power in BJP and compelled the party to pose kneel-down to the Islamic forces rapidly growing in India with the patronage of Islamic countries in the middle east and other places.

In the recent Gyanvapi Temple-Mosque rw, thousands of derogatory remarks and humiliating comments hurled to the Hindus and BJP, but is rare to see any action from the so called ‘Hindutva Party’ members or its legal cell. However, BJP has taken drastic steps against party’s popular National Spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Delhi Media Head Naveen Kumar Jindal for their allegedly ‘derogatory’ remarks against Islams last prophet Mohammad.

The news as, “BJP suspends Nupur Sharma, expels Naveen Kumar Jindal over inflammatory remarks+” came to fore when the reports as, “Qatar, Kuwait summon Indian envoys on the issue of remarks on Muhammad+ and an uproar in the Arab world where hashtags calling for the boycott Indian products” have also touched the headlines in prime media components.

Qatar Statement

Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal both apologized publicly in social media for their remarks.

Current Tweets- Nupur Naveen

If you rightly examine the remarks of Nupur Sharma, obviously the question arises, “Why Ouran & Hadith are not objectionable when Nupur Sharma was just referring from those?“+

In the same way an irritated Naveen Jindal passed some comments against Muhammad (we had no scope to get that video footage) as highlighted by many media causing high voltage protest from the fanatic group of Jihadi people. consequently, helpless Nupur Sharma+ and Naveen Jindal received thousands of death threats+ which frightened both without any protection from BJP in reality.

BJP claims as the largest political party of the world and strongest as well, but what is the reality of its postition to take care of its members who are vocal against the wrongdoings of Muslims, Islam or its prophet?

It is blunder of BJP (of RSS as well to propagate the theory of ‘same DNA’ to mingle with some plunderous and perpetrating race) that it has adopted the three monkey policy (seeing nothing- hearing nothing- talking nothing) of Congress about the Islamic menace in India in the realm of ‘minority appeasement’ as a great feature of Indian politics. This Muslim appeasement for the vote bank politics is evident in the current politics of BJP in the backdrop of upcoming general election in 2024 and forthcoming assembly elections in some state in near future.

Actions against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal by the party will certainly demoralize the majority Hindu supporters of BJP and will obviously inspire the Islamic fanatics to run their Jihadi fight against India and its majority people undoubtedly.

Oh my god! Think the strength of BJP or India under the leadership of BJP and its outstanding icon PM Modi with 56″ chest, which cannot deal with the pressure from Qatar and Kuwait and the Grand Mufti of Oman and ‘call for boycott of Indian products’ there, startled the party with all Islamic rebels and riddles.

BJP and its mentor RSS think that they will manage the ‘Political, Social and Economic’ Jihad in India by arousing the good sense in the mindset of Muslim people. But, it is an impossible task for anybody to mend ‘incorrigible’ Islam with any sense of ‘nationalism’ or ‘brotherhood with non-believers’ or any ‘civic formula of understanding’ in any permutation and combination. Such attainment to win the hearts of Muslims is a futile chance as Muslims can only mingle with that mass believe in Islam, Quran, Muhammad and its Ummah. The non-believers of these four ‘Islam, Quran, Muhammad and Ummah’ are Kaffirs and subject to be killed or annihilated.

In such a situation, the stand of BJP and RSS to bow down in front of radical Islam is dangerous and actions against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jinadal are very very unfortunate.

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2 comments on “The ouster of Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal from BJP is unfortunate and dangerous.

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  2. Arindam
    June 6, 2022

    Let us seize the opportunity to go on the offensive: we can have a field day.

    We can refer to Islam as the 54-6 ‘religion’ – or more accurately, the 54-6 cult.

    We can call the Muslims, the 54-6 people.

    We can call Mohammed, the 54-6 paedo.

    The religion of peace? More like ‘the religion of paedos’.

    Simply use that code 54-6 – doing so will demolish any and all attempts to silence us.

    Keep using it. It is truly a wonder weapon.


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