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Hindu Man murdered in Haryana by his wife and a Muslim neighbor in a ‘Love Jihad’ tangle.

Hindu Man Devendra was murdered by slitting throat in Haryana’s Faridabad by his wife and a Muslim neighbor to continue their illicit love affair.

Hindu organizations blocked the road in protest; Police arrested Imam Qureshi and Devendra’s wife.

Anand Mishra | HENB | Faridabad | July 23, 2022:: A 35-year-old youth, Devendra, a resident of Parvatiya Colony in Faridabad, Haryana, has been murdered by slitting his throat. Police say that Devendra’s wife along with a next door neighbor Imam Qureshi killed Devendra. Local people say that Devendra objected the closeness of his wife with the Muslim guy Imam Qureshi, but Qureshi provoked the wife of Devendra not to stay with her husband and finally they jointly kill the Hindu man to continue their illicit affairs without objection. The local people alleged that Qureshi ‘s provocation matured the murder in final. This was another dangerous end of a ‘Love Jihad’ tangle.

The case reveals

Devendra, a resident of Nagla Village, used to do welding work in Faridabad. Devendra had 3 children and he used to take care of them by doing laborer’s job.

The police had received information about the discovery of a dead body on Thursday night. After getting information, the police reached the spot and found that the dead body of Devendra was lying in a sack stuffed in the bathroom of Imam Qureshi. The Imam was Devendra’s neighbor, and the two houses situated exactly opposite to each other. At present, the police have sealed Imam Qureshi’s house.

DSP Crime Naresh Kadyan while talking to the media said that Devendra’s wife along with her boyfriend (Imam Qureshi) killed Devendra. Both the accused together were trying to take the dead body somewhere else but the police caught both of them on the basis of information.

Police took both the accused into custody

On receiving the news of Devendra’s murder, the police reached the spot and took the body in their possession and sent it for post-mortem. Police say that the marks of being stabbed with a sharp weapon have been found on Devendra’s neck and body. Let us tell you that the Faridabad Police had taken the main accused Imam Qureshi and Devendra’s wife into custody on Friday morning, as reported.

Hindu organization blocked the road

Devendra’s brother-in-law belongs to the RSS, which is why the matter took a serious turn very fast. Hindu organizations and the family members of Devendra gathered at BK Chowk and blocked the road. During this, people also raised slogans against the police and the state government. The police tried hard to clear the Hindu organizations out of the way but people kept sitting on the road demanding justice and were not ready to lift the dharna till the encounter happened.

People associated with Hindu organizations say that Jihadis are behind the killing of Devendra. People associated with the organizations say that crime of Jihadi mode is increasing in Haryana. Hindus are being killed and tortured; even there is BJP Govt in the state.

Now it’s a high concern of all non-Muslim couples to think over whether they should allow any Muslim friendship in their relation to stay safe in the married life.

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__Inputs from Parakram News & Amar Ujala.

One comment on “Hindu Man murdered in Haryana by his wife and a Muslim neighbor in a ‘Love Jihad’ tangle.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 24, 2022

    Kill this Allah-kafir and his religious leader the same way and ban the Islam and Vatican religion in India. They are killers and of no use. This is the voice
    of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.

    Liked by 1 person

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