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VHP, Bajrang Dal launch helpline for Hindus under threat, oppositions mock the move.

VHP Launches Helpline For Hindus’ Security… But Why It Attracts Controversies?

The ongoing outrage over hate-mongering in the country has been focused on the Hindutva by the way. Just for posting something on social media two Hindu men were killed by Islamic extremists in the last few days. To protect Hindus from being stabbed Vishv Hindu Parishad has launched a helpline number. “What are the benefits of this helpline”, Rahul Shivshankar questions the VHP spokesperson. “Any Hindu who is being threatened can call, our workers will accompany that person to the cops & will make sure that they get protection”, says Shriraj Nair. “I support all helplines that help the people, they do not supersede Police and administration”, says Zuber Memon. “Different political parties allowed a few characters to dictate Sharia terms to the rest of society”, says Aarti Tikko. “878 cases of ‘hate speech’ & ‘hate crime’ has taken place in India from 2014 to 2021. Out of which 73.3% targetted Muslims”, Touseef Ahmed Khan, Advocate quotes a book named ‘Hate Grips Nation’. In an episode (July 8, 2022) of India Upfront, Rahul Shivashankar of Times Now reveals the truth with other panelists. Watch out for a full discussion. #vhphelplinenumber #islamicextremist #vishv hinduparishad

Is Providing Security To Hindus A Crime? Why Opposition Opposing Hindus?

And in this episode (July 8, 2022) below of Newshour Agenda, Padmaja Joshi of Times Now is in the discussion on the ongoing outrage over Helpline numbers released by Vishv Hindu Parishad. Amid the ongoing hate over Prophet Mohammed’s remarks, to avoid the attack on Hindus VHP has launched a helpline service. Now opposition calls it hate-mongering. Is Helping Hindus a crime? “Today, Hindus are being threatened and even beheaded. So to assist them, a helpline by the VHP has been issued”, says Vijay Shankar Tiwari. “Now, let’s declare that PM Modi and Home Ministry have failed and that VHP will ensure law & order situation in the country”, says Manoj KAKA. “The Udaipur & Amravati incident happened in non-BJP ruled states. The state must ensure law & order and not PM Modi”, says Sangit Ragi. Watch out for a full discussion. #vhphelplinenumber #prophetrow #hindukilling

VHP, Bajrang Dal launch helpline for Hindus who receive threats; Congress, SP mock the move.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists have launched a helpline for 18 districts of Kashi Prant. Hindus have been urged to lodge complaints with local district administration/police authorities if they get any ‘threatening’ messages or calls over social media posts. The VHP spokesman said, “We are with the Hindu community and for this we have released a helpline no. (9198942004) in 18 districts of Kashi Prant to assist them if they want to lodge complaints with police and district authorities regarding threat perception.” The Economic Times reports:

From this compilation of above two TV debates in Times Now and from a report of Economic Times, it clearly depicts the Nations pulse to raise the voice in favour of Hindu security amidst the increasing attacks upon Hindus by the intolerant and fanatic Jihadi forces in India.


Courtesy: Times Now & Economic Times.

One comment on “VHP, Bajrang Dal launch helpline for Hindus under threat, oppositions mock the move.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh.
    July 11, 2022

    Islam must be banned from India. It is not a religion. It is
    an internal enemy of Bharat and Hindus. The criminals and their leaders
    must be killed too. Why? If they can kill, why Hindus is nogt allowed?


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